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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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I'd almost bet Blackpool contacted them repeatedly to cleanup the site and get whatever patently false information is on the site off and the webmaster is just too bothered or uninterested to comply so they'd rather just dump it.


I don't pretend to be an expert of libel or slander laws, especially not in the UK, but I'd assume simply being critical of the park's operations would be a difficult card for the park to play in getting the site shut down. I mean you can find millions upon millions of harsh words written about every park under the sun online.


I just can't help but think the park has an interest pushing on the site to disappear and from the sounds of it, it was very difficult at all.


  • Always keep a positive tone - disappointment can be expressed, but you simply must watch yourself should you actually harm the park's reputation. Remember that damage to reputation is grounds for legal action. Always point out the sunny side of whatever situation.
    Don't allow forum members to run the park down too far. You are responsible for what goes on in your forum. Of course you want free speech, but its your responsibility to make sure the park's reputation isn't trashed and that erroneous information isn't passed off as official info.



Related note, these both seem really excessive to me. Always keeping a positive tone means your site is treading on fan boy-ism. I don't see what the issue is if you attempt to be as objective as possible in your coverage of whatever park, as they seem to do a pretty good job of here at TPR. If a park is doing really well in some areas, that's great, hype it up and express your happiness but always being positive when operations are garbage or trash is piling up in the midways - I don't really see the point of having a site if you just ignore that sort of thing completely, especially in forums.

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^A positive tone doesn't necessary mean you agree with every decision a park makes. There's always ways of saying things. Both of these statements say about the same thing:


1) I don't really agree with XXX's decision to make you put your loose articles in a locker.


2) I think XXX making you put your stuff in a locker before riding sucks.


Which one sounds better?


It's all about the tone of the writing. Although you may not agree, you can always make a statement without sounding negative or mean.



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I love the irony of the admin of this site going totally, nay, INSANELY off-topic in a serious discussion....


And that's why TPR's so fun!


Hell yeeah




BPB have a bit of reputation of being a-holes with the GP and lying through their teeth to gain publicity (such as when they claim PMBO to be 235 feet tall, which is measured from sea-level, when it is actually 213. Wtf?).... but at the same time that article is gosh darn PAINFULLY written, like a 13 year old wrote it! How the hell is BPB not going to be pissed at them for it? bah


Anyway, back off-topic we go!

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Although you may not agree, you can always make a statement without sounding negative or mean.


Still, the only reason I wrote the previous post wasn't because of negativity or mean-ness, or whatever, it was more just in response to the idea that there were legal implications, specifically that "damage to reputation is grounds for legal action" which isn't really all that it takes, at least not in the US. There are statements made every day on this website which could be construed as damaging to whatever park's reputation but that doesn't mean they're grounds for a law suit.


I just think "Always keep a positive tone" is a fine hallmark of fanboy-ism and if that's your goal go for it but I think some semblance of objectivity is a much more lofty goal to shoot for. I think there's also something to be said for not allowing your forums to turn into constant 24/7 bitch-fests but there's a way to balance that and still be constructively critical.


Anyway I am now being wayyyyyyy too serious for this thread, has anyone broken out the cat-o-nine tails yet?



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