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Game:What If...

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Then Cedar point would have gone bust.


What if every coaster was painted white?


Well . . . Cedar Point would never have gone bust if Six Flags New Orleans hadn't been destroyed.


But back to your original 'what if' . . . if every coaster looked the same (painted white) . . . no charm at all.


Now what if Arrow and TOGO hadn't gone out of business?

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Cedar Fair would have made Magic Mountain the west coast flagship of their chain.


What if Astroworld wasn't shut down by Six Flags (possibly due to Katrina)?


As I recall, Astroworld shutting down had zilch to do with Katrina. Kieran Burke thought he could have gotten big $$$ for the land . . . . he didn't and he got let go as CEO afterwards.


But back to the point, I think Astroworld would have gotten a floorless coaster or a Dark Ride at some point.


What if Batman & Robin: The Chiller had used LSM's instead of LIM's?

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If New Orleans had a theme park (hasn't there been talk of redeveloping the former SFNO property?) I could see it being open year round.


What if theme parks were open 24 hours a day? (I wouldn't mind coastering at sunrise)

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