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Anyone play WOW?


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Am I the only person on the Alliance on the website?


Just hit Level 59 with my main (Human Rogue)


LAst time i checked, Humans were alliance. I sort of wished i had rolled a horde, they seem to work much better together in the BG's.

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Well being my thread got closed (I did a search, but i searched for "World of Warcraft" instead of "WoW") Ima try to continue it here. So anyone recently play WoW now? And if so are you 'addicted' like the rest of the world? (I'm 'hooked' but not yet addicted..lol)

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I can understand why some people do not like it. 1 year ago, I was among that group who thought the game was lame. Then I tried out the demo, and got hooked. A year later, I run a small guild, and have a 70pally on Undermine server. My guild is mostly adults with like play styles, and we are starting to work on end game stuff...


Some people dont get WoW...I dont see what the hype is over Halo 3 or Gears of War. Its all about tastes.

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^ I was definately one of those types that didn't get the whole hype at first. I even didn't like it when I first bought it. I guess it got the best of me the more I played. It real easy to get addiceted, if you aint got nothing else to do..Luckly most of my time is at the job, so I dont play it as much as I would like. My highest character is a 43 Shaman in the Exodar server, so that lets you know I JUST got started about a couple of months ago.

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I've found Team Fortress 2 with a solid set of players on a server to be far more fun than my battlegrounds (Rank 11 back in the day) addiction ever was. And no levels or gear to worry about!


I'm part of the "I quit after I realized TBC wasn't an amazing expansion on life" crew. 70 troll mage on Cenarion Circle up until then though.

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^ Never played oblivion so I have no Idea.


I play on Feathermoon.

My main (thelb) is 70 human Rogue and underequipped

Persephonne is a level 50 human Warlock.

Rhiannin is a level 39 N.elf Priest.

My newest toon, Halfpynte is a 16 Gnome mage, currently doing all the nelf starting quests so i can someday get a kitty.


I most likely got the spellings wronmg (cept for my main) so if you're on my server and want to contact me, contact my main.

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A PC game called "Second Life" is like WOW, you can go anywhere and do anything, You can buy land and build your own Theme and Water Parks. I have a 1,500ft long waterslide, vertical drops, cork screws as it snakes in and out of the mountain-side to the swimming pool below.


I meet other players from all over the world, some have even asked if they can meet me in "real life".

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