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Amazing Race Discussion


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Ok, it's that time again!


First off, I'm all about black people...but having the normal 'quota' of one black team, and their name is "The Black Family"...again, I'm not saying this to offend anyone, it's just funny as hell!


2nd...after the initial interviews I pretty much hated everyone, but now there are a couple of teams I can tolerate.


3rd...4 annoying women need to die


4th...watching the 'widow' getting run over by the buggy was hilarious!


Let's discuss!

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I also sense a lot of um, spiritual 'stuff' going on amongst these quarteted pilgrims.


Man, I haven't seen that much praying go in, during one of these runs....ever. Good thing, or not-so-good thing, no matter. Just noticed it quite a bit during this first ep.


Yeah, that was quite the obvious wtf with the Black Family. And I think that the littlest one of the two sons just wasn't into it, the way he thought it would be.


And if it be three in pink and one who was in green? That scream? EEEEEEE. Put them in an echo chamber and say, have fun gurls.


I heard they aren't making this race that international, what with some of the countries' cities being so crowded, that couples could lose each other, right? I think the families with children must have been told there would be i.e.no packed trains in Delhi, etc.?


Or maybe not. Never know, hmm?

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I don't like the idea of having children on this show. It's not so much the physical challenges, but the emotional stress. It's usually fun for me to watch people fall apart and attack each other, but having to watch it happen between parents and children is a little less funny for me. Oh well.


Even though they came in next to last, I like the Linz team to win this (the orange team). They seem to work together fairly well, and they're not afraid to take risks.


And I'd really like to see those four annoying women get crushed by a random piano falling from the sky.

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OK, the four screaming women need to die.


And the constantly praying mom made the statement of the night, when she said "I think Pennsylvania is a state". I guess Jesus isn't into geography. Maybe he was looking at a map when the buggy ran her over.


I like the team with the dad and three son in-laws. They seem to have a sense of humor. And the team that came in ninth will likely do better. They just made the wrong choice in pulling the buggy. I think any family with smaller kids are not going to get far, as they're just not going to do well with the physical challenges.


I'm not sure this is a good idea with the families. And if they don't leave the US, it's a really sucky idea! Part of the fun of the show is watching stupid people get totally lost in foreign lands and being forced to eat deep fried tree spider or whatever. Hopefully next season they'll go back to the regular format...



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The sisters suck, they should be destroyed.


The "Black"(surname,not color) family (god, we didnt see that coming from a million miles away) was my favorite team. Too bad they got eliminated in the first round.


My guess for next elimination will be (hopefully) sisters or NASCAR Jesus Widow n kids.

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Yeah, I have to say that my first impressions are that I just don't like it. I think Elissa might have said it, but it's bad enough when there are two obnoxious annoying people to have to put up with, but now teams of FOUR annoying people make it even worse.


Then you throw kids in the mix, which IMO is completely unfair to put a group or two adults and two little kids against a team of four adults.


I really like Amazing Race a lot, but so far, if there was a season that I wouldn't mind missing based on the first episode, it would be this one.


Kind of like the season of the Apprentice where they put the book smart versus the street smart people, I don't think we watched that past the 1st episode.


--Robb "I'll give this another chance, but I'm really not liking it this season." Alvey

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OK... wow! Where to start....


First off, unlike some of you, I LOVE the format, and as for the little ones, well, you only have one family with little ones left now, and I adore them because that little girl is just like my Samantha, right down to the "Phil Keogan" impression she was doing on the way to the pit stop . Right now, they are my favorite team, along with the Linz' family from right here in Cincy!! (although, I was disappointed with their performance last night!)


Now, for the rest of the teams.... I agree, screamy Pink Ladies need to go, as well as the praying widow and the obnoxious (I think she's Jewish, not Italian) New Jersey woman (although she and the little girl will probably provide the best sound bites of the game.) I do like the father in law and the three guys, and my gut instinct is that it could come down to them, the Linz's and the family with the cute kid.


Favorite moment of the night..... Phil saying "Black family.... you are the last to arrive......" Can you imagine if Jesse Jackson was channel surfing right at that moment and didn't know that was their name? I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I have to replay it tonight for Sam (who fell asleep at 9:30) and I am going to watch that over and over.....


PS.... Phil's gonna be at our new SuperWalMart tomorrow afternoon.... can you guess where Sammi and I are going?


Shari "'Black family'...that's still cracks me up" Shoufler

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I hated it.


But seriously, I didn't think it was intresting at all! It was more like "Family Vacation Challenge" than a race! I watched the Amazing Race for the international stuff, and the amazing challenges and barriers that the teams went through. This version just doesn't do anything for me, and my family seemed to agree.

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Your "Family Vacation Challenge" is a great analogy. This is kind of how I felt too. I can't even remember another episode of Amazing Race where they were in the same country from start to finish let alone still in the USA. And the previews for next week STILL showed them in the USA.


--Robb "Not impressed" Alvey

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Yeah, they'll all have to fly to Canada next with their passports, LOL!!! Then, on to their next foreign country... Mexico!


And the three brothers with a sister - ack - that's a major trainwreck waiting to happen, hmm?

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OK.... so, Samantha got "Philiminated" today...... Phil Keoghan was at our new SuperWalMart doing a personal appearance for the AR#1 DVD release. Reality TV Star whores that we are, I picked her up from school at 3:45, and we raced to WM in time to get to meet him and then get back to her dance studio for class at 5:00 (our own little version of Amazing Race in itself.)


There were about a dozen people in line, and he was signing the DVDs, or if you didn't want to buy one, they had these glossy photos he would autograph. He was very nice, and took his time talking to people. When our turn came, Sammi stood there and just smiled so I coaxed her... I said "Sam, wasn't there something you wanted him to say?" He grinned and said "Do you want me to eliminate you?" She giggled and told him "Yes". So, he did it in all the dramatic fashion of the show.... (Stern look, eyebrow cocked) "Samantha" (long pause, serious look) "You are the last team to arrive" (pause again) "I am sorry to inform you you've been eliminated from the race".


Of course, Sammi just giggled and said "OK" and so he was teasing her that she was awfully happy to have just lost the million dollars, etc.


I got their photo together, but since I am in the stone age (and it was a fresh roll of film) I'll have to post that when it gets developed.


Shari "He's got gorgeous blue eyes, by the way" Shoufler

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