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TPR! The Travel Channel Needs YOU!

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TPR!!! The Travel Channel Needs YOU!!!


Travel Channel is shooting another show at several parks over the next few weeks and they need riders! Below is the schedule of the parks they will be shooting at. If you are able to make the filming, please send the following information to: mfitzimons@indigofilms.com


- Your Full Name

- Your Age

- Male/Female

- Your contact info (email, mobile number, address, etc)

- What parks/dates you are available for

- Sending a photo of you is always helpful! (although not required)

- Let them know you are from Theme Park Review


Remember they are looking for fun and ENTHUSIASTIC people who can be excited on camera, and they will also need people who are willing to ride multiple times! If you're that person, please send the email ASAP! You will receive an email back if you have been selected.


Filming dates:

Kings Dominion (Intimidator & Volcano) - October 13th & 14th

Six Flags Over Texas (New Texas Giant & Titan) - October 13th & 14th

Cedar Point (Maverick & Magnum) October 20th & 21st

Six Flags America (Superman & Batwing) - October 27th & 28th


Send them your info, have fun, and remember be enthusiastic!



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I did this a few months ago and had a great time!


Just keep in mind this is television, and not a normal day at the park. As our field producer said, "TV is a bunch of hurry up and wait." You could be standing around for 4 hours until you actually get to ride, but once you're on, you'll be on for a few hours!


Nonetheless, I had a great experience with Indigo Films and was astounded by their professionalism. This is something I will always remember!


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If anyone goes to the SFoT on 13th you should say hi to me! I'll be working/doing a VIP Tour that day! I might go to the 14th one, but I would have to ask my boss if it would be ok. I been in 2 commercials for SFoT and wouldn't mind at all doing a TV Show!

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AHHHHHHHH, if only they'd come to Six Flags Great Adventure one more time, or Hershey Park (Skyrush). Ahhh, maybe next time. I'm loving these new roller coaster TV shows though. As a fellow thrill park junkie, I crave these thrills and would be perfect for any show. Stinks that the nearest one to me is SFA.

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If I sign up for the shoot at SFA, will I still have a bit of time in the morning to get my Apocalypse credit and take a spin or two on Wild One?

You are signing up for a film shoot, not a day at the park. If you sign up and they pick you, you need to commit to whatever their schedule is which may or may not include time to do other stuff on your own. If you're not willing to do that, don't send the email.

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Can you do just one of the two days, or do they expect you there both days?

- What parks/dates you are available for

I would assume the 21st at Cedar Point would work. I can't afford a whole weekend away from college, not do I want to get a hotel for the night.

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My only question is whether we have to pay for park admission or not. Because I would love to do it at Kings Dominion as I've never been, but if we have to pay for admission I might as well go as a guest. Even then, this is an awesome opportunity for everyone to do something fun on some of the best rides, and it's really fantastic of the Travel Channel to reach out to you Robb!

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