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Congrats on the Princess Nay. I didn't run it, but did have a long run Sunday morning and yes, it was hot here in Otown!


I honestly can't decide if I want to head out west for the Disneyland 1/2. My wife doesn't seem too into going out there for a vacation and it's a lot of money to fly out and run and fly back home. I'm still on the fence about it.


I am running the Georgia Marathon on the 20th though... It goes through downtown Atlanta and my family will be there (gerw up just outside Atlanta) so it should be fun! I'm just dreading the hills of Atlanta!

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I hope you'll post a report on the Georgia Marathon - I'm thinking about running it next year!


One of these days, I'll post a report on the 26.2 with Donna. I have the photos on my facebook, and a written report on a private board - I just need to put them together and post here. Not a great race, for me, though, so my motivation is a bit on the low side.

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A tardy Race Report here. Sorry for the delay, the normal thing called "Everyday Life" got going and I haven't caught up!


Anyways, I ran the Georgia Half Marathon. Like I thought, the hills kicked the crap out of me. I honestly didn't think it would be as bad as it was, but man, I wanted to be done by mile 10. The first three miles were great, mostly downhill with small inclines running from Olympic Park through Georgia State University. MIles 3-6 started the uphill battle. It seemed never to end. I honestly didn't see much of what was around me during this time because I was eating the hills so much and just focused on going, looking down, and nothing else. The halfway point was a straight shot from mile 6-8, that was nice, then came HELL. It seemed like the final five miles were all uphill, reverse, dragon tails. They never seemed to end. Just to tell you how bad it was (for me), I was on a PR pace to finish in two hours at mile 9, I finished right at 2:29:17. I hit the wall harder than I've ever hit the wall before. I was running for a minute and then walking for two minutes. If it wasn't for my family being there at the finish line, I would have probably walked across the finish I was so beat. (There's nothing like seeing your two year old wave to you and yell "Love you daddy" at mile 13 to get you going).


Anyways, other than the hills, it was a great race. It was very well organized from packet pickup to the finish line. It started at 7AM which was nice and unlike Disney, you don't have to get there three hours early. Most everyone that came in from the suburbs (Parents live in Lilburn/Stone Mountain) took Marta in and the start was a five minute walk from the station. The corrals were very organized and each corral didn't start at different times, once corral A started, everyone else just walked to the start line and began their run at the start. There wasn't anyone being obnoxious or over anxious to get going.


I do wish they would have had at least two more water stops along the route and a lot of people were complaining about the lack of porta potties. At the finish, they would only allow each runner one bottle of water but were giving out as many chocolate milks as you wanted (not for me after a race). Also, Publix was the main sponsor of the race and there was a group broken up into smaller groups protesting Publix and their business practices preventing access to some of the water areas. It wasn't bad, but it did get annoying. I understand that we have the freedom to say what we want and protest, but keeping me from getting water and making fun of me for having the full marathon winner pass me at mile 11 isn't going to get me to listen to your message!


The medal is pretty cool. It has a detailed skyline of Atlanta on it with a peach. The shirts for the half marathon were Publix green (only way to explain it as Publix was the main sponsor) and are pretty good quality.


Will I run it again, probably not. Living in Orlando means I'm sticking with the races that are flat! I'm glad I did it though.


Now, I am going to start training for the Disney FULL marathon! I figure I should run at least one full marathon to say I've done it.


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Congrats on the GA marathon!! looked like a fun course...though I'm sorry about hitting the wall..that sucks, and I totally get it.


I started running races in 2006 and have done lots of 5Ks and 10Ks, a handful of half marathons and 2 Marathons--


2008 San Diego Rock 'N Roll- Hit a wall at mile 18 and walked a lot after...finished in 5:20 and was in a lot of pain after that.


2010 LA Marathon- Found my stride in this one...(and trained properly too..!) finished in 4:38, though I'd love to be able to break 4 next time around..will have to work on my speed. GREAT course...I never thought I would be able to run through the streets of LA like that. MUCH kudos to folks that ran this year...it was a torrential downpour..lots of cases of hypothermia, lots of puddles. My friends and co-workers that ran it said it was pretty miserable because of the weather...as if it running 26.2 miles wasn't hard enough, Mother Nature found a way to make it harder.


Been wanting to do the Disney 1/2 but it always sells out before I remember to sign up, lol.


Next up is the Malibu Xterra 1/2 in May. This one bans ipods/headphones...SAD FACE...I'm guess I have no choice but to do this sans music.


I love to run along Santa Monica beach..in and around Brentwood, and during the week -- around Burbank. I hate treadmills...but if that's the only option, then sometimes I'll give in,

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Nice report! I wish I could be a marathoner, I hate track races. Too bad distance training and school doesn't mix, 50 mile weeks are already a pain to fit in.

PR'ed in the 2-mile earlier with a 10:39, but that's pretty meh. My goal is down to sub 10:20 by Sectionals, so we'll see.

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I just ran 7 miles this morning, the most I have ever done at one time, and finished in 58:23. I am please with a 8:30 per mile average on that one.


In may I will be doing a gate to gate run at my local Air Force Base which is a 4.2 charity run, looking forward to seeing what I can do since I havent ran in a competition in over a year.

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The last 2 months I didn't run that much because the back of my left foot was hurting. It's probably my Achilles tendon (is that translated correct ? If you've never heard of this word, let me know), but I'm not really sure. I'm trying out my old running shoes now, and so far it's hurting less. Well, we'll see. Maybe, I should see a doctor


Anyway, exactly one year ago, I couldn't run because I had my apendicites taken out, but this year, I did run the Antwerp 10 miles. In fact, I was working since 6 months to run the Antwerp marathon, but thanks to Mr Achilles, I limited my run to the 10 miles.

Although my foot started to hurt a bit in the last 2 miles, I managed to finish in 1h41 minutes, which was above my target time, but still, I'm happy I finished the run.

Here some pics


Right after the start


And at the finish

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I just finished reading Running for the Hansons, by Sage Canaday. Thought you all might be interested - especially the high school/college age runners!


Sage just finished 8th in the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, in 2:16:50. He's already qualified for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston, next January. He's been training with the Hansons-Brooks program in Michigan for the past two years. The book details his first year in the program, and I found it to be very entertaining.


I really enjoyed reading about the ins and outs of daily life in an elite training program. There is a short chapter on Desi Davila, who also trains with Hansons-Brooks, written well before her 2nd place finish at Boston, this year.


Not sure if it's cool to post the link, so if you're interested, just google it!

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Hello everyone! I hope training is fitting you well. If anyone is looking for a neat half marathon to run, the Daytona Beach half is Oct 30 this year. It's cool because you start and finish at the Daytona 500 track! The start line is the same start used for NASCAR races and the finish is the same as well. It's a cheap race too, $60 until Oct 1 to register. You run from the track to the beach and back, simple out and back course.


Also, I might be out at Disney Land running their half in a few weeks. If anyone else is running that one, let me know!

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Oh I will. There's also a free half in Cocoa Beach this weekend. The drawback, it's a 4PM race on Saturday. Talk about hot! They're just asking for donations to help their ministry in Haiti. I don't have much info on that race though.


Anyone else doing the Disney Full?

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Yeah, we've missed a ton of races around here, this summer. I'll train through the summer, but no way am I going to race in the summer!


Renee talked me down off my anti-Disney race perch to do the marathon relay. Gotta have that Chip and Dale medal!

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Is anybody else doing the Disneyland 1/2 over Labor Day weekend? I took pictures last year, wasn't really planning on doing it again this year, but I think I may.


Also, if anybody was wanting to register from the TInk 1/2 in January it's sold out.


My training has been kind of inconsistent the past month or so, been doing some business travelling, and some family obligations. Did about 9 1/2 yesterday which is the farthest I've run since my 1/2 in June and felt great. Just going to kind of keep my runs around 5-8 miles for the next week and then taper down to 3-4 miles next week with a couple of days off before the race last week.

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Amy and I are running it. Haven't done too well on training, but we are not real 'racers'. We are running about 10 for our long run this week, but that's the longest we've ran since the Disneyland 1/2 marathon last year

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Hope all the Disneyland runners had a great race, today! Wish I were there! Maybe next year. (I wonder if the WDW Marathon Relay will count towards the Coast-to-Coast medal?)


My running has taken a huge nose-dive, over the past 5 weeks, due to my new job and going back to school. I've only been getting out once or twice a week, and have lost a lot of fitness, speed, and endurance. Hope to get back on track, soon.

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