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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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I got Snake thanks to the bonus materials (New Year's Resolutions Box) and just opened the fourth area.


Really makes me appreciate Tapped Out's freemium model where you get most content without having to pay.

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I still play but I'm over it and don't get upset or annoyed if I don't unlock things or finish events.


Wrestling event right now that I don't really care about. But also this interesting new district where you can kind of park your characters. Apparently it's only in Beta and not everyone has it.

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They're really gone too far where as a free player you're lucky to see/get 20% of the content of any given event.


I know the goal is to make money, and I have spent money in the game, but I feel better about the Tapped Out approach where you can fully enjoy an event for free and purchase an extra character if you choose.


I still play because the content is still good, and I have some free clams accumulated to spend at some point, but it's gotten less and less appealing.


It's also unclear what you *should* spend money on if there's an event that interests you. You could spend clams on a building that drops a resource, only to find out that resource is easy to acquire.

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Anybody still playing this game? I am done with it. I have yet to complete even half of the past few events, and I have played on a regular basis.


I still play, but I agree with the opinion that TinyCo has gotten too greedy (or at least that's a strong opinion expressed on other sites). I no longer aim to complete any events, because I know that it will be near impossible without buying clams. I do have 400+ clams saved up from the free ones I've received, but I'm saving them for that one premium character that I absolutely must have! So I just complete what I can with the events, but won't put forth big efforts anymore. For example, with the WrestleMania event, I was able to get the Main Event ring, but even that I was just barely able to get before the event ended (though this was partially due to my own laziness).

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