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  • 2 weeks later...

So how's everybody been doing lately? I've been running, but my distances haven't been that great.


Since my 1/2 in October the longest I've run is 8 miles. And I have another 1/2 on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine as it's pretty much a flat course which is nice.


The thing that has me the most worried is that tomorrow is my 15th Anniversary and we'll be spending 2 days at Disneyland including a visit to Club 33. I'm just going to have to really watch what I eat for the other meals, no way I can watch it for that one.

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My adductor strain is better. I've started doing some yoga poses for runners, this past week. My hamstrings are ridiculously tight, and I think that's what has been causing my random aches and pains, this past month. Hoping the yoga will loosen me up, again.


I'm trying to squeeze in workouts and runs, where I can. I need to get in a 20 mile long run, before we leave for MA, next Thursday. As cold as it is here in NE FL, I really don't want to have to run 20 miles in 20 degree weather in New England! I was looking forward to running all the hills around my mom's house, but now I'm not so sure about the cold. I may wuss out and hit the dreadmill, while I'm there.


Enjoy Club 33! I totally pigged out at the Space Coast pre-race pasta dinner. I did pay for it a little bit in the race, but it was worth it!

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For the first 10 miles of my race I was on pace to set a new PR, but who figured it would be 80 degrees at the coast in the middle of December. It was so dry and my legs just totally cramped up. I was getting multiple cups of water/gatorade at every station the last few miles and pretty much walked the last 3 miles. Managed to run the last 1/2 mile though and finished in 2:39.


Considering I hadn't run more than 8 miles since my last 1/2 and with the heat, I'll take it.


Probably not going to do any more races for a couple of months. I need to start incorporating other exercises so I can drop the last 20 lbs.

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I think Galloway's formula is to add 30 seconds per mile, for every 5 degree increment over 60 degrees, so you definitely would have hit that PR in cooler temps!


Since adding in cross-training and revising my diet in August, I've finally lost 12 pounds, after not losing anything for the first 10 months of running.



I thought that I hated running in the heat, but I've decided that I prefer heat to windy cold.


I haven't done a damn thing since Saturday. I'm really going to have to dig deep for motivation to get in my 20 miler this afternoon, after only a couple hours of sleep. Still not sure what I should do. I'm terrified of turning this little head cold into bronchitis, but I don't want to lose all of my conditioning, either. If I don't run today, I'll have to run in MA on Sunday, with predicted temps from the teens to the low 30's, with snow flurries. Maybe I could split it up - 5 miles on the treadmill, 10 miles outside, and then finish it up on the treadmill. I really can't tolerate more than 5 or 6 miles on a treadmill, at a time.


But hey, three weeks from tomorrow, we'll be heading to WDW for Marathon Weekend! I just printed out all of our waivers, with our bib numbers.


Just hope the weather is better than last year!

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I haven't run at all in nearly 2 weeks, between family stuff and getting a cold where I can't even do a slow jog without coughing. I'm not sure how this is going to effect me for the WDW marathon weekend, but if I don't start up again soon, it's not gonna be good. Plus it's been ridiculously cold here, and I normally love running in the cold, but I just can't do it. And I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I hope the FL temperatures remain on the cooler side for us!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey running mates.


Long time since I posted here last.

I had a though time the last few months. My father, being ill already for a few years, was in the hospital since September and we knew he wouldn't come home anymore. I visited him at least 4-5 times a week after work and during the weekends to spend as much time as possible with him. I hardly had time to run in between, but still I was running about 20 kms or more per week. I gained some weight again quickly, because of running less but also because of eating too fast in between work and visiting my dad in the evening. My dad died end last month and since beginning this month I'm running more again. At least 30 kms a week, all runs in the snow since it didn't stop snowing out here since beginning this month. I wanna get rid of the extra weight I gained in the last few months asap.


This weekend I took a my camera with me while snowrunning in the forest nearby where I live. I'll post the pics soon.


In the meanwhile here's a report of 2 months ago when we did a teammarathon in Brussels with colleagues from work.


Brussels Ekiden marathon.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Benny.


Glad to hear you are getting out more, now. Loved your team marathon report.



WDW Marathon weekend is looking good, so far. Ten day forcast is showing lows around 50 and highs of 74 that week. Might actually be a bit on the warm side! I've only run three times in the past weeks, and I haven't had a long run since the Space Coast Marathon on November 28th, so I'm going to be a bit sorry for the Goofy.


I'm not going for any particular times, though. Just going to have fun and focus on finishing!

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So sorry to hear that, Benny.


With the tons of snow that got dumped here a few days ago, running hasn't been going too well. I got one good 6 mile run in the morning of the storm. Not really sure how much more I'll get to do before the WDW marathon weekend. I have so much going on over this next month, that I honestly wouldn't mind skipping it at this point, but I have plans with my friend to go, so I really can't bail. I'm glad it's a relaxed race, though. I don't plan on breaking any records, so I'm just hoping to get through it without injury.

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Hello all.


I'm running the Disney Half this Saturday. It will be my first 'official' race. I'm looking forward to it. Been training here in Otown for it and it looks like the weather is going to be great (50's.) I also signed my two year old up for Mickey's Toddler Trot. It should be fun seeing her run. She loves to chase after her daddy on the soccer field.


Anyways, If anyone wants to get a beer after the race, let me know! I'm hanging out for a few days down on property (even though I live 20 minutes away) to celebrate the run.

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Amy and I just signed up for the Disneyland 2011 Half Marathon and 5K! I absolutely love this race (even though it is very very expensive), and hope to see some more TPR people like last time!


You can register here.


Good Luck to everyone who is running at Disney World this weekend! I would have joined you all, but I was hoping to have started a new job by now. Oh well, I will definitely be there for the "Dopey" challenge next year!

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Just got back from the WDW marathon weekend last night. Due to lack of training, my finish times were pretty awful (33 minutes 5k, 2:43 for the half, 5:40 for the full). But as always, I still had a blast. And a good chunk of time was devoted to taking photos throughout the races too, which I'll try to have up shortly. I was really sore after the half, and even after I iced my legs a lot, I was still sore going into the full, so I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I was grateful for the cooler temperatures, though.


Congrats to all of the participants, especially Maureen!

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Thanks, Renee! I wish we could have met up, but it was a crazy four days!


Even your "awful" times are awesome! Our 5K time was around 42 minutes. I ran it with my whole family - my husband, 10 year old son, 7 year old daughter, and I pushed the 3 year old in an umbrella stroller. Because of the stroller, we had to start in the very back of the corral, with the walkers, which meant we were boxed in for much of the race. That was ok, though, because it was just about the experience of running together. It was so much fun!


I ran the half with my friend Chris. It was his first half marathon, after taking up running last spring. I'm so proud of him! He set this crazy goal for himself, and he pushed through and got it done, even when both of his quads and one of his calves seized up, just before Epcot! Our time for the half was 3:18, so I felt great at the end. I think I could have done an ultra at that pace!


I'm so glad that I ran the half with him, because it set me up for a great full marathon. My pie-in-the-sky goal was to break 4:30. I just wanted to beat Oprah's marathon time! I tried at the Space Coast Marathon, but discovered early on that I didn't have a chance, and then I hit the wall at 20 miles. For the WDW Marathon, I started out way too fast - I think I ran a 9 minute first mile. After that first mile, I settled into my pace, which I was able to keep ridiculously consistent throughout the rest of the race. I never lost it or hit the wall.


By the time I made it to Studios, I was consistently 5 minutes ahead of a 4:30 pace, and I felt great. Just before that, at the turnaround by WWOS, I saw the 4:30 pace group. I caught up to them on World Drive, right before we turned into Studios, and finally passed them for good, just before Epcot. This was a particular thrill for me, because they started in D corral (I started in E!) I finished in 4:24, and could not be happier about it! My ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston, but my next goal will be to break 4 hours. No idea how long that will take me!


My first Disney race was the Princess Half, last year, and I was NOT impressed. I thought that race sucked. I liked the Wine and Dine Half, in spite of it's shortcomings, but the WDW Marathon was completely awesome! I was never, ever bored out there. In between texting my splits to my husband, all the entertainment and water/nourishment stops along the course, and the WDW scenery, the miles seemed to fly by for me. The mile markers always seemed to pop up before I was expecting them!


I thought I would just do it one time, for the medals, but now I definitely am considering Goofying again!


We didn't spend much time in the parks. It was a challenge, wrangling the kids with the race schedules, and battling the omnipresent Brazilian mega-tour groups. Oh yeah, I can't leave out that I ran the 100 meter dash with my 3 year old at the Mickey's Marathon Kids' Fest, too! Don't know what my time was for that, though!


I only stopped for one photo. I couldn't resist Phineas and Ferb - we love them!


I have the 26.2 with Donna National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, coming up on February 13th, here in Jacksonville Beach. This was my first half marathon, last year. I'm running the full, this year, (which goes, in part, along my regular training route, right by our neighborhood!) It's an incredible, very well supported race. I will try to put together a good trip report for it.


Hope you're knees heal quickly, Renee! My quads and calves were pretty sore, yesterday, but I felt them easing up, throughout the night, at work last night. I'm going to try an easy 3 miler, this afternoon.


It would be cool if we could put together a TPR runners' group for the WDW Marathon Weekend, next year!


ETA - it may be the lactic acid build-up in my brain, because I suck at fund-raising and I have no idea how to go about something like this, but I think it would be really cool to organize a "Team TPR," and we could raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Just throwing it out there!

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That's great! Hopefully I can train better for the Goofy next time. I still can't resist stopping for the character photo ops along the way - I don't think I'll ever run a PR at Disney!


Glad to hear that you enjoyed these races more than the Princess half. I was kind of meh about that one, too. I don't know why they have it so close to the January events. Though that will actually be my next race!

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The soreness is finally gone from my first half marathon. It was a lot of fun, but I tell you, going back into Epcot up that onramp and then over three overpasses really sucked at mile 11! Still, being my first half and finishing in 2:28:17 was great. My goal was 2:30:00 so I beat it.


I really liked the race. I liked seeing the characters all over the place but didn't get my photo with any. Being my first race, I went for the time and not for the fun of it.


I ran with "Team Training for Children" to raise money for the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children here in Orlando. Combined, we all raised more than $75,000 to help build a new state of the art pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Center.


My two year old ran the toddler trot. She loved it! She showed off her Mickey Medal to everyone that afternoon too, including Mickey and Minnie!


Sorry, no real "running pictures," but I have a few from the start and finish line.


Congrats to everyone who ran this past weekend! I agree, we should get a team going for next years race!


Anyways, here's the pics!


Here's what the Crazy D looks like at 430AM! Thank god for the race retreat tent!


The Clubhouse is empty this morning! Everyone is at the race! I guess Pete is holding down the fort with Toodle!


Nothing says run 13.1 miles like pyro at 530AM!


Finishing my first half marathon!


Got my medal and blanket! Time for a nap!


The Disney Media folks interviewed me... Cause I'm AWESOME!


Damn, I'm looking good for the camera considering I just ran 13.1 miles!


Happy and sore!


Hollis, the winner of the first "Cup Cake Wars" on TV last season ran with our group. She's a great friend to the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children.


My two year old showing Mickey and Minnie her Mickey Medal she received for running the Toddler Trot!


This t-shirt says it all!

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I didn't intend to try for a PR (out of two marathons, ) but I was feeling so good, I decided to see what I could do.


Next time I'll try to get more pictures!


I know you like to do all the Disney races, but you should consider the 26.2 with Donna, sometime. They have a 5K, half, and full. It's a really great race - very, very well supported, and you can't beat the emotion of the streets lined with people in pink, thanking you for running for their sisters/mothers/wives/daughters/friends. Plus, you get free food and coffee before the race, and free beer and food after it! It's infinitely better than the Princess Half!

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Great stuff Dave!!!


I agree with Maureen, the Disney races are great, but there are a LOT of really great local races. I did a local race last month that was for Toys for Tots and they also had a christmas costume contest. It was really fun (even though it was like 85 degrees that day).


I think I may have found my first 26.2, it's in early June so that gives me roughly 6 months to get up to full marathon shape. I want to make sure I have at least one full under my belt before I attempt the goofy next year.


Is anybody planning on coming out for the Disneyland 1/2 to get their Coast to Coast?

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I missed Dave's report, before I posted! Great job! My 3 year old loved the Mickey's Kids' Fest race, too. She wore her medal and was showing it off all weekend!


I would love to get the Coast-to-Coast medal, but I don't think it will be for several years. Too expensive to fly all 5 of us to CA, again. :(

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^ Yeah, that's rough.


When I come out for the Goofy next year it will only be the wife and me. The kids can't take that much time out of school anymore.


Looks like we are going to end up getting the Combo Disneyland/WDW AP pass since we are planning a trip to WDW in August and then our January trip. August isn't the best time I know, but it's the only time we have as my daughter is raising a pig and she has to go to school and feed it everyday during the summer up until the Fair (mid August). So we are looking at August 20-30.


We were thinking Christmas, but my wife has her heart set on Hawaii this year.


I don't think I'll be coming out to WDW to do any of the other races just the Goofy.

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