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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

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I think they turned the social feature off because I actually got a clam from someone's town yesterday!


Glad to see they're willing to shut it down to fix the crashing bug. Hopefully it won't be too long, as I liked the extra coins.



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Got another clam myself. I've pretty much wasted the past two days with this stupid game. I need to get some work done.


I built 20 standard office buildings side by side to rake 400 coins every two hours.

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^They're like Disney and give a worst case scenario!


There's an update in the App store if you don't have automatic updates on make sure to download it to fix the social stuff. Other bug fixes as well.

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Has anyone taken the time to read all the facespace updates? Quagmire's and Mort's are pretty funny.

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I set everyone to do 6 to 8 hour tasks last night before going to bed and when I got up this morning no time had elapsed. I'm pretty much dead in the water until this afternoon.

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I think I've encountered this too. I will set some peeps on a task, come back later and they aren't on any task.


I've noticed this mostly with Jerome. BUT, I was never really sure if it was me or a glitch.

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