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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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Here's my entry into the TotW contest-


"Moeibus TwisterRacer"


This six train gem works great in any park where you need a thrill without the bills. To activate it's racing capabilites, build the coaster in the park of your choice. Start the ride 'testing' and wait for train 4 to enter the platform, then shut off the coaster- but let the trains return to the platform. DO NOT REMOVE THE TRAINS FROM THE TRACK! YOU WILL LOSE THE RACING CAPABILITIES!. Resume testing with SYNCHRONISE PLATFORMS activated in the mechanical menu- After Train 1 returns to the right side, you should be ready to open the ride up to willing guests- and give them a new type of thrill.




Moeibus TwisterRacer in Game Exchange

Read the description posted with this ride- there are instructions on how to get the six-train racing capabilites to work for you.

(Pg 3 of the Track of the week thread)



Python coils


The turnaround element.


Most of the layout of the ride itself.

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Guys, you're making this way more complicated than it has to be.


Upload a track (that isn't already uploaded), to the Game Exchange that meets the weekly requirement. Hope people rank it highly, and I'll tell you who won!


That's it!


As we get further along, we'll make the requirements a bit more strict.

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You have to put the track in the 'Tracks' file in RCT's folders-


Then, when you open up RCT, you can open up the editor to see the ride itself.


It's a track contest, so unless you actually are building a park, you won't be able to open it with all the 'park' stuff- You CAN open it up using the Track Editor function.

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