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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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^wow...that is great. The foliage, scenery, and layout all are fantastic. Did you make this park/layout just for this week? If so, thats a lot of work for just one Track.



Really happy to be seeing more interest in these Contests

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^Yes, I definitely went overboard for this one track. It has been a while since I've played RCT (Any of them) and I never really played RCT2 much, so once I got started I had a hard time finding reasons to stop. I got started Friday, and stayed up late last night to finish.

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compact schwarzkopf looper 2 in Game Exchange


Edit: Now with two loops! And twistier finale.



I pretty much only do these compact coasters in rct. I enjoy trying to find the nicest possible route rct's limitations allow after I've set some limitations of my own e.g. width and here that the queue and exit paths must fit inside the ride's footprint. I like the name.

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Quite a few good entries so far this week- but I want to remind people of these TWO things:


1.) Make sure you're putting the track in the "Track of the Week" category- PLEASE. And Vote on the tracks, too!








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I really like Double Delirium! The name is pretty good too, I could see Cedar Fair naming a double loop coaster that


Hey, thanks a lot! Yours is awesome too; the combination of the theme, completed landscape, and your layout come together really nicely. I love it when people make the in-house scenery work


In lieu of being able to rate the track: Four Stars (4.0 out of 5.0)- Nice work.


I will submit it to the game exchange now that my logging-in issues have been resolved. Thanks.


If you've already voted on the track under "CoasterRollin'", I'd really appreciate if you'd do the same for the file uploaded today (08/01/2011) under "CoasterRollin" (no apostrophe) at http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2358. Thanks!!!

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Are we allowed to use any CS or hacking (8cars) in this?


Nope. None.




Does CS Include expansion scenery? (EG: RCT2 *only* or are WW/TT fine?)


I'm going to say this- As long as I can open it without having a ton of crap get uploaded to my already full RCT II collection, that's fine. CS is out, as is anything that's not original with the game.


End here the response to the question, and user, above. Begin -angry- rant now.


Everyone, please try and remember this:




Yes, it's nice to dress your rides, but there comes a time when simple = better. I will say that I always discount scenery when i rate a ride- as I'm looking at the ride, not the scenery at the end of the game. Thus: TRACK of the week.

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Congratulations to this week's winner: Calicoasters!


His winning entry, BANDIT! can be found on the TPR exchange!


Please PM me with your information, and I will pass it onto the powers that be to get your TPR Bag of Crap! Your points will be adjusted soon- so keep an eye out for a coupon for a FREE TPR Dvd download! Well done:


This week's TPR Challenge: RCT III- B&M Flyer- NOT VEKOMA!

Next wek's TPR Chhallenge: RCT II- Arrow Suspended


This week's prize: A TPR Bag of Crap AND ONE free TPR DVD Download!


Good luck to everyone!

Edited by A.J.
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Canyon Flyer

Here is where I got the extended flying coaster CTR(Scroll to bottom of page).


The Pretzle loop.


The 1st half of the ride.


The 2nd half and bridge over the canyon.


The staion.


Overview of the ride.


CS needed:

-ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set


-DasMatze Covers&More

-DasMatze Fences&Railings


-Adnecles bridge set


-Gadget Goodies for Coaster Set


-IAStation Set

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