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Favorite "themed lands"?

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Since I frequent Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World often, I'll list my favorite "themed lands", based solely on theming, in the Orlando area:


1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Islands of Adventure)

2. Sunset Boulevard (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

3. Port of Entry (Islands of Adventure)

4. Asia (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

5. San Francisco/New York (Universal Studios Florida)

6. Seuss Landing (Islands of Adventure)

7. Adventureland (Magic Kingdom)


*My list is in no particular order.


Of course, your favorite themed lands can be from any park around the world! I personally think Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea looks amazing, but I haven't been to Tokyo...

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The interior of Temple Of The No-Hawk at Phantasialand.


Seriously, though, a lot of Phantasialand has excellent themeing. The same goes for Europa. I'm gonna say my favorite, though, would be the Frontierland section of Disneyland Paris. The way they incorporated Big Thunder and Phantom Manor together into their own story is genius. There is an entire backstory that pulls the whole section of the park together that doesn't exist at other Disney parks. They took the time to give the area a life rather than just match the aesthetic. Things like that really complete the experience.

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All of animal kingdom BESIDES DONO RAMA! It is not my favorite theme park but it is probably the most beautiful park I have ever visited because the whole park felt like I was transported to Africa or Asia! I also love World Showcase at EPCOT and Port of Entry for the Uni Florida parks. I REALLY like Mainstreet(the original) for so many reasons! If it weren't for my favorite themed land(mentioned below) it would easily be my favorite!

My favorite themed land of any park that I have visited is Carsland! The rockwork is stunning, RSR is BEAUTIFUL at blending in with it's land as well as using the area around the que and the little details(especially the cars flowers) take the cake as the best themed land I have evere experienced!

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Interesting topic.


In no particular order:


The original Jurassic Park and Lost Continent sections of IOA. (Both have now been F'd up by the HP crap!) At least Port of Entry is still good.


ALL of Tokyo DisneySea! The whole park is beyond amazing!


Europa Park's Bavarian section.


Pretty much all of Animal kingdom (except that dino carnival crap!)


I also find that Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris is really well done. Too bad it's in that sh*thole of a park.




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ALL of Tokyo DisneySea! The whole park is beyond amazing!




Seriously, I remember standing in TDS and looking around and you just couldn't find a bad angle of the place in any direction or any land!


I think the most vivid thing that stood out in my mind my very first day there, was thinking "Wow! This park is really the complete deal. Everything is here, and done right."


Then someone, it may have been Elissa, pointed out while we were in line for Flounder, that there was still another COMPLETE land I had missed - Mermaid Lagoon, inside/under the volcano.


Mind blown. The park is simply awesome!

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