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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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It looks like we have a good view of the path that leads to Thunderbird as well. I love the way that it hugs the edge of the woods and gets us nice and close to Thunderbird with new views of the Voyage.


It seems to be towards the bottom left.

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The guests visiting this weekend are so lucky Imagine the skyline now.

It's great when a new ride or parts of it are visible for guests before the off season. It will only make them return the following year.

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For some reason I decided to look at the webcam at midnight and you can see the full moon's reflection on the Immlemann. Anyways, I saw where they had the next track piece lined up for tomorrow. I'm curious to see how they build this loop. I wonder if they will piece it together in order or build the entrance and the exit of the loop first, then go vertical from there? Should be fun to watch!


Edit: They must have put the piece of track I was referring to up late yesterday and it appears that the loop has went vertical!


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It is pretty close to Voyage. TPR had a tour of the construction site last August, and I was a bit surprised at how close it was. They're cutting down as few trees as possible, too.

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They just put up another suppport.


I really do think that the loop is actually a little bit far from The Voyage. But not much.


Either that, or it's just me.




It's a tiny, tiny, tiny bit off from the rendering. But must I repeat, the rendering. But it's really nothing to worry about.


It appears that the supports for the loop need to be positioned before Voyage, which is the only criteria there.

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