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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Tap on the Simpson house to collect the tax money and XP. Then tap on it again.


Nothing happens.


My apologies. I sped up the building of the fortune tellers place and everything starts to open up.


Try again after the fortune teller does her stuff.

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It does not look like my Goo gets stolen by the gremlins in my town. My counter only went up. Catching gremlins is a bit tricky. They are fast.


I'm not losing any either, which is good to see.


I've read the rewards top out at 10,000 ghosts, so collecting around 250/day should be enough to get them all. This seems fairly doable - especially if Bart, Milhouse, Lisa, Martin, Marge and Homer are always tasked on their ghost-providing jobs.

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^ I tried so hard to have the restraint but caved in for 2 doughnuts to speed it up 2 hours to make the most of my day off


Enjoying the Gremlin part of this update too. Keeps the interaction up between towns but not as tedious or as overwhelming as dealing with the Eggs.

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I think you just tap their buildings that have ghosts over them and they are haunted after four hours. Looks like you can tap 4 buildings and up to 5 ghosts per visit. And I guess you can release as many gremlins in each town as your have as long as that town isn't at the maximum number of gremlins. There is a lot to this one, I like it!

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Ok, this is pretty awesome!


So I noticed that Eric and Shawn left me gremlins and haunted my town so I repaid the favor. Make sure to post who you're haunting and leaving gremlins for. It seems like this will have to be more like the Whacking Day update where we all help each other.


So everyday you can haunt three buildings, catch five ghosts, and release a bunch of gremlins in someones town. Make sure they are also repaying the favor!

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So, one thing I am not sure about...when you release a gremlin in a friend's town, do they steal more goo the longer they go without being tapped?


I know I have gotten messages saying that my gremlins have stolen goo, but haven't kept up with the exact number I have released so far. Pretty much left a couple in each of my friend's towns that have started the update.


I was also going on a tapping frenzy in someone's town and I tapped on one of their haunted buildings and it said had been haunted by Jeff Johnson and gave me a couple of goo thingies. Does that steal that haunt from the friend?

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^ If a Gremlin gets tapped with in 4 hours you and that friend each get 2 goo. If it lives in that town for 4 hours with out getting tapped then you get 4 goo and your friend none.


Love that when you click a gremlin or haunted house it tells you who did it. Makes it easy to know who's visiting your town.


Reading up on it, a town can have a Max of 10 gremlins at a time, when you get into someones town there is a counter in the upper right hand corner where you click to drop gremlins, it'll tell you how many more you can drop in that town.


But yes, going to have to pay attention as to who's doing what in your town and be kind and repay the favor. Already a fun update! Also like seeing the whole EA world's Goo being combined into getting even more bonus items.

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Visited and left Gremlins for Dane!


Here's some good info:


From: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9732119.page


TSTO Halloween Keys to Success:


1. First complete the 24 hour task of building the gypsy building

2. Hunt your 10 ghosts. If you get a “negative ghost” glitch, hard close the app and restart, if that does not work, then uninstall/reinstall TSTO


Visiting friends SF:

1. You will not be able to haunt your neighbor’s houses until they have completed the 24 hour gypsy building task and have collected some GOO, which can you can as there is a meter on your friend page telling you how much GOO they have

2. You can haunt 3 building for which you will receive GOO, cash, and XP

a. If you haunt a building that is already haunted you can get double GOO

3. You can also tap 5 ghosts and collect GOO/Gremlins

4. If you wait until tap 4 ghost and then find a spot where there is a group of ghost before tapping on your 5th ghost you can quickly tap as many members of that group as possible and actually get 6, 7, 8, or even 9 ghosts in a town.


Gremlins – courtesy of subii42

1. Gremlins are going to get up to a lot of mischief while you are away, it is up to you whether you want to help your friends or not. Let’s look at the reason why.


2. EA have stated that we can drop 10 gremlins in each of your friend’s towns. This is one of the methods you have to collect goo, which is the “currency” needed to claim the prizes. Whether your friend squashes them or not you will receive goo. The statement was that if your gremlin survives 4 hours he will collect 4 goo for you. Note: if your friend doesn’t squash, your friend doesn’t get. If he manages to get squished before the 4 hours are up, you and your friend will share it between you. In other words, you’ll both get 2 goo each.


3. One more thing to remember though, like the snakes of whacking day, you can only have a certain amount of gremlins in your town at any given time. This magic number is 10. It may be EA’s thinking that any more then 10 gremlins in your town at any given time, may result in complete chaos and a destroyed town, again.


Note: You cannot place Gremlins in others' SF's until (1) you have collected some and (2) your friend's town has some to collect and has fewer than 10 Gremlins in their town. If both conditions are satisfied, once in a friend's town, you simply click on the top right corner of your screen to release a Gremlin


There you have it. To recap;

1. The maximum amount of gremlins you can have in your town at one time is 10.

2. If your gremlins are deviant enough to outrun your friend, they will collect 4 goo for you and your friend will get nothing.

3. If you gremlins get flattened by the giant finger in the sky, you and your friend will get 2 goo each.

4. Although they are collecting goo from your friend’s town, they aren’t like Lisa during Whacking Day. They will not steal your friends goo. They are more along the lines of harvesting new goo.

5: Tapping Gremlins is a good thing. If you leave them and your friend taps them before 4 hours, you each get 2 GOO. If they do not tap them within 4 hours you get 4 GOO (your friend will not lose any). This always works vice versa when you tap Gremlins in your SF and get 2 GOO and your friend also gets 2 GOO. If you do not tap them in your SF, then you get no benefit, only your friend will.



You can also send Bart, Lisa, Nelson, Marge, Maude, Mr. Burns, and Matin on tasks that earn GOO


Ned, Apu, Frink, and Homer also have tasks that can earn GOO but they are opened later in the Walkthrough.

(Note: Homer is needed for nearly every task during the walkthrough so you may have to hold off assigning him GOO tasks for a week or so after you have finish the walkthrough) (credit to Chrisp for this information)



You will get a free Indian burial ground as part of the regular collection process which will produce more ghosts (credit to smith319. In addition, adding wailing walls, mausoleums, and the two old cemeteries will also produce ghost for you to tap.

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Was reading on the EA forums and tried it, when you go to your friends towns to pop ghosts, pop 4 and find a cluster for your 5th. If you tap fast enough you can get a 6th, 7th or even 8th ghost!


I got seven this afternoon. There was a group of them together and I just started tapping away and I got a few extra. I'm really liking this update. It's loads better than the egg update. That took way too much work.

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