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TPR's Universal Hollywood HHN Event!

HHN Hollywood Event - Are you in? (Read below first)  

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  1. 1. HHN Hollywood Event - Are you in? (Read below first)

    • I'm totally in! Where do I sign up?

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Join Theme Park Review & Mice Chat for a night at Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights -

Friday, September 30th.

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=157


Event includes:

- Admission to Halloween Horror Nights!

- Front of the Line Pass for the Mazes!

- Front of the Line Pass for the Terror Tram!

- VIP Seating for Bill & Ted Show!

- VIP Entrance into the event!

- Meet & Greet with HHN Creative Director John Murdy!

- And yes there will be FOOD! 3 course meal at Hard Rock included!!



TPR's Halloween Horror Nights Event

Friday, September 30th, 2011


Event Ticket Price - $95




A final event schedule with more details will be emailed to you prior to the event. You will pick up your tickets at the Hard Rock Dinner.



If you are registering for more than one person, please complete a separate registration for each member in your party. Choose your options and click "add to cart" for the first person, and then come back to this screen again and choose your options and click "add to cart" for each additional guest.


Event Rules & Additional Details


- - You MUST be a registered member of TPR's Forum or Club TPR to purchase tickets. Your guests do NOT have to be a member.


*NOTE* If your guest is a past TPR member whose account/membership has been deactivated or banned, they will not be allowed into the event and your account/membership may also be subject to being deactivated or banned and you may also not be allowed into the event.


- Cameras are not allowed on any attractions at the host park.


- All event participants MUST abide by ALL park rules and Theme Park Review’s/Club TPR's code of conduct and terms of service. Violation of park rules is subject to you and your guests removal from the park and your account being banned.


Tentative Schedule

5:00pm - Event Check in at Hard Rock Cafe

5:15pm - Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

6:30pm - Enjoy HHN on your own, with a group of friends, or however you'd like!

TBD - Meet & Greet with John Murdy



- Q: What do I need to do to attend this event?

A: Simply register online and your event packets, tickets, and other information will be available the morning of the event. Nothing will be mailed to you. You must pick up your tickets at the event.


- Q: Will you have onsite event registration? A: Sorry, but no tickets will be available during check in. TICKETS WILL BE LIMITED so register NOW.


- Q: How do I buy more than one ticket? There is no place for "Quantity" in the store? A: Click add to cart twice.


- Q: Do you have to be a member of TPR to buy a ticket? A: Yes. You need to either be a member of Club TPR (Paid membership) or a member of the TPR Forum (Free Membership).


- Q: I cannot make it to the park before check-in ends, can I still attend the event if I cannot make the entire day? A: You MUST pick up your tickets at the Hard Rock Cafe at 5pm. Please note there are NO REFUNDS given if you cannot make the event.


- Q: How old do you have to be to attend this event? A: There is no age limit for this event. We will have members as young as KidTums and as old as Jeff Johnson! The "recommended age" for Halloween Horror Nights is 13 years, though.


- Q: When will the final event schedule be released? A: I'll try to get something posted a couple of weeks before the event, but I will also email you all the details a few days prior.


- Q: What is your refund policy? A: Once you have paid for an event ticket, there are NO REFUNDS. You are welcome to try to sell your ticket to another member, but it would not be possible to refund tickets.


- Q: If I am mailing in a check, when do you need the payment by? A: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Until your ticket is "paid", you technically do not have tickets to this event. If the event sells out due to other members who have paid up for their tickets, we cannot guarantee you a spot. The best advice we can give you is pay via PayPal, or drop your check in the mail immediately.


- Q: Does this event price include admission to the park? A: Yes.


- Q: Does this event price include airfare, transportation, or hotel lodging? A: No.


- If you have any questions about registration you may email robbalvey@themeparkreview.com

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What a great event! I can't say yes yet due to possible work schedule conflicts, but I can say that there will probably not be a better way to experience HHN this year!


IIRC, the FOL pass last year alone was $80-90 bucks depending on the night, and that didn't even include dinner! And now we'll get a Q&A w/ John Murdy and a lights on maze tour too in addition to dinner for around the same price? I'll take those bonus perks over an unlimited FOL pass any night!

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^ Sadly I kind of have to agree. The BIG DRAW for the Haunt event is the VIP show and front of the line passes, which(as far as I know) work as many times as you want. Also knott's has a LOT MORE than HHN in terms of houses and things like that... 2 being relatively low capacity rides... just a lot more IMO for the price. Also not to be totally cheap, but Knott's is also slightly cheaper with all the extra perks.


For now I can't do this because financially it's either the Knott's event or the HHN event... and for Knott's I feel like I will be getting more bang for my buck. I ALMOST ALWAYS go on killer deal nights as it is... and most of my friends will not be willing to pay around 100$ for a night at HHN.

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Yep...this is my first post!!!


I'd be in and I have 3 or 4 others that would be too. I've spent that much prior years (admission and FOTL pass) and that doesn't include dinner, backstage tours or the meet and greet with the designer.


I'm SO in!!!

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While I don't think the price is unreasonable given all that you get and how expensive the park is anyway, I only have the budget to do one haunt event and I think I'm more likely to choose the Knott's one (if I do one at all). It's not just because of price, but its also because USH is twice as far away as Knott's is and I have classes on Fridays which I would like to avoid missing.

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