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  1. My girlfriend and I just received our gold passes so I'll be curious how early we can get into the parks and what exactly these new perks are.
  2. We were planning on going this weekend, but I now have a six hour rehearsal Saturday and Sunday so there goes that idea!
  3. I think I know which production of 'Charity' you're working on.
  4. I'm a working professional stage actor living in the south east. I love it! I've done it since I was a child. I'm in the middle of a productions of Noises Off at the moment and start rehearsals for the musical Next to Normal next week.
  5. It's going to be a big park year for me in 2013: Feburary: A week in Walt Disney World May: SFoG Then over the summer we'll be hitting multiple other Six Flags parks as well as Cedar Point.
  6. It's going well!! As expected the score is incredibly challenging and there is also the challenge of doing a show that is specifically about the Japanese culture. You want to do it justice and at the same time you don't want to stray into that realm of sterotypes or characature. It's a delicate balance. We've yet to do a cohesive run...that happens this weekend. It'll be interresting to see how the entire peice flows and fits together.
  7. Merde! - and Break Lots of Legs to you, your castmates & crew! "Welcome to Kana-gawa. Music and food and company. Music and food and - for a fee: Welcome..." Thank you so much! Cannot wait to dig into that challenging score!
  8. It will be a very limited engagement. Febuary 2-18 in Nashville, Tennessee. http://blackbirdnashville.com/whats-playing
  9. Great! This was my very first Sondheim show I lucked out on seeing on Broadway, in my very few trips to New York. (I also later got to see the orig.casts of Sweeney Todd and Into The Woods.) The music of PO is quite beautiful. I think my favourite track (and staged number as they did it) was/is "Someone In A Tree". Then again, there's "Pretty Lady" and the simple but effective "Bowler Hat" (as it was staged then). EDIT to add: Totally forgot about the beautiful haunting "There Is No Other Way", espcially when there is the 'outcome' from this number (SPOILER ALERT)..... where the hero's wife commits suicide. Very powerful number. "Someone in a Tree" is one of my numbers. I'm singing as the old man. Sondheim has also gone on record as saying that is his favorite peice his ever written. I'm also the French Admiral in "Please, Hello".
  10. Really do love Follies! On a related note, I'm about to begin rehearsals for the only production of Pacific Overtures being staged next year anywhere in the world! It is such a rarely produced show and has one of the greatest scores ever written!
  11. RENT is a fantastic show live and film really didn't do it justice whatsoever. Of course with Chris Columbus directing it's no wonder. I'm in the middle of a run of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Live! It's been a lot of fun and the die hard Whedon fans are eating it up!
  12. I'm in the middle of a very successful professional run of The Rocky Horror Show playing Riff Raff right now. It's the most fun I've ever had on stage! Up next for me...the title role in Dr Horrible's Sing A Long Blog!
  13. ^^Brando singing though...just a little sad. I watched Repo: The Genetic Opera last night...anyone else see it yet? It's streaming on Netflix now.
  14. I just got the word I was hired to direct a production of Hairspray in spring of 2012! Pretty excited about it as I haven't directed a huge musical in a while. I've been on an intimate play/farce kick in the past few years.
  15. I'm working with Ted Swindley, creator of Always, Patsy Cline on his brand new musical based Kinky Friedman called Becoming Kinky: The World According to Kinky Friendman. I'm playing his long time side kick "Little Jewford". It's an amazingly funny show!
  16. Now see personally I'd love to see them use the Mad Hatter...which I know they won't...or Killer Croc...which again probably won't happen. Deadshot is another one I'd love to see!
  17. I'm honestly glad we're not going to see The riddler. For my money he's always been a lighter version of the Joker so it just seems to be Riddler would just be rehashing the same stunts. Now we know Nolan has said Harvey Dent is dead...so I don't know if that means Two-Face is dead as well...so that's a possibility. I'm thinking a film consisting of Talia Al Ghul and Black Mask would be great. Perhaps toss in Bane as the muscle and I think it's the formula for a great flick!
  18. Big ups on getting Joseph! I did that role a number of years ago and enjoyed it despite my personal distaste for Webber's work.
  19. I love the Netcot podcast...I'm bummed there hasn't been a new one in ages! As to other Disney related podcasts I'd reccomend: The DisUnplugged The Be Our Guest Podcast Inside the Magic WDW Radio WDW Today Those are the ones I listen to consistantly.
  20. Mine is when I was on the game show "Don't Forget the Lyrics" a couple of years ago.
  21. ^^Yeah, it's not one of those hugely popular shows...but it's quirky...funny and has a catchy but not complicated score. I'm a huge fan of smaller shows and this one really fits into that catagory well. One of my favorite shows I've ever done professionally was on the same scale...Lucky Stiff!
  22. Zombie Prom is a funny little show! Oh and another show along the same lines...having that "Little Shop" feel would be Return to Forbidden Planet. It has that fun 'B movie" feel with a rocking score. Godspell is a personal favorite show as well. I love the score and love how free form the show is.
  23. I wish I was heading down that way! I love [title of show] and I am a huge fan of original works! I just finished an original play here in Nashville that went really well so I wish you nothing but the best with yoru work!
  24. I'm just so burned out on mediocre films being turned into big budget stage musicals. It almost always ends poorly.
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