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The Official TPR Bag of Crap Thread!

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Got this on Saturday but was busy all weekend to post this:


I am doing just that!


This will be my best friend when I go to BGT in April!


Mints are gone, Coaster Expedition Volume 7 was amazing, and I love the pen!


Japanese parks FTW!!!


Disney fanboys are probably drooling all over right now as they see the DCA map.


Thanks Robb for the AMAZING Bag O' Crap!

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Just got my "Mitch" BOC today....awesome as usual. Lots of non-English paraphenalia, mints, a DVD, and the almighty TPR pen!!! Huge gratuitous thanx to Robb and Elissa for the things like this that set TPR apart from any other organization in the world!

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My Bag of Crap came to my house yesterday! Unfortunately, I'm at school, so my sister decided to taunt me with it! I got a super-cool "retro" Disney's California Adventure map - from 2009! Wasn't that the last year of "old" DCA before they started construction?

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I have a quick question, I'm sorry if it's been asked before.


How long does it take take a Bag of Crap to come? I won one in the end of September. I don't mean to sound greedy or anything, so I'm sorry if it seems like it. I'm just wondering if I should still be looking for it and I'm seeing that people that won theirs in later months are getting them. Once again I don't mean to sound mad or anything, I think it's a great idea to do these bags of crap in the first place and I'm very thankful to Robb and Elissa for doing this.

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Got this for drawing an ostrich about to get run over by a roller coaster, but I like to think this was my birthday present from Theme Park Review (turned 21 yesterday) because this is hands down the most awesome thing I've ever gotten in the mail (next to my Chrishankwansivus gift, but that just shows how awesome TPR is)!!



TPR Delicious Mints


Coaster Expedition Volume 7

Robbie Knievel Tattoo

Flamingo Land Map

Wonderland Fun Park Brochure


Legoland Billund Map

HUGE Magic Mountain Map

Aussie World Map (and event info)

Not one, but two Movieland Park Maps

Adventureland Map

Gulliver's Map

Camelot Theme Park Map (since it closed, I think this is the only way I'd ever get my hands on one)

And my favorite.....a Knott's 2012 West Coast Bash Shirt


Thank you so so much!!



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I got my RMC brochure just by hitting the like button, and sharing a TPR post on Facebook! They even threw in a map to Happy Valley Wuhan. Very cool .


Thanks TPR!


What's this? An envelope from TPR?


Woo Hoo! A RMC brochure and a bonus map from Happy Valley Wuhan!

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