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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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...you recognize the unique sound that each lift hill makes at your homepark. Bonus points if you can identify them at other parks too.

...you spend 10 minutes riding longboard down (or up) the same 27° ramp off the patio in your backyard in different ways to experience airtime and g-force.

...you have a 20 minute argument with your GP friend over the quality of a Vekoma boomerang and give up because they argue "but some people like it!!"

...you know the difference between an inline twist and a heartline roll.

...you create Photo TRs for parks you make in RCT/TPS/NL.

...you dislike this article because it features Boomerang instead of Iron Rattler (even though it was probably written before 2013 anyway, Poltergeist is a better ride in every way).

...you tell a kid who's on his first (big) roller coaster that the scary part is over because you're at the top of the lift hill (on a 1997 Arrow).

...if you know which coaster I'm talking about.

...if people have to constantly remind you to talk about something besides roller coasters.

...if you have trouble doing that.

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...You place your bet on which major league sports teams will win based on what amusement parks the teams' respective cities/states have. For example, when watching the NBA finals, you're either a CP fanboy and want Cleveland to win, or you're a CGA fanboy and want Golden State to win!

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...If you read all 83 pages of this thread


...if you recreate your favorite rollercoasters in No-Limits to have a dynamic pov


...if you finished projects early to look at Screamscape and this forum in computer-based classes


...if you used all the free time given between projects in classes to look at Screamscape and the forum


...if every project done in said classes were about rollercoasters


...if you went to Cedar Point in high school with a club even if you weren't part of it (I had friends in it, it was first come, first serve anyway)


...if you have ridden a coaster looking backwards while in the back seat to look at the track and the chain (cough, cough

Shivering Timbers and Wolverine Wildcat)


...don't mind riding Thunder Hawk at MiA only because it isn't the worst SLC out there (cough, cough Flight Deck)


...if you question whether a 'coaster' should really be considered a 'coaster' (Pipe Scream)

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I tend to give Cedar Point history lessons to friends and family while in the park. They usually look at me like I have a problem.


I do this to everyone with Six Flags Great Adventure. Sometimes they'll try to ask me random questions about the park and rides, thinking I won't know the answer and when I actually do know the answer they just stare at me as if I'm insane.

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