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TPR's EPIC Oktoberfest Trip Report!


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Alpina Bahn looks a little rough judging from your video, whereas Olympia Looping looks pretty smooth. How are they holding up in their old age?

Not at all. It's due to my terrible videography. I had about 45 seconds to mount the camera between insanely fast dispatches so it wasn't mounted quite as strong as my other videos. The ride is actually incredibly smooth.


I do apologize for the very amateur nature of the video.


--Robb "I was hoping that POV was better than a handheld version...and certainly none at all..." Alvey

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This Trip Report = Good.

Morgan = Sad and jealous!


I have some advice for when you go back to that spinning wheel of death, (where the object is to stay on as long as possible). Bare skin makes you stick, so someone should wear like, a skirt with no panties on and then sit as close to the middle as possible. They would win for sure. In many different ways.


Hope to see you later in the week!

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Awesome TR! I have never been to Oktoberfest, but I did have a chance to check out a fair in Germany about 15 years ago, and I love every moment of it. Nothing compared to Oktoberfest. I have always wanted to ride Olympia Looping.

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We are actually doing "culture stuff" today but I'll get Piers drunk and I'll video him wasted walking around the castle


Awesome...make sure Piers tries the schnapps as it is a LOT different than the stuff you get here in the States! When we went to the castle, they were serving schnapps, wine and Warsteiner on the tour bus. God, I love Germany!


Anyways, great report...sure wish we could have made this trip. Make sure to try and get a video of everyone singing 'Ein Prosit' in the beer tent. We had no clue what the hell they were singing in the song, but by the last night (about four mas in) we were standing on the benches singing right along like we knew the language!


Also keep an eye out for the awesome drunken grannies in the beer tents - definitely not something you see a lot of here in America!




Have fun!

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So, how long can I exepct to wait in line for one of these Marvels of Amusement Ride machinery?


Your comment about the Break Dance - Do you mean there is no such thing as a nice orderly queue?


Be there one week from today!


For coasters, log flumes, dark rides etc, you can expect short waits. Olympia Looping for example runs 5 trains at peak times, with trains in the station for well under 20 seconds before heading back out. Spin rides (if there is a queue at all - see below) also load extremely quickly, meaning short waits for long rides.


As for the Break Dance, every German fair I've ever visited, people just stand around, ticket in hand, without any form of fence, barrier or anything. They dance, they drink, they do what they like. When the ride slows and the floodlight comes on, people make a mad scramble for the ride, and it's first come first served. It's fantastic!


Oh, and if you try a Dutch Break Dance, it's just the same, but they allow you to ride standing up!


Here's the Kinzler Break Dance on a very busy night in Bonn (Germany) last year - and yes the ride is at full speed - the bright white lights are strobes, not floodlights. I'd say only 50% or so of the people in the photo are there to ride, the rest just hang around the ride and party! You can see the staff keep a very close eye on the crowd and get rid of troublemakers very quickly.




On ride video (about a quarter of a the full length ride)


This one's not my video, but it's the same fair. The music is dreadful for this one, but it's worth watching if only for the few seconds of the loading procedure at the end of the video

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