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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 766: Haunt Has Risen from the Grave

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Volcano was a prototype and pretty "buggy" from the start; still, it's a shame that the Intamin launched inverted coaster (shuttles aside) never really "took off" (pun intended ) Volcano is a short, intense, and fun ride.


After youtubing the 2 Intamin inverted Tornado's, I hath wondered the same of those styles. They look pretty sweet and way more fun than Vekoma's SLC!

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Kings Dominion is throwing a 40th birthday bash!




KD40 Birthday Bash: A Coaster Enthusiast Family & Friends Event

May 10, 2014


We're finally over the hill. Time to hold on! You're invited to KD40 Birthday Bash: A Coaster Enthusiast Family and Friends event commemorating Kings Dominion's 40th Celebration! This exclusive, first-of-its-kind coasting event at Kings Dominion will be held on Saturday, May 10, 2014 and will feature upscale food, interactive games, fun, prizes, exclusive ride time and more!


Birthday Bash will embrace the 40th Celebration Birthday theme, including hats, balloons, presents, surprise gifts and more!


Tentative Birthday Bash Event Schedule

While final details are still in the works, below is the tentative schedule for KD40 Birthday Bash at Kings Dominion:


12:00pm: Registration and Welcome (Location TBD)


12:30 - 5:30pm: Free time in the park, which will include One Ride Exit Pass per person on two of the following five rides:


Intimidator 305

Volcano: The Blast Coaster



Flying Eagles


6:00 - 7:00pm: Cocktail hour with Games, Snacks, PEANUTS character appearances (Location TBD)


7:00 - 8:00pm: Dinner featuring carving stations, build your own side dish and more (Location TBD)


8:00 - 10:00pm: Dancing with a Live Band


10:15 - 11:00pm: EXCLUSIVE ride time on Intimidator 305 PLUS another ride to be announced on May 10th following participant vote prior to the event




Pricing for Birthday Bash is still being finalized. There will be special pricing for 2014 Season Passholders and pricing for non Season Passholders, which will include admission to Kings Dominion for the day.


Each participant 21 years of age and older will be given TWO free drink tickets, to be used during the Cocktail Hour prior to dinner. Non-alcoholic drinks will also be served during this time. Additional drink tickets can be purchased on the day of the event.

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That sounds awesome! Especially the One Ride Exit Pass for Grizzly


I'm curious why the One Ride Exit Pass is offered for Flying Eagles. That is so random!

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Flying Eagles is on Fastlane and the line gets really long so I guess it makes sense. They probably figured they'd throw in a family ride so it appeals to families and enthusiasts and they probably picked that one because pretty much every age group enjoys it (including the enthusiasts).

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That birthday bash sounds like a lot of fun. Since KD is my home park, I plan on attending that! Hopefully it won't be too overpriced...



I'll be there too. And you can all watch me dance. And depending on the soda, I might be insane with the games.

I will say though. The one thing I'm not crazy about is that I get that its a birthday bash and its suppose to be like a party and all, but I wish that there was more time devoted to ERT and less on the dancing. Its like 2 hours of dance, with 45 min of coasters.

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As a holder of the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, this looks like a special event that I cannot pass up. Surely you can complain how you don't have much ERT, but I see it differently; I have all season long to ride, but only this one special day to celebrate with Kings Dominion something that has been a part of my life for thirty-six years; who has been there with Hanna-Barbarra to Nickelodeon to Planet Snoopy; who has ridden the King Kobra, the Galaxi, and Hypersonic, and all three attractions at The Lost World; who has been there when it was Paramount Kings Dominion; who has seen rides come and go; and will be coming back this season as many times as I possibly can.



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I know that the anaconda repaint is going to be the same color scheme as before, which sucks. Hopefully they will add the old water spouts that shot out when the train went under water. As for volcano, I don't know how construction is coming, but they're just reconfiguring the queue line. Probably not too much going on...

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^Fewer skunks and bears?


I wouldn't have minded seeing a bear while I was there. Maybe it would have kept our neighbors from being up all night partying...


My biggest issue with both KD and Carowinds campgrounds is that they charge a premium price for their sites without any premium features. We paid a big premium at the Cedar Point campground but what we got there for our premium price was: a paved, level, and well maintained site with cable TV as well as the same resort privileges as someone staying at one of the onsite hotels including early entry to the park. They also have a resort gate that is within easy walking distance of our camp site.


I'll pay more for a paved, level site with cable TV. I do understand that the resort gate/issue is something much bigger that won't be fixed anytime soon, if ever.

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Because KD is my home park I've never been to their campgrounds. We pass them whenever we go to the park but we've never had a need to stay there since we're only 45 min away. See from my perspective, its great that they're doing that, since it benefits tourists, but for people that have the park locally, it doesn't effect us at all, so the way I see it, I would've personally preferred that they put more of their money into the actual park, instead of their campgrounds.

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I know that the anaconda repaint is going to be the same color scheme as before, which sucks. Hopefully they will add the old water spouts that shot out when the train went under water.


Those effects were actually working this past year when we went.

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Looks like Kings Dominion Finally posted the 2014 Calendar im very pleased with the schedule. Finally staying open till first weekend of November like they did years ago and I see the first ever Columbus day operating day,




I just saw that WOF is too! That's such exciting news! I'm so glad CF is doing this!

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