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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I'm not spending my donuts to rush time, so I'll wait till tomorrow, but looking around at what people are unlocking it's pretty awesome!


There's the Twist n Hurl ride from the Simpsons area of Universal Studios that is for your Krustyland and King Snorky the Dolphin from that episode a long time ago!!!

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Tap on the Simpson house to collect the tax money and XP. Then tap on it again.


Nothing happens.


My apologies. I sped up the building of the fortune tellers place and everything starts to open up.


Try again after the fortune teller does her stuff.

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It does not look like my Goo gets stolen by the gremlins in my town. My counter only went up. Catching gremlins is a bit tricky. They are fast.


I'm not losing any either, which is good to see.


I've read the rewards top out at 10,000 ghosts, so collecting around 250/day should be enough to get them all. This seems fairly doable - especially if Bart, Milhouse, Lisa, Martin, Marge and Homer are always tasked on their ghost-providing jobs.

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^ I tried so hard to have the restraint but caved in for 2 doughnuts to speed it up 2 hours to make the most of my day off


Enjoying the Gremlin part of this update too. Keeps the interaction up between towns but not as tedious or as overwhelming as dealing with the Eggs.

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