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The "Brainstorm" Thread

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Using Lunatim's workbench, I have currently worked a long time, but am only a fraction of the way done, with a new RCT2 park.


It's called Hugh Jazz Park. It is supposed to have at least one of every ride, and fill up the entire plot of land. This will really be one Hugh Jazz Park!

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I'm thinking a launched vekoma motorbike hyper? Any feedback? (No Limits)


If you are going for realistic, you'll have to make sure that the launch doesn't pull too many g's. Sitting in that position without support on the back of the shoulders, neck, and head would be very painful for riders if the launch is too forceful.


I know you can't change the design of the trains, but I think the concept would be cool if you themed it to flying on the back of some majestic animal. Perhaps theme it to a banshee in avatar... that would be cool.


Good luck!

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Hey guys, I have RCT3, I was kind of building a park. It includes a Intamin Mega-Lite, and a B&M Hyper Coaster, but I don't have any inspiration. If you know any really good B&M Hypers that were made on NoLimits or RCT3 could you guys help. By the way the park is based on a Dollywood theme. Thanks!

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Right now, I'm in the deep planning for the next "mega-attraction" for Parc du Tarbes. This time, it's going to be much harder than VauTour ever was! But, I'd like to ask if there are any suggestions that I should take into account this time around for the next so-called "game". I want it to be difficult and mind-boggling, but I want feedback on how hard to make it; the hardest challenge is making the viral game accessible to everyone but confusing at the same time.


Also, how everyone would feel about a flying coaster from griffonj2022? I am currently working on project #6 right now, the next addition to Parc du Tarbes, and have #7, #8, and #9 to go. If I do decide to go ahead and make a flying coaster, it would probably be project #10. Project #9 won't be coming out until June of 2012 (Sorry, I like to make people wait a little bit for the excitement ), so summer of 2012 would be the time it is completed.


Anyone interested?



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I have two ideas that I'd like some feedback on.


First off, I'm thinking of adding a kids area to Veja Mundo. Gonna go beyond the fictitious 'MARF films' brand (as that will be later layed out), and do something different. Call it riding on a fad/meme, but I'm kinda set on having the kids area based on a certain magical-pony-centric cartoon that's apparently very popular online.


Second, speaking of the web, this is probably a complete "Blue Sky" idea that most likely won't come to fruition, but I'm pondering the idea of an Internet meme-based park.


Both of these, of course, will utilize RCT2.

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All the projects I was working on are dead lol. Its gonna take me a massive burst of inspiration to get me to play again. But you'll soon see what I'm doing in NL, as Im using the program for my Senior Project. Its entirely new to me, so don't expect to see stuff like AJClarke from me anytime soon.


We'll see....

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