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TPR's EPIC Oktoberfest Trip Report!


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Boston.com has put up a nice set of Photos of Oktoberfest in the "The Big Picture" section.




On Saturday, September 18th, with the tapping of the first keg by Munich Mayor Christian Ude and a cry of "O'zapft is!", Oktoberfest 2010 officially started in Munich, Germany. While this year marks the 177th Oktoberfest to be held, 2010 is the 200th anniversary of the very first Oktoberfest in 1810 (some years were missed due to war or cholera outbreaks). The Oktoberfest tradition started in 1810 to celebrate the October 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich were invited to join in the festivities which were held over five days on the fields in front of the city gates. This year, festivities will run until October 4, 2010. Collected here are a few images from this opening weekend.
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Sorry, I might have confused the Bier Price issue.


In that other thread I offered a price comparison between an American Oktoberfest and the real deal in Munchen. I beleive the correct Munchen bier rule of thumb is 9 Euro. (Thats about $11.75-$12USD)


Someone else was trying to piece together a ride budget - (Wait, Oktoberfest and budget in same sentence) One ride on the Top Spectuculars (Olympia Looping, Rocket and the like - Mabi said was 7 Euro - thats about $9.25 USD


Looks like the dark rides and smaller rides are around 4 Euro or $5.25, some rides slightly cheaper so guesstimate $5-$10 a ride, with the majors being closer to the $10 end of that spectrum.


Do all the ghost trains put the riders in cages? I presume that is to protect the ride frrom drunk riders.

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Oktoberfest Trip Report - Part 2 - "Culture Day!" Neuschwanstein Castle, Alpine Slide and MORE!


So today may not have been as exciting as yesterday's INSANE Oktoberfest night...BUT...we kind of needed a break after that craziness!


Today was culture day, but that doesn't mean there isn't more drunk Piers! I mean, this IS our Oktoberfest trip after all, and even though we might be doing culture, that's no reason to not keep on the spirit of the festival!


Just read on....


Today was a TPR Culture day to visit Neuschwanstein Castle!


'I'm not going to the castle without having a few beers!'


It's a quaint little German town!


Piers' beer #3 #4 and #5. This should be a GREAT castle tour!


It wouldn't be a TPR trip until Elissa skins a wiener!


'Look at me! I can balance things on my head!'


It's time to go to the castle on the hill!


'Can we go to Jagerhouse instead of the castle?'


The walk up to the castle is more nature than TPR is used to!


Hooray! We have made it to the castle!


The castle had a no camera policy stricter than Cedar Fair parks so you'll have to enjoy the photos of the outside.


Neuschwanstein Castle is the location and story of mad King Ludwig that BGW's Curse of DarKastle is based on!


Jon gets a bridge credit!


After the castle tour we took the nature trail back down to the town.


Elissa in nature??? Can you believe it!!??




GLARRGLARGLURP! Piers is getting waterboarded!!!


Goodbye Mad King Ludwig! Thank you for your awesome 3-D effects!


We came upon these bizarre rock formations made by aliens and rabid German beavers!


These rocks are FANCY!


The walk included this scary scaffold down the side of a cliff!


Oh look! We've found a log flume!


At the bottom of the trail there were Big Macs.


'We need more cowbell!'


Fran gets some action from one of Club TPRs sexier members.


And at the very end if our walk was an Alpine Slide!


Hooray for Alpine Slides with lift hills!




This slide was really long and you were able to go really fast!


'We are much cuter to look at!'


Here is where Elissa is trying to kill Piers!


'I wiped out in the f**king slide because Elissa came barreling down and plowed right into me!!! The bitch!!!'


VIDEO! Reflections of Piers - The Alpine Slide. Piers talks about wiping out on the Alpine Slide...Drunk...includes a slide POV!



'This Jager will help ease the pain.'


Oh crap! Spin the bottle landed on Joe!


'Hooray! I get to kiss Joe!'


I've only had 8 beers and 4 shots ofJager...I'm starting to feel slightly drunk.


Cheers everyone! Beer for the bus ride home!


'This will make 9 beers and 5 shots of Jager... Why am I sitting in this hole???


VIDEO! Reflections of Piers. Piers is REALLY drunk on the bus ride back to the hotel. How drunk is he? Just watch this video!



Piers passed out for the rest of the drive! Tomorrow is credit whore day!!! And more Oktoberfest!

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I am back on Oktoberfest tomorrow evening too,

maybe I meet you again.


If you go to Hofbräuhaus,

here is the original song.


In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus:

Eins, zwei, g'suffa ...

Da läuft so manches Fäßchen aus:

Eins, zwei, g'suffa ...

Da hat so mancher brave Mann:

Eins, zwei, g'suffa ...

Gezeigt was er so vertragen kann

Schon früh am Morgen fing er an

Und spät am Abend kam er heraus

So schön ist's im Hofbräuhaus.


If you don’t understand the song,

this it what Piers was doing this day

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