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Efteling Discussion Thread

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Part 2 of the 'Making of'' series has been posted:



It introduces the character of O.J. Punctuel (who will welcome visitors for their audience with the king) and provides a few brief looks at the interior as well. Looks promising!

This looks like Efteling really went hardcore and created a Disney level dark ride. The combination of interior shots and the Vekoma vehicle testing a while ago seems very promising!

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Apart from the new making-of video, Efteling also confirmed that the roof of the Symbolica showbuilding will be themed as a palace garden, composed of sedum plants. This garden will also contain 800 solar panels, in line with Efteling's eco-friendly objectives.




This is good news, as the park's observation tower (Pagode, an Intamin Flying Island) is located directly next to the showbuilding.

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This is what the roof of Symbolica will look like when it's finished.


Efteling will install hundreds of solar panels on the roof of the new attraction Symbolica. Therefore, The Palace of Fantasy will literally be getting a green look. On a photo editing you can see how this will look.





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I'm happy to see that they are doing this, if it was me it didn't need to happen but I know there was lots and lots of bashing on the Dutch Forums for the ugly gray roof. Like I said I would have been fine if it stayed gray, all other buildings in the park have gray roofs only to be seen from the Pagode.

I really love the amount of greenness this design has over it's predecessor, and I like that the park has goes for solar panels.

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