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congrats on the Subaru!


Anyone in the Orlando area running the Reindeer 5k at SeaWorld on Dec 10? This is usually a big race with 4-5,000 people. The race benefits the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children's state-of-the-art Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Program. I don't think it's a "timed" race but the shirts are always pretty cool and it's a fun way to run around Shamu's house. Information is on Track Shack's website.


I'll be out there, let me know if anyone wants to run.


edit: removed bogus link

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I signed up for the 5k at Sea World next weekend. I did a 5k at Busch Gardens earlier this month, which was a small but fun race. I've either been sick or incredibly busy, so my training has been really sporadic, but I'm trying to get back into some sort of marathon shape in time for Disney in January.

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Set a new PR on my 1/2 Marathon yesterday.


My clock time was 2:21 which probably means my chip time will be about 2:18 or so. This is about 15 minutes faster than my previous best.


This was the best I'd ever felt on a race, and the first race that I've ever run completely (without having to walk). This includes 10K's as well.


Not too sore this morning, but I'll be enjoying taking the day off.

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Hey all - I'm flying in to Orlando in a couple of days. I'm using the 5k as a warm up for my first marathon! Im a bit nervous, but have been training since about May. Finished my schedule yesterday and am ready to run. Hope to finish in 4:15. Maybe I'll see you on the course!

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Everyone be safe getting down here for the half and full this weekend.


It looks like we're going to have some awesome weather with temps in the mid 40's at start and warming to the 60's at the finish on Saturday and lower 70's for the finish for the long runners on Sunday!


If anyone wants to get an after the half beer, let me know! DM me as my wife and I will be enjoying Epcot since we're staying at the Waldorf this weekend!


It's a record year for the Disney Marathon weekend, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that 26,500 are running the half and 16,500 for the full. 6,500 are doing the Goofy.


Good luck to everyone running!

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I signed up to do the "Men's Health Survival of the Fittest" this October in Edinburgh, Scotland. Its a 10km run with obstacles every km, and they can anything from monkey bars to cargo nets, or even the 8ft wall to climb at the end.


Started running for the first time 3 weeks ago with a run walk plan and I managed just over 5.5km last night in 45 min. Glad I started the training now, by time the race rolls around that 10km should be easy I hope.

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Dave and Renee...how did it go for you? I enjoyed the first 20 miles and HATED the last 6.2 (which was consistent with all 4 marathons that I have run). Oselola Parkway is my nemesis!


That out and back that looks and feels like it's 30 miles long is terrible! Congrats on finishing it! I definitely have to go back for the marathon soon. I need more Goofy medals!

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I ran slow for all of the races over the WDW marathon weekend, but I had a great time and my legs finally feel normal again today. Maureen and I did the Chip and Dale relay for the marathon, which was awesome!


I signed up for the Warrior Dash on Jan 22, eek!!

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So I'm finally getting around to posting my Disney Half Marathon report. Sorry for the delay... Just been busy with regular everyday life.


Anyways, it was a great race weekend for me. I went into it planning on just having fun with it and not caring about my time. I ended up in corral B and that changed everything. I was with some fast people up there and started off way to fast for my pace. Thank god for Jimmy Buffett on the iPhone... I put him on to slow me down! Anyways, I ended up with a new PR! 2:26:47. I beat my old PR by two minutes. I could have gone faster, but I kind of took my time coming back into Epcot realizing I could PR and take my time.


For the second year in a row, my daughter ran the kids races. She's only three, so she ran the 100 yard race. She actually did it twice. She told me she wanted to run again because she beat all the boys. I had no problem with this and neither did Disney!


Next year, I suggest the Hilton Bonnett Creek Resort! It's right there at Epcot and rooms were only $109 a night with a free pre race breakfast spread with transport to and from the race. Beat any deal Disney was throwing at us. They also went overboard with extra race stuff for everyone who ran. Just food for thought for next year!


Anyways, here's some pictures. Sorry for the blur, I was using the iPhone and didn't stop to take good pics.


As for my next race, I might run the Gainesville Half in late February. It's a cheap race and I can stay with the in-laws so it won't be expensive... I'm still on the fence. Anyways, congrats to everyone to ran!


The long cattle walk to the start line from the Epcot Parking Lot


Still walking to the start with 28,000 new friends!


The race starts... for the really fast people!


At the start line!


heading into MK parking lot!


cruising through main street USA!




Heading into Epcot


The two coolest characters were out in Epcot again this year! Phineas & Ferb!


and done!


Lily and her friend Andrew get ready to head to the kids races!


Lily running in the 100 yard race!


Celebrated Lily's race with lunch with Pooh and the gang.


Pooh & the gang hooked yours truly up with a congrats card and cupcake! Awesome!


Ended the LONG day with some celebrating around the world at Epcot with an all you can eat (which I did) and drinks in Germany!

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