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The Random Adventures of SuperShawn

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As part of my 2013 goals and investment in a new computer and camera I am finally going to do some trip reports of all my adventures for the year. All my trips I will try to take slightly different pictures than what you would normally see or at least that is part of my goal. It'll be a learning curve for me so any constructive feed back will be welcomed. I'm also on a learning curve with the Mac and new camera so I apologize the photos are so small. Any who lets get started shall we?


Adventure 1: The Hunt for Dolly


Not everyone knows this, but what started out as a joke is now actually turned into me being a fan of Dolly Parton. Not that OMG obsessive fan but a moderate one. Dollywood is also one of my top parks to visit due to the attractions, shows, setting, food and friendliest staff you'll ever encounter. Not to mention the park goers are in a league of their own. Now each year on opening weekend Dolly is at the park and does a little parade and hops into shows here and there to surprise visitors. This year a few friends and I rented a cabin through Dollywood cabins (highly recommended) and headed to the park to see if we could find Dolly.


On to the pictures:


Surely we are going the right direction!


Getting even closer!


At last! Now the hunt to see Dolly can begin!


But first thing is first at Dollywood, bread and questioning where Dolly was.


She wouldn't tell us where Dolly was, but did show off how the best bread ever is made.


Seriously try some if you ever go to Dollywood.


Adventure Mountain is becoming a part of the past. It was a good attraction but what ever is coming will probably be equall if not better.


Lots of staff say it's a coaster, the Dippin Dots guy was mute on the subject


The Dolly Van sneaking around the park drove by and off we went to find her.


What we found was not the Dolly we hoped for...


Feeling let down another snack was needed.


We boarded the Dolly Express to take a sit and hope to get some info on where she might be (suck it Hogwarts Express)


Once the train returned we found out we had just missed the Dolly parade!


A bit saddened by missing the parade, we went to look at old wood, new wood, in-between wood. And as always Thunderhead was running great! Even if it was 40 degrees out.


Keep Yer boots on!


We kept seeing these signs about the original but not the real Dolly that were like a tease.


But this sign gets me excited for later this summer ;)


Opening weekend at Dollywood also means the Festival of Nations. This was an Australian Act that used metal poles to dance and spin around on. As it was outside and cold there was no surprise Dolly visits that were going to happen.


So we took a break to strategize with some skillet food. Hi Joey!


And a small slice of Dollywood's 25lb apple pie for a pick me up.


If you've never been to Pigeon forge, it's full of characters, like this guy with his custom leather jacket that said "Southern By The Grace of God"


Strolling around the park you can see Wild Eagle's soar, but some how we still couldn't see Dolly.


We decided to ask one last festive person where we might see her and then suddenly....


At last! There she is! A successful fun weekend that all culminated with me getting to exchange quick sent aces with Dolly. Hurrah!

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I was so happy our car broke down in the Smokey Mtns on the way home from vacation last year, it was the perfect way to sneak in a visit to Dollywood. Nice to see an update from you Shawn! I know how much you love Dolly I'm glad you got to see her.

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This week I had the pleasure of going down to Six Flags Over Georgia for the first time and meeting up with RD, Matt, and Lauren. After reports from Deep South Bash, and other's reviews it was one of the Six Flags parks I was looking forward to finally getting to. The park was well shaded, reasonably clean, staff were friendly and efficient and the rides seem to be well taken care of. All of it just didn't give the normal Six Flags park feeling which made for a great visit to one of the better properties. And While none of the coasters will crack most top 10 lists, it is a well rounded collection of purely fun rides in my book. I do hope to make it back to this park one day.


Here's a few of my thoughts on some of the rides:


Mind Bender - My now favorite Anton coaster, surprising Air, good forces and great pacing.


Goliath - Out of all the B&M Mega coasters I've ridden this one could be the best. It was running well, love not having a mid course break, and the Helix is decent.


DDD - It's creep quiet when it runs... especially if no one is screaming on the ride. Hard to believe it's related to some of the other Euro-fighters.


Ninja - despite the hype on how horrible this ride was, it actually wasn't that bad. Apparently the Arrow trains have helped make it ridable. Though it's still not re-ridable in my book.


Georgia Cyclone - The work RMC is doing, just wow! The difference it makes in the old vs. new track is unbelievable!


Superman - Wow! What a difference terrain makes for this coaster.


Monster Mansion - This was my most anticipated ride in the park, and I loved the odd, cheesy, cute, bizarreness of it. If only six flags could some how do more original ride and/or character concepts.


Little Known Fact about Gertrude, she flys to SFOG to breed.


Will it be Anton or the Kennel for RD?


"God is that you?"


Anton would prove to be a wonderful #400 for me, And if you can ever ride one of his creations with RD, I highly suggest it!


Dive Dive Dive!!!! Or in this case silent, silent, silent. How is this ride soo smooth and quiet?


And cue the "oh crap" moment


The other "oh crap" moment is being a week to early for this concert.


And then there is this piece of crap...


Intensity is not the word to describe Ninja.... but it's now wrapped and ready to advertise.


In case you didn't know SFOG got a tall new addition this year.


That's right, another Sky Screamer has been installed.


A little sign love. Sorry the way they had the overflow line configured and my lack of zoom doesn't get all the details.


Basically it goes up and down and round and round and round and round.


After just riding SFOT's giant version this one just looks like it hasn't hit puberty yet.


Why not one more photo of Anton doing his thing.


Certainly look forward to going back at some point! Thanks for reading.

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Never been there, looks like a great park. Great trip report.


And I've never been on a Sky Screamer before, how are they compared to Windseekers?

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Thanks for the bigger pictures! I have never been on a Sky Screamer so one of these days....


You're welcome along with every one else. Glad to have sorted out the resizing business.



And I've never been on a Sky Screamer before, how are they compared to Windseekers?



SkyScreamer's are more nerve wracking to me, Since the chains allow the chairs to swing in the wind it definetley ups the scary factor compared to stationary Windseeker Seats. If you haven't watched the video of Chad Crapping himself on the Texas one you should, and be sure to watch the tower in the back ground. You will notice it goes in and out of frame a bit from the wind spinning us.



And I agree, riding an Anton with RD is an experience not to be missed.


This can not be stressed enough!



Thank you everyone else for the comments as I continue to tweak and get better at presenting good trip reports.

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Yeah SuperShawn!!!!!!!


You have a thread!!!!


SOMEHOW, I've been waaay outta the loop!!!!


Nice stuff! I agree that the sky screamer is way more "sketchy" (I rode a removeable one at a fair), making it a more intense ride than the ultra-controlled WindSeeker.



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A little back ground on this adventure. My friend and coworker has been wanting to get a tattoo covered up for quite some time. She finally found an artist in New York she wanted to do the job and after getting a consultation set up asked me last minute to join her in the journey. Since I have only been to New York for a few hours before the North East Tour a few years ago I jumped at the chance to spend some time in the city. My other friend joined in on the journey and together we had an amazing 36 hours in New York and accomplished a lot of the touristy stuff I'd been anxious to do.


We took the Bolt Bus none stop from Union Station in DC to Penn Station in NY, which took roughly 4 hours. The seats on the bus were a bit short and not super comfortable. The plus was the bus was clean, leather seats, outlets, wifi and for $23 dollars round trip we couldn't complain. The cost for all 3 of us was less than the tolls to go round trip. Plus the stress of not driving and dealing with a car in New York was also well worth the slight discomfort in the last hour of each ride.


The goal on this trip was to do some of the standard touristy things. On the list was see a broadway show, Time's Square, Rockefeller Center, The Today Show, FAO Schwarz, Pizza, see our companies store in SoHo. We easily accomplished everything on the list and had a great time doing such. Being that it was cold, even snowed, and it was January nothing was crowded and we had an easy time getting around.


Also a huge thanks to Fran for being an awesome and gracious tour guide while we were there! Getting a personal tour from a New Yorker was great. So thank you, thank you, and thank you!


Enough yammering, here are just a few photos of our fun, and touristy trip.


Every room should always come with a nightcap!


Statue of a muscular hottie, or something of importance? Or does it even matter? Fran made me take a picture, thanks tour guide!


Will have to go back after the renovations are done.


Rockefeller center *check*


Now that's an erect building!


Radio City *check*


Surprisingly I didn't burst into flame when I stepped foot in the church.


Nice to see the MAC box not under construction.


Here we see Sea lions and the wild human sharing a habitat… impressive no?


I had to wonder, is there really a troll in central park?


Loved seeing the distinct line of park and city.


We didn't take a horse carriage ride, but I do hope they stick around since the city wants to ban them.


It was at this point I had finished falling in Love with NY.


In case you need to take care of business while doing business, the Peninsula has you covered.


Getting out of bed was hard for some of us….


Good morning New York!


In case you have an Evil Messenger need.


No one sitting by you on the NY subway, there must be something wrong with you.


Lunch before leaving was at Parm near our store in Soho. This was their house made mozzarella with prosciutto. It was heaven.


Chicken Parmesan and Baked Ziti.


Molly's cupcakes!!!! Yum! The left is cookie dough, the right Cake batter! SOOO DELICIOUS! Go there!


My partners in Crime ready for the first subway ride.


The off season meant getting these seats 45 minutes before show time no problem.


While I can see how this musical might not be for some, I did absolutely love it! I've listened to the soundtrack since it first came out but never had the chance to see the show until this trip. Needless to say it lived up to the years of wanting to see it.


One bright day, in the emerald city!


So much will happen after this drink.


Ready for me first on broadway music, with a double in hand. Life is good!


Times square, it reminded me of being back in Akihabara, just not as cool.


Needless to say, Times Square *check*


And the proof I was there.


Wouldn't be New York without a sleep deprived buzzed slice at 10:30pm.


Mr. White pizza and a cider, yes! It seems like all pizza in New York is at least decent no matter where you get it.


"Leave me alone Shawn" Is what expression says.


Mmm Mmm Good.


The face of we are finally eating after being on the go for 8 hours!


The posh elevator ride to….


And in case you ever wanted to know, this is what $100 worth of Martini's looks like. *They were actually delicious and well poured*


This amazing view of 5th Ave.


It was so clear and nice out, even though it was at freezing if not below.


This was all from the bar on top of the Peninsula hotel. I do suggest going up and checking it out if you ever want a small decedent and relaxing thing to do.


If you can't tell, there are a ton of buildings in New York.


And some are quite tall.


And Chocolates!


And hand dipped strawberries! Seriously these we are delicious!

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Thanks guys for the comments about the New York trip. It was a great over night trip and helped tide me over until this past weekend spent in Pigeon Forge and Dollywood. As one of my favorite parks and being a bit of a Dolly Parton fan heading out there for opening weekend to see her, chill with friends and take in the Smoky Mountains has become a yearly tradition. I'll totally plug staying at the Dollywood Vacation Cabins and enjoying views, nice accommodations and included gated preferred parking.


The park is just as great as ever with the friendliest employees, great food, and a new solid attraction. Blazing Fury got more TLC over this past fall and I noticed some new lighting, effects, and general upkeep inside the ride. Wild Eagle was running smoother than last year and I didn't have the painful experience with the restraints this year.


Fire Chaser Express is just pure fun and it's location is great since there isn't much for the younger kids up in that part of the park. The forward launch delivers a very small punch, there's the right amount of positive and negative G' through the course and the Backwards launch and section is probably my favorite part of the ride. While it's not my favorite of the more family orientated launch rides (Manta at Sea World SD) it is fun and families will love riding it together.


Alright enough of the ramblings and enjoy the photos everyone!


First thing's first on any trip….


Thunderhead is running amazing as always.


Some fun que theming.


Be ware of the bears in TN.


That longing look of love….


That turns into that feeling of love….


Culminating in a vibrating passionate moment.


Skillets are godly!


First Alpine Coaster, these things are a blast.


Just checking in on the first set of volunteers.


There is Dolly and she loves Fireman.


Going down!


Volunteers are not hunky firemen...


But what we are really here for is hiding through a mess of coaster steel...


The way the ride zips around the area makes for fun views and interactions.


New this year you could get Apple Butter to dip the worlds best bread in.


Wouldn't be a trip to Pigeon Forge with out Gokarts!


Zipping' along the elevated tracks.


This guy stole my outfit, bling gold necklace and all.


The Island is coming along nicely and they have World of Colour shows ever hour. The area seems nice and once everything gets open I can see this being a great location to visit.


Seeing King Kong Duh!


You can learn' somethin' up in them Mountains.


Now toss around some water and start the ride!


Uhh guys, the train is behind you….


Going down hill with mixed moonshine taster shots.


Where there's moonshine there's music


Was surprised at how fun these rides are, I do hope more of these get built.


The magical transfer track.


One, two, three, that's Three trains Ha Ha Ha.


They couldn't call it Fire Chaser with out there being Fire. PS - look for Dolly off to the right in the show room.


Love is like a Butterfly and already can't wait to get back to Dollywood.


The chill out area at our cabin.


The views from any of the cabin's are break taking.


Creepiest dolls ever.


Watch our for that train!


There's the truck now where are the hunky firemen?


From Wild Eagle you get a great over view of FCE.


True story, Keep your scooter our of that piano's path, It has a horn as loud as a semi trucks!


There are a few of these fire related posters scattered around too.


And Fun times are Bear approved.


Checking out the Island and Pigeon Forge requires having a fun time.


You know you're in TN when….

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