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Mitch Hawker 2010 poll

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I'll never quite get the love for Boulder Dash (it's good, but not great...). Interesting observation is that had I prefered BD to El Toro, T Express would have finished #1. Out of 118 voters, one defector would have changed the #1 entry, and #1 and #2 tied head-to-head. Mitch's poll, as its really obvious this year, is very sensitive to who votes, and tends to be less stable in results for rides with lower rider numbers.


Boulderdash is one of those rides that ride much better at certain times than others. You have to ride it at night, and you should sit near the back. Day or night though, in the front/middle it is very average feeling. I never ride there because it defeats the whole ride. Ive ridden el toro and boulder dash within the same week and my rides on boulderdash were a bit more fun and insane feeling than my ert night rides on el toro in the rain. It really depends on when and were you ride it though.

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After seeing this year's results, I began to wonder which parks had the best collections of wooden coasters. In order to find out, I subtracted each coaster's rank from 181 so coasters with a high rank got the highest numbers (El Toro was worth 180, Anaconda was worth 1). Then, I added the numbers of all of the coasters in a specific park to get a final number. Doing this got a nice balance of quality vs. quantity. Blackpool came out on top, with 493 points. Holiday World was #2, with 475. In order to deal with dueling coasters where each side was ranked separately, I averaged their ranks. The first number is the park's rank, and then the park's name is shown. Finally, for those interested, the total number of points is shown to the right.




1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 493

2. Holiday World, 475

3. Mt. Olympus, 396

4. Kennywood, 358

5. Six Flags St. Louis, 348

6. Indiana Beach, 346

7. Hersheypark, 329

8. Silverwood, 314

9. Knoebels, 309

10. Six Flags Great America, 234

11. Michigan’s Adventure, 227

12. Worlds of Fun, 226

13. Kings Island, 225

14. Kings Dominion, 220

15. Lake Compounce, 217

16. Waldameer, 211

17. Valleyfair, 208

18. Six Flags America, 207

19. Adventureland, 203

20. Six Flags Magic Mountain, 198

21. Six Flags Great Adventure, 195

22. Everland, 180

23. Liseberg, 174

24. Heide Park, 173

25. Nara Dreamland, 172

26. Happy Valley Songjiang, 171

27. Toverland, 170

28. Freizeitpark Plohn, 168

29. Dollywood, 167

30. Alabama Adventure, 166

31. PowerPark, 165

32. Celebration City, 161

33. Parc Asterix, 158

34. Six Flags Over Georgia, 155

35. Timber Falls, 155

36. Efteling, 154

36. Six Flags Over Texas, 154

38. Beech Bend, 153

39. Oakwood, 151

40. Playland at the PNE, 149

41. Great Escape, 148

42. Carowinds, 146

42. Dreamland, 146

44. Cliff’s, 144

45. Tusenfryd, 143

46. La Feria Chapultepec Magico, 142

47. Boomers, 139

48. LeSourdsville Lake, 137

49. Martin’s Fantasy Island, 136

50. Kemah Boardwalk, 135

51. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, 134

52. Coney Island , 133

53. Kentucky Kingdom , 130

54. Walibi Belgium , 128

55. Six Flags New England, 127

56. Funtown USA , 126

57. Farup Sommerland , 125

58. Knott’s Berry Farm , 122

59. Bell’s , 121

59. Dorney Park, 121

61. Tivoli Gardens, 120

62. Six Flags New Orleans, 119

63. Cedar Point, 118

63. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 118

65. Puyallup Fair, 117

66. Lakeside, 116

67. Bakken, 115

68. Legoland FL/ Cypress Gardens, 114

68. Morey’s Piers, 114

70. Clementon Lake, 113

71. Walibi World, 112

72. Canobie Lake Park, 108

73. Conneaut Lake Park, 107

74. Geauga Lake, 105

75. Arnold’s Park, 102

76. Luna Park-Melbourne, 101

77. Belmont, 99

78. Family Kingdom, 98

79. Tripsdrill, 97

80. Tobu Zoo, 93

81. Upper Clements Park, 90

82. Nagashima Spaland, 88

83. Linnamaki Park, 84

84. Stricker’s Grove, 83

85. Canada’s Wonderland, 80

86. La Ronde, 79

87. Busch Gardens Tampa, 77

87. Wild Adventures, 77

89. Luna Park-Sydney, 75

90. Waterville USA, 74

91. Magic Springs, 71

92. Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, 69

93. PortAventura, 65

93. Rye Playland, 65

95. Six Flags Mexico, 63

96. Joyland, 59

97. Seabreeze, 58

98. Vidámpark, 55

99. Camden Park, 54

99. Idlewild, 54

99. Wiener Prater, 54

102. Hirakata Park, 52

103. Lagoon, 49

104. Little Amerricka , 46

105. Kingdom Coaster, 42

106. Frontier City, 40

107. William’s Grove, 32

108. Wild Waves, 31

109. Jungle Jack’s Landing, 26

110. Yomuriland, 24

111. Kijima Kogen, 20

112. Elitch Gardens, 17

113. Six Flags Fiesta Texas, 13

114. Darien Lake, 10

115. Gulliver’s World, 9

116. Terra Mitica, 6

117. Movie Park Germany, 5

118. Parque Warner Madrid, 4

119. California’s Great America, 2

120. Walygator Park, 1

Best Wood Parks.pdf

Here's a PDF version.

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I haven't really heard much about Silver Comet at Martin's Fantasy Island (#45) or Comet at The Great Escape (#33). Are they underrated? Has Comet aged well?

While I can't speak for Silver Comet, Comet is definitely underrated. It has strong ejector air, wild mouse like turns, and it was fairly smooth for a wooden coaster when I last three years ago. And I'm pretty sure that it didn't get really rough since then. You'll probably really like it.

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^Good stuff. I always get some of the East/Northeast woodies confused because several of them have the same names: Comet, Cyclone, Thunderbolt, Wildcat, etc. Some of the lower ranked ones are supposed to be halfway decent, but apparently others have deteriorated over the years.

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I haven't really heard much about Silver Comet at Martin's Fantasy Island (#45) or Comet at The Great Escape (#33). Are they underrated? Has Comet aged well?


I love the Silver Comet (I ranked it 18). I like Comet also (I ranked it at 36), but clearly like Silver Comet more.

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What is great about Silver Comet? I know judging a ride based on a POV is frowned upon (and I typically avoid doing it), but it looks like a great first drop with two airtime hills, then a bunch of the slow, swooping CCI turns after that and a decent looking airtime hill right before the brakes. Is there something in there that a POV fails to show about the ride's overall quality?

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^ What the POV doesn't show is that it's just a very solid 'overall' ride. It's not rough, it keeps it's speed VERY well through the entire ride, has some great airtime, and one of the most gnarly lateral moments ever! IMO, it's a solid B+ coaster. And for an older CCI, it's kept up very well.

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This list is awesome, I think I've been on a solid aray of woodies but when I see I've only ridden 5 of the top 20...wow! I must admit Voyage was amazing but it definitely had it's rougher moments, but El Toro totally deserves where it's at, it's still smooth and it's still out of control! Can't wait to see Mitch's Steel Pole!

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Just out of curiosity, since I've seen some writings on the interwebs of crybabies trying to imply that TPR members purposely ranked Voyage low, how many of you ranked it is #1 - or a least in your top 5?


I have a feeling it's a LOT more than some people would think....

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If they want to see how many people ranked Voyage in certain places, they should just scroll through the individual ballots. It's not like Mitch makes it a secret what people vote for. I'm one of the biggest fans of Voyage you'll find anywhere, and it didn't bother me at all that it dropped in the rankings. If it was giving rougher than normal rides this year, then it probably deserved to drop (just like any other woodie that starts getting rough, otherwise Georgia Cyclone and GhostRider would still be in the top 10).

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^ I realize that. And you are far more level headed that many of the batshit crazy coaster enthusiasts that would make such a claim, but the accusation was specifically that TPR members were ranking it low on purpose. I personally think that's not the case, so I was curious for myself.


If you ranked Voyage #1 or in the top five, please post it here and let us know!

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I ranked it in my top five, because I was impressed with the layout. I have only ridden about 17 wooden coasters though.


In terms of re-ride value and what it was competing against, I was personally not surprised at all to see the ratings drop this year.


If I had ridden Phoenix, El Toro and/or T-Express, I am sure those would have beat it out.


The ride almost reminds me of a steak. It tastes delicious for awhile, then you bite into a bone that cracks your back tooth.




Chris "full of corny analogies" D

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Haven't ridden Voyage yet but I'm very intrigued by it. It has such a large online fanbase I can't wait to try it. I was disappointed to hear it was tearing itself apart after its first season.

El Toro is my #1 overall coaster and it pretty much buries all the other woodies I've ridden. I'd love to have a close #2 or a tie with it. Hopefully I'll get to ride Voyage with Timberliners soon.

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^ I realize that. And you are far more level headed that many of the batshit crazy coaster enthusiasts that would make such a claim, but the accusation was specifically that TPR members were ranking it low on purpose. I personally think that's not the case, so I was curious for myself.


I saw at least one other enthusiast site's posts about this year's poll and I just rolled my eyes. Others in the thread seemed to be devaluing Mitch's poll entirely and that you could see TPR's influence in the poll because of all the international and Intamin woodies in the top 10. My take is that just because a coaster is in a different country that you may never ride doesn't mean it's any less deserving of a high ranking. While I've only ridden El Toro, if it's any indication of the other Intamin prefabs out there then they should be ranked highly. That doesn't have anything to do with what TPR says but just validates that Intamin designs incredible coasters.

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While The Voyage didn’t crack my 2010 Top Five, I certainly don’t think I rated it low. It made #14 out of the 119 woodies I ranked this year. (Down three spaces from last year, due to three high-charting new additions.) 14 out of 119 is still quite respectable.


I rode The Voyage 26 times in 2007 and was blown away - it was one of my fave woodies at that point. I rode it twice in 2008 and wasn’t quite as impressed - still thought it was a GREAT ride, but it felt slightly more rough-and-tumble and wasn’t as re-rideable as it had been the previous summer. If I’d ridden in the last year or two, it might have slipped further down on my list, but I haven’t, and it hasn’t.


I still love it, still think it’s an awesome coaster - but there are a few other woodies that I like a little bit more.

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