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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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The glitch is a known problem and will be fixed on the next release they say. Still don't know why I can't see Jeff Johnson.


I read in the FAQ sheet that you could only collect from your friends every 8 hours but my clock resets to 20 hours.

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Started playing tonight. Got to level 3. Went to try to connect to FB and I get this error:


Any ideas? Tried both the "connect with friends" and in the "account info" section and I get the same error in both places.


Also, any one know how you connect games from your iPhone to your iPad?

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Well, I didn't seem to do anything different, and randomly it just showed up in my Facebook settings which is GOOD!


But that has also just caused the game to start over, which means I lost all the work I did on the first three levels... Which is BAD


Oh, well... It was only a couple of hours. Hopefully this will fix everything moving forward.


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Started playing this weekend as well. I can visit everyone's town without it crashing except for Dave.


I screw up everything!


Seriously, I think the 3 level difference might be it, as it crashed on me awhile ago when I accessed someone's town that was at least 3 levels above me (I can't remember who at this point). I'll check this again the next time I'm in the game. And try to level faster!



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I'm afraid to third tap anyone lower than a level 6 at this point, as I did get a clam from someone, but then it crashed and I lost it. (I think it was Dave!). Now I'm up at level 10, so we'll see how tomorrow morning tapping on 6's goes.


Woohoo, cartoon boob time!


Oh Family Guy, I should have known!

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I did get a clam from someone, but then it crashed and I lost it. (I think it was Dave!).


Same, Dave is such a tease.


I completely screwed up when I started not knowing the value of the clams (How many did we even start with?) so I think I kept completing task quickly. Oh well, now I know why America is so unproductive?

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^I have 27 clams right now and haven't used any of them yet. I've gotten 2 from visiting friend's towns and the other 20 was from game progression. I've got a $10 iTunes card I haven't used and I am trying to decide if I like the game enough yet to use it on more clams. The sale going on right now has me tempted to go ahead and do it.

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So far I haven't seen a need for the clams that would keep me from progressing in the game. Until that time I wont be spending any money.


Level 8 and still can't see a few FB friends that are playing.

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Looks like the social feature will be turned off for the next week or so. Bummer, those extra coins really helped when I needed a few bucks to have enough for a build, and the random clams are always nice.


Hope they get the bug fixed soon

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