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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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Here's mine.


Send yourself spiraling out of control on this twisted woodie NOT made by GCI - the Spiral Flyer!





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It's probably been a good couple of years since I've really played RCT2, so for the hell of it, I re-installed it tonight and made "Helix: The Ride." Like it says in the description, I actually really am not a fan of helixes on coasters, so this would really annoy me if I had to ride it! I did it totally for fun and a laugh, since I can't win the contest anyway...but I figured it would be fun to submit something!


Link: http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=1858




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Yep, congrats PSiRockin! You squeezed in as the winner at the last minute! 250 points have been added to your account!


TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!


Starting Today, each track you upload with automatically be entered into our track of the week contest. The track that has been submitted in that week with the highest rating will be featured the following week on the front page of TPR, on TPR's Facebook, and on TPR's Twitter. The winner will also receive a 250 points added to their account. We will change up the type of track/file/game each week, to be uploaded to make it fair and keep it fun!


The sooner you upload your file, the better chance you have of getting more rankings!


This week's "Track of the Week" Contest is:


Game - RCT/RCT2

Type - Arrow Looping Coaster

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Awww man. I missed the deadline by just a few hours. I'll still showcase mine, since I worked so hard.


My coaster is The Beast, a GCI Woodie with 2 12-car Millennium Flyer style articulated trains. It features a simple station, transfer house, supports, and even a tunnel!


Here's the ride!




The supports are pretty simple, but they keep the ride from being too flat.


The stats, as well as the transfer house and lift hill.


The station and the gift shop.


And that's The Beast! Perhaps I should save it for another contest?

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Conveniently enough I missed the last contest since I thought it was due midnight on the midnight of whatever day it was due and not the night before. Either way here's my submission for this week's contest.




Its a terrain Arrow Looper with some great moments of air.


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