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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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Good game, Wheelchair! I'll be back next round... hopefully with more submissions as this was my first submission to the game exchange. This is fun though... and log rides aren't really my thing, so hopefully next time its more in my element. A dark ride contest would be fun IMO.

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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!


Starting Tuesday (May 3rd), each track you upload with automatically be entered into our track of the week contest. The track that has been submitted in that week with the highest rating will be featured the following week on the front page of TPR, on TPR's Facebook, and on TPR's Twitter. The winner will also receive a 250 points added to their account. We will change up the type of track/file/game each week, to be uploaded to make it fair and keep it fun!


The sooner you upload your file, the better chance you have of getting more rankings!


This week's "Track of the Week" Contest is:


Game - RCT2

Type - B&M Hyper

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Good game, Wheelchair! I'll be back next round... hopefully with more submissions as this was my first submission to the game exchange. This is fun though... and log rides aren't really my thing, so hopefully next time its more in my element. A dark ride contest would be fun IMO.



Honestly, while participation was down a bit this week, the entries were all top notch. Great stuff guys!


Matt "I'd love to have to do a tie breaker every week" Jacobs

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Fly through the wilderness on this wild & crazy bucking bronco. Speed through and race away from the poachers and while dodging, twisting and turning rocks,trees and cliffs. Ya'll see what I mean when you ride this here sucker.




Hey guys,

This is going to be my entry into this weeks contest. I am surprised to be the first one entering. The due date seems to be closing in! Everyone should hurry!


So, I think this coaster has super amazing airtime! Please download and tell me what you think.


Here are some more pictures! I'd say it's more like Goliath at La Ronde so it's not over 200ft but is still considered B&M Hyper in my eyes.






Here is the link to it on the exchange: themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1943




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I just posted my entry for this week, titled "Twisty!". I wasn't too concerned about the ride being a realistic B&M per se, but just focusing on building something compact with good pacing and a sensible overall ride storyline. In terms of speed, I wanted something more along the lines of Timber Falls' Avalanche but I did allow for a place where the train slows down enough for the riders to catch their breaths, and the ride duration isn't too long for the speed to get boring for the riders.


Here's the link, for some reason the file's extension has been removed so in order for it to work, please edit the name to add on ".sv6" to the end:




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I finally completed my entry.


My entry for this contest is called the Giant. Inspired by the coaster of the same name included in No Limits, the Giant is a B&M Hyper coaster with intense positive, negative, and lateral forces, several large hills, and a 5,840 ft long layout. It has 3 trains for efficient operation and a yellow and red paint scheme (yellow track, red rails and supports). Are you ready to conquer the Giant?


Here's the link to the download, and I posted a link on Facebook. The download comes with the transfer house, station, queue, exit path, catwalks, and entrance plaza.


The entrance, queue path, and station.


Most of the ride layout.


The turnaround not visible in the last picture.


The MCBR and the turn shortly after it. (And the little red thingy, that's from the screenshot I took before it)


A closer look at the transfer house and brake section.



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First of all: Sorry for the late entry, but i was stucked in my "Abitur" Examinations about the whole week. I hope there will be some votes at least.

The Final battle has begun.

Good vs. Evil

Coke vs. Pepsi

Atari vs. Amiga

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Black vs. White

or just

The trance Side vs. The Other Side!


This weeks entry of mine is called "Diversity", besides the rides themselfes are named "The Trance Side" and "The Other Side".

How you might have concluded, you are dealing with two duelling Hypercoasters, underlined by the strict determination of black and white.


Here goes a first screenshot for getting a little impression of what I'm talking about:



An Overview.


As you can see, the tracks are very tight fitting to each other.


When I finished designing the coaster itself, I thought it would be cool to widen the theming of black and white to the whole entrance/queueing area:


Park Entrance.BMP

The main entrance building along with a few shops and relaxing locations.


Because of stupid and/or tired peeps i had to add a few Information Kiosks for selling out some maps.... stupidos!


Infoarea and Zengarden.BMP

The information area and a shot of the garden.


Sooo, but now we'll take a closer look at the coasters, first, the main entrance of the coaster complex, where visitors have to deal with a huge descision: black or white T-Shirt? O: Also on the shot are the last turns and the brakes area.


Main Entrance With Trains.bmp

Wohoo, two trains at once!


After splitting here, the visitors follow a path along the coaster area and head up to the station itself:


Entrance With Departing Trains.bmp

And again!


Sync is just given if both trains are nearly filled with the same number of riders, nice balnced here, when the trains passing the air time hill:


Trains Taking Zero G Hill.bmp

I guess it's harder to get a shot with just a single train!


I wasn't about to get inspired or even rebuild a real B&M, and you may forgive that it's only 175 feet tall.


Here goes the game exchange link, no custom scenery nor any addons needed:



Have fun and please take the little time left to rate those ones.

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