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West Coast Bash 2014 - TICKETS ON SALE!

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Just a quick question, do you have do bring anything to sign ins like the purchase confirmation email, or do you just give them your name and they give you the ticket. It is my first WCB and last thing I need is to be stuck outside the park b/c my house is an hour and a half away. Thanks!

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I and the rest of my family would like to thank ALL involved in setting up both events! I've never been to a WCB, but would certainly consider after the past 2 days. Truly epic all around. Your hard work, determination and passion for doing this and other events/tours is recognized here and IMMENSELY APPREICIATED! Really can't stress it enough. My only bear now is hearing for the remainder of our trip is "where's my friend"! Klaire sends hugs KT's way. Thanks again and until next time we cross paths safe travels!!


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^^ Ditto ^^


Thanks to Robb, TPR & SFMM for another super WCB!

We all had a great time yesterday, the place was a ghost town, if you include a couple trips on Orient Express, we logged 40 rides before we called it about 7:30.

Evening ERT was as good as it gets. Multiple rides on Superman, then Tatsu, then X2 sent us off into the night with delirious smiles on our faces!!! Looking forward already to next year!

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