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The NL/NL2 Preview Thread

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Just had an idea...


When the Wing rider comes out soon...


A wing rider themed to christmas. Brown supports, Green track, top of track accented with red, red rails, brown trains (reindeer) maybe first train red (santa).


It will be a launched wing rider so five car trains and the launch would go into a Stengel dive type thing.


I also found the perfect soundtrack for it.

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This is something I've been working on for a couple of weeks now. It's a inverting terrain woodie. After I settled on the final design, I felt as though this is what would happen if RMC and TGG had a baby. The supports are still a work in progress, though.





As I said, supports are still a work in progress.





Any ideas on what this inversion should be called?


I sort of wanted to do a double barrel roll finale, but somehow I ended up with this.


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I love the lightning strike in background! Does Nolimits randomly do that, or did you set it to do that?


These projects all look really good! If you don't mind me asking, about how long does an average project take in Nolimits 2?

The lightning strike(s) are random. I just hit the pause button and replay the game and hit pause again and again until the photo was just right....I also wait a few moment for the "game paused" sign at bottom removes itself then take the snapshot.

I also changed the weather settings for the shot (increased wind and lightning).

Time spent on projects (in my opinion) depend on what you are trying to achieve.....the coaster style, scenery, realism of support placement and smoothing out the track, etc all takes time. I spent approximately 3 weeks (work, holidays and other commitments get in the way) on this project. Sometimes, you have to go away from the game and then come back to it as I tend to rush things towards the end and then it may become boring. But, when I leave a project alone for a couple of days, I feel refreshed and then continue with it. I try to pay attention to the little details as well, often looking at other photos of coasters built to get an accurate view of the style of supports and placement. Then again, that is just me. Hope that answers your question

I would love to team up with some of the people on here and other NL sites to learn how to do scripting and custom scenery....I envy those artists that add that level of detail work!


**Funny how that photo was my 1,000 post..lol

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Started working on a recreation of some of Kings Island's coasters. I'm not taking it too seriously, so it'll just be the coasters with some basic scenery. In this shot you can see Racer, Vortex, and Beast. Later I'll add Diamondback and maybe Adventure Express and Banshee. Should be fun.


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This is the third coaster I've made in NL2, but it's the only one that's worth sharing even though it still needs plenty of work. A Schwarzkopf terrain coaster. It's not pretty but I'm still trying to get the hang of editing as in making smoother turns and hills. Hopefully I'll have a better ride to share in the future.





Gotta fix the supports

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Been slowly building up my small park I've been working on. It's been on Steam for a few months now and I'm slowly adding to it every few weeks.

Speed Demon^, should be posted in a update on Steam soon.

Sky Breaker^, a wingrider with a initial 60mph launch followed by a 85mph launch into a loop...thing(I forget the name). It's probably gonna be scrapped honestly.

Spaghetti Bowl^, the next addition probably, not final colors. I have no idea how to support the lift hill so it may be going to a launch instead.

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A park I was working on.


Hercules-A custom Arrow Looper which was originally intended to be inspired by Tennessee Tornado, Drachen Fire, and Steel Phantom, but my original design had some flaws so I redesigned the layout.








Wildcat-A GCI out and back.







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