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Where Are You Planning To Go in 2013?

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It's going to depend on whether I get promoted to a salaried position or not this April, as I'm hoping to, since that will be a raise and double my vacation time.


At a minimum, assuming no disasters before then, I'll be doing my annual PA trip, which will certainly include Knoebels and Kennywood, and most likely Lakemont part. If I have time, Dorney is fairly likely too. I'll also be hitting my local parks; Lake Compounce and Canobie Lake, and possibly SFNE, since I haven't given that one a try in a while.


I'm hoping, if I have the extra vacation time and money, to be able to extend a weekend trip to Virginia to visit friends into something a bit longer, and get back to BGW and KD while I'm there.


There's a faint possibility of heading further west from PA after that trip and getting the big parks in Ohio as well. I've still never made it to Cedar Point and KI, and that has to be fixed.

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May be doing a NE USA trip next year. Planning on visiting Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce, Quassy, Playland, Coney Island, Hersheypark, Knoebels, Dorney Park and Six Flags Great Adventure. Of course in between we'll be visiting Manhattan, staying with friends in New Jersey etc.

Really hope we end up being able to afford the trip!

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Will be revisiting Wonderland as it's now my home park. Hopefully make it to some of the other parks in the area. Unsure about giving money to Marineland though. Bit of a catch 22 there.


Then of course I'm looking forward to the TPR Texas trip, which will be all new for me.


Then maybe Darien Lake or Great Adventure as well. Should be fun!

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Looks like I'll be able to squeeze in a weekend in Auckland to see my rugby team play an away game with a visit to Rainbow's End. Hooray for both of New Zealand's coasters!


And looking at getting to Universal Singapore/Legoland Malaysia at some point, although that may not be until early 2014.

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Here's my list, just updated today:


Every Month:


SFA ( Home Park)


Kings Dominion ( Also Home park)


Every Other Month:




May 2013:


Cedar Point ( First Time ever)

Kings Island


June 2013:


Six Flags Over Georgia

Cedar Point (2nd time)

Six Flags Great America

Canada's Wonderland (1st timer ever)

Six Flags La Ronde (1st time ever)



July 2013:


Six Flags Fiesta & Over Texas ( Going to be my first time ever at SFOT.)

Silver Dollar City

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom & Magic Mountain ( Going to be 1st time ever at Six Flags magic Mountain

Knott's Berry farm ( I love them <3 . )

California's Great America ( I also love them <3 . )

Worlds of Fun

Six Flags St. Louis ( 1st time ever.)

Dollywood ( Not confirmed yet, maybe August.)

Dorney Park ( x3)

Hershey park (x2)

Silverwood ( Not Confirmed yet, maybe August)

Mt. Olympus ( Not confirmed yet)

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New Parks

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags Great America

Magic Springs

Silver Dollar City

Sea World San Antonio


Old Parks

Six Flags New England (Home Park/Work)

Six FLags Great Adventure

Lake Compounce

Cedar Point


Maybe Parks

New Coney Island NY

Kings Island

Kings Dominion

Busch Gardens Europe




The Great Escape

Ryes Playland


This should be a good season for me! =D

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SeaWorld San Diego


Cedar Point

Gilroy (Maybe)

Disney World Parks (Maybe)

Universal Orlando Parks (Maybe)

SeaWorld Orlando (Unlikely)


New Parks (thanks to the Texas/Mid-West Tour):



SeaWorld San Antonio

Silver Dollar City

Magic Springs


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Well, my original plans were to do my Europe trip next fall, but due to a new schooling situation, that's pushed off until 2014.

Kind of doing a 3-tiered plan, with each level depending on the probability of going to said park.


For sure would like to go to:

Cedar Point

Michigan's Adventure

Indiana Beach (new)

Kings Island


Could possibly go to, but depends on people:

Kings Dominion (new)

Carowinds (new)

Mt. Olympus (new)

Canada's Wonderland (new)


Would like to go, but probably not going to be able to:

Silver Dollar City (new)


I'd have to wait and see what happens in the next couple months, ask a few people what their plans are and see if I could possibly come along. I usually wait until sometime around April to see if anyone is planning anything.

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Galveston Pleasure Pier (Possible)

Six Flags Over Georgia (Possible)

Elitch Gardens (Possibe)


Getting married this upcoming year and spending a little over a week in the Caribbean has pulled the brakes on the number of parks I usually hit. My fiance and I are trying to hit up every Major League Baseball park and airfare to Atlanta and Denver is usually pretty cheap out of DFW so we might try and sneak a weekend getaway and throw in a park wherever we end up.

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Well. . .


With my new Cedar Fair Platinum Pass already purchased, trips to KIngs Dominion and Cedar Point are planned. Plus during one weekend during the summer, I plan on visiting Dorney Park, Knoebels, and Hersheypark. And while I'm on my way to Cedar Point this summer, why not hit Kennywood on your way? As for Carowinds and Kings Island, visiting those two parks are on my "Maybe" list.


I might add or drop more parks as summer approaches.


I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!

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100% Sure:

-Knott's Berry Farm

-Six Flags Magic Mountain


-Sea World San Diego

-Belmont Park

-California's Great America

-Six Flags Discovery Kingdom



-Mount Olympus

-Nickelodeon Universe (Mall of America)



-Worlds of Fun


-Silver Dollar City

-Six Flags St Louis

-Vegas/Buffalo Bills' for the coasters and Stratosphere


Remote Possibility:

-Cedar Point

-Kings Island

-Holiday World

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-Silver Dollar City

-Six Flags Fiesta Texas

-Michigan's Adventure

-Cedar Point


-Great America (California)

-Six Flags Magic Mountain

-Knott's Berry Farm

-Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

-Puyallup Fair


-Canada's Wonderland


-Six Flags Mexico

-La Feria

-Selva Magica

-Parque Rehilete Alcade

-Parque Bicentenario


-I'm sure a few little parks will be added along the way

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