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Photo TR: Wastin' Away Again in HarryPotterville


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Everything about this is awesome so far:


1. The Jimmy Buffett reference in your title

2. The In N Out shirt you were wearing in bed

3. Everything related to Harry Potter (Including your wife dressed as Hermoine)

4. EPCOT pictures

5. Your ability to subtly reference Dolly Parton in a PTR of Universal Orlando


However... You should have an obligatory photo of Test Track since that is my work location

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My man MCA's got a beard like a billygoat


Best Beastie Boys plug EVAR! sorry got a little too excited over that, I'm just a mild fan of my 3 MC's


Great trip report, I need a beer.



Seconded-And its from Pauls Boutique (the best album in the history of the universe).



Chris"..the best in men's clothing. Call Paul's Boutique and ask for Janice and the number is (718) 498-1043. That's Paul's Boutique and they're in Brooklyn." Connolly

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Everything about this is awesome so far:

Thank you, sir.


The physical and visual overlap between JP and TWWOHP bothers me. A lot. Expect lots of bitching when I finally get around to covering either of those areas in my little thread.

I look forward to your bitching.


Also, it's fine that you don't like Seuss Landing. Lots of people without souls don't.

I should probably clarify. It's weird. I like the look of Seuss Landing a lot, but the whole Dr. Seuss thing never did anything for me. I was a strange child.


So full of win!

Thanks, sis!


It's nice to see Disney roll out more retro Epcot shirts.



Colin sucks, why would you even put him in this report?!

I was heavily medicated.


Haha I loved the Universal update...hilarious! Wish I could have got over there earlier but Thursdays suck for me!

Thanks, Texas! If you had been there earlier, you would've had to put up with Colin. Consider yourself lucky.


Best Beastie Boys plug EVAR! sorry got a little too excited over that, I'm just a mild fan of my 3 MC's

Thank you! I've been wondering where all the hardcore Beastie Boys fans were on here!


Seconded-And its from Pauls Boutique (the best album in the history of the universe).

Not sure if I'd go as far as "the history of the universe," but it's definitely my favorite of theirs!


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This report so far sucks goat balls...not donkey balls but goat balls. And there's a goat in the first section to prove my statement that goat balls have been sucked.

Awesome. I believe that catapults this report to a whole new level!


I mean, my head is on a T-Rex...how did you do that? Did you find some of my semen encrusted in a mosquito that was fossilized in the amber mine?

It's a closely guarded government secret. Only Barack and Katy Perry know the truth.


Definite win.
Thank you, sir.


More Pepe


Blue tongue?

Under all this makeup, I'm really a smurf. Or maybe it was the Powerade?



I might actually finish this report sometime today. It will include my honest thoughts about Potterville, and a detailed account of Harry KUKA arm in "B" mode!!

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^ & ^^I gotta be honest. There was a little over spray from that show, and I was a little disappointed about it. But yes, the show itself was truly moving, and I'm glad we could all share that moment together on here. It's really something special.


Okay, so what can I say about Harry Potterville that hasn't already been said? Well, for starters, it's covered in fake snow. I'm not sure I've heard anyone actually point that out yet, so I think it's important not to mislead anyone into thinking they need a nice parka in order to visit. Remember, fake snow. Not real.


Okay, with that out of the way, let's talk about the ride, shall we? First of all, I know NOTHING about Harry Potter. Because of this, I was happy to have my official Potter translator with me - my lovely wife, Shannon, who has read every book, and seen all but one of the movies (I think).


On our first ride, Colin suggested we wait through the queue in order to get the full effect of everything. It was a good idea, and I don't think we waited more than a half hour or so (at least it didn't seem like it anyway). I'm really glad we did, and was thoroughly impressed with it! Even with Shan at my side trying to explain what everything was, it was a LOT to take in for a Snuggie (that's what outsiders are called, right?).


Anyway, as for the ride itself, it had a KUKA arm. You know that already, but I really like typing and saying KUKA. I tried desperately to put my crash course of Potter knowledge to good use while trying to follow whatever storyline there was, and I think I succeeded. The first time through it was a whirlwind of action, with dragons, broomsticks, spiders, and castles come to life in a wizarding cornucopia of Potterness.


It was all so much to make heads or tails of, that I was certain I'd have to ride it again later in order to form a more solid opinion of its Hogsbreathsness. So after we jumped over for a life-changing ride on HRRRRRRR, Andrew's movie premier in Mutha Nature, and ET queue line awesomeness, we ventured back to the 'ville for more.


Here's where it got interesting. We grabbed a Butterbeer, did some shopping, and noticed the typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm was creeping in. We luckily ducked into the ride's main gift shop, and the skies opened up. By this time Jake had joined Shan, myself, and Andrew (I think Maurer Sohne had Colin kidnapped on the way back, because he was no longer with us). Since Shan was busy shopping, the three of us decided to use the single rider line for another spin.


Talk about good fortune! When we reached the singing bush, a ride op told us that operations had slowed due to the thunderstorm, and they were now running in what they referred to as "B" mode. He said some of the effects would be slightly different, and asked us if we minded? Well, of course not. So naturally we got ready to board.


Remember, I'm a little sketchy on the particulars, so go easy on me as I try to relate the ride to you. The following is a scene for scene account of Harry KUKA arm in "B" mode!







Okay, so you start out at the end of the loading ramp with Hermione whispering something to you, and then tossing what looked like a hotel room key toward the ride vehicle, and.........BOOM, you're off!


Immediately your podracer blasts off down the castle hallway, and out the front door.


Harry swoops in on his broom, and says something about the ginger's broom being broken.


You then encounter Tootie from the Facts of Life, and she tells you her dragon is lost.


My memory is a little foggy on this section, but I know it was "live" action stuff involving the KUKA arm taking you through a forest of animatronic spiders and Mr. Lincoln talking about freeing the dementors.


Suddenly you're swept into a World Cup soccer match where Harry Potter flies over the pitch, and bicycle kicks in the winning goal from his broomstick.


From here, your podracer follows Harry as Tootie's lost dragon chases you and you end up hiding in the pirate ship from The Goonies.


As you're hiding, the ride vehicle feels a strong whoosh of wind, and you get the sensation of being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. In reality, it's the aardvark from that old "Ant and the Aardvark" cartoon. I have no idea what this is doing in the ride, but eh, whatever, right? It's not like it follows the storyline. Sorry, I digress.


You get sucked out of the anthill on the pirate ship, and then spit out and through one of Hogsbreath's open windows.


Then you navigate a series of tunnels before coming to an abrupt stop (this part of the ride can cause a little whiplash if you're not expecting it).


I found the pacing a bit odd here, but the payoff is something you'll be posting on Facebook about for weeks. The podracer slowly creeps into Hermione's room, and before you know it, it's a shower scene a la Lara Croft's in Tomb Raider. [This caught me a little off guard that J.K. Rowling would sign off on it]


Just when it starts to get good, Hogshead security rushes in, and you scramble to get away!


The final scene involves Harry showing up just in time to cast a spell on security, thus freeing you, and sending you towards the ride's finale......the Stanley Cup being presented to you by Greystache.





All in all, I felt "B" mode delivered a more well rounded ride experience. My advice? Try to plan your visit during a thunderstorm.




HRRRRRR changed my life.


Hey, Universal. Two words: pressure washer.




"Hmmm, I wonder if Scott's comprehending all this Potter knowledge I'm dropping on him?"


It's not real.


Mmmm, Butterbeer.


I loves me some Butterbeer cream!


Okay, now where's my owl and broomstick?



This is a brand new roller coaster.


They have a working model of Snooki's who-ha here.


British markets are the envy of the world. Beautiful, exciting, exotic. Erotic?


People come from all over to buy, to sell, and to steal. Let's see what we can pick up.


Pencils. Giant pencils.


I'd estimate there's probably about 20,000 in that bundle.


And some pencil erasers, for rubbing out mistakes. We've all made mistakes. I know I have.


A couple of blue whales.


How many times you think this product's name was proofread before it went to print?


I did not realize you can actually send mail from here.

Now I do.



That thing in the window is a Howler, I think. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to show up in your mail box and inform you how much you owe J.K. Rowling.....or something like that.


For the record, as I'm typing this, that Pumpkin Juice is still sitting in our refrigerator. We're gonna try it one of these days.


RUMOR: J.K. Rowling demanded that Universal permanently keep the sky grey over Potterville because it looks better.

I agree. So buy more Butterbeer, people, and help make this become a reality.




This is unfortunately the only shot I got of Texas, and it's blurry. I fail.



I got your magic wand right here.


This picture sucks. Because of that, I contacted a special guest to work his own magic....


He's got mad Paint skillz, no?



Is it wrong that the hand dryer was one of the most fascinating things there?


On the way out, we were too late to catch the last show. :(

But hey, at least the vortex works again!!! :)




This is what you drink at Margaritaville.


After this picture I was too focused on a great dinner with Shan, Andrew, and Jake to take any pictures of everyone. Major point deduction, but we had a great time. Sucks that Colin couldn't make it.

Afterward, we headed back to my brother's place, and then back home a couple days later.


My brother lives near this. And because of Eric and Smisty, I feel like I was recently up in that pointless tower. Thanks, guys!


This is Florida in a nutshell.


Hey, look who's riding Space Mountain!


A huge thanks to all who made our vacation a good and memorable one: my brother, Colin, Andrew, Jake, Tyler (for his artwork), and everyone else who helped out along the way. We love ya!



Thanks for viewing, and we hope you enjoyed it!!

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See, I think you are really a HUGE Harry Potter fan and this is all a clever ruse to throw us off the scent. How else would you know that non-humans are really called Snuggies, which is only truly revealed after you read the entire series for the tenth time, and immediately afterwards J.K. Rowling shows up at your door and tattoos the real name on your ass. It is like a special club or something.

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Tootie, World Cup, Stanley Cup...I'm still drying the droplets of tears running down my cheeks on that one. No need to worry about the spoiler as I am sure I would be howling through the entire ride anyway just thinking about these descriptions!


Boy, there have really been some funny trip reports on here lately...I'm gonna have to do my Conneaut Lake Oktoberfest trip report at some point, but I think I still need to work a little more on my material in order to compete with some of you guys!

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Now I love myself a good ride on HPaTFJ, but if it was anything like the ride you described... Well Universal would have to pry me out of the vehicle as I demanded to re-ride. I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but I feel like the Snooki's Vag comment was pretty accurate. Out of curiousity, how did HRRRRRR change your life?

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See, I think you are really a HUGE Harry Potter fan and this is all a clever ruse to throw us off the scent. How else would you know that non-humans are really called Snuggies, which is only truly revealed after you read the entire series for the tenth time, and immediately afterwards J.K. Rowling shows up at your door and tattoos the real name on your A$$. It is like a special club or something.

Crap. You mean I've gotta read it one more time?!?!?! Shan leaked that info to me about the Snuggies, but I really wanna be part of that club you speak of!


See, I'm not the only one that enjoys a fruity drink at Margaritaville!

Nope, you're not alone, but we like to refer to them as "boat drinks."


I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but I feel like the Snooki's Vag comment was pretty accurate. Out of curiousity, how did HRRRRRR change your life?

Yeah, I don't watch Jersey Whore either. However, I'm convinced after one look at her, or even one soundbite, that I'm probably pretty accurate.

It's tough to explain HRRRRRRRR. It was simply the greatest coaster ever named Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.



Thanks for the kind words, folks!

Edited by BeemerBoy
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A coworker visited Potterville with her family last week. They really enjoyed it, but got a bit snookered in one of the gift shops. Their son wanted a wand and a robe. The robe cost 100 bucks!


For 100 bucks, that robe better conjure up a case of Arrogant Bastard Ale on demand.

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