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Goofy Challenge for 1 person - $310

Family Fun 5K for 3 people (husband and two kids) - $45 x 3 = $135

Family Fun 5K Stroller Division (for me and my 3 year old) = $50

Mickey's Marathon Kids' Fest 100 meter dash (for the 3 year old) = $10


Plus the additional fees for registering online.

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Disney makes a killing at these races. You figure for the Disneyland 1/2 they had 14,000 people registered. At $125 per person that's 1.75 million right off the top. And that's just the 1/2. Another 4,000 ran the 5K at $50 a pop.


That's not even factoring in merchandising, food, hotels, theme park tickets, etc. To be fair though, you get a LOT for the $125 including the chance to run through the parks and in the case of Disneyland, Angel stadium.


I honestly felt that the value for the 1/2 was well worth it.


I am glad that I'm the only runner in my family though, although my wife has expressed interest in doing the 5K next year. I told her by then she could easily walk the 1/2 and she is thinking about it.

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Yup, I'm in for the Goofy Challenge in January once again. I spend way too much money on Disney and their races, but I just can't help it!


The Disneyland half last weekend was great, of course. I ran at a much slower pace than I'm used to, and I think that made my legs hurt more afterwards. But I actually started up running again while I was still there, and I'm already back to normal.


I have another set of Disney races in a few weeks - the Halloween 5k and Wine and Dine half marathon at WDW. Both are in the same day, one in the morning and one at night. So that should be interesting! And I signed up for the Philadelphia full marathon in November. Couldn't do the Space Coast one like I wanted to, since it's Thanksgiving weekend and one of the few times of year that my whole family is together.

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  • 2 weeks later...

XC season! Super exciting! Just ran a 17:02 5k, then didn't stretch and sat on my butt for two hours in a bus. Ow.

In other news, the McQuaid Invitational is next week. Considering it's pretty much the biggest race on the east coast, I was wondering if any other TPR members were gonna be there.

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Hypothetically speaking, say you have a friend, from out of state, who has been training all year for her first "big resort" half-marathon, this weekend, but, unfortunately, sustained a hip injury on Tuesday, and won't be able to run her race, and is offering up her race bib and timing chip.


How unethical is it to run with another person's registration, if it's just for fun (not trying for a qualifying time, or anything.)


a. What's the big deal? Go for it.

b. It's against the rules. I wouldn't do it.

c. You are going to rot in hell, cheater.


Please opine.

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Yup, I say go for it. I had a friend that couldn't do the Disneyland 5K and another friend used his registration. I would have if I could have made it down there in time.


Good luck!!!! Have fun!!!!


I have been REALLY slacking off on my running the past few weeks. Not intentionally, but work has been really crazy and with the heat wave this week, it's really thrown me off. I've only ran twice this week (Saturday/Wednesday) and the earliest I am going to get a run in is probably Monday. These busy weekends are killing me!!!

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Sometimes it actually does you good, to take a little time off. If you're anything like me with your running, you probably don't always give yourself enough recovery time. As long as the slacking doesn't go on and on, and you get back into your regular training, I think it's a good thing to take a break in 100+ degree weather!


Thanks for the reassurances on the race. It's going to be very weird, running a half marathon at 10PM, but I work overnights, so I think I should be ok with it. I ran 18.3 miles, 2 weeks ago, and only ran 6.1 miles, this week, on Wednesday, due to my work schedule, so I'm almost ideally situated to run a half marathon. I like the looks of the course. I do hope they load up on the entertainment, because they're not allowing any spectators along the course. I wonder if my phone will take decent pictures at night. I would think the course would be very well lit, so I'll see if I can get photos.


We're heading down this afternoon. Probably just hit the expo, tonight, and then MK, tomorrow. Late afternoon nap, dinner in the room, and then drive over to Epcot for the shuttle to the race.

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I enjoyed the Wine and Dine Half Marathon a lot more than the Princess Half. I thought the course was a lot more interesting. I really liked running through Animal Kingdom at night, even though the pathways were way too narrow and I kept getting trapped behind slower runners and walkers.


There were a lot more "hills" than I was expecting, though. I live and train on the beach, so I have no elevation to train on, at all. By the time we got to Studios, I was cursing every little elevation, especially at the very end of the race. Guess I need to drive out to some bridges and do some hill training.


My plan had been to take it easy and just enjoy the race, and take pictures with the characters. Once I realized, early on, that my phone camera wouldn't take decent photos in the dark, I decided to try for a good time, instead. I was somewhat thwarted by starting in Corral D, with my friend's registration. The pack didn't break up at all, until after Animal Kingdom, about halfway through the race. Even with all the congestion, though, I still bested my PR (based on two previous half marathons ) by almost 9 minutes, with a time of 2:16:57, and that was with a difference in starting temperature of +40 degrees!


I was too exhausted and dripping with sweat, after the race, to participate in the Food and Wine Festival after party, so I just headed back to the hotel for a shower and to crash. It looked like fun, though.


I thought the technical shirts were downright fugly, but I love the medal!


My biggest issue with Disney endurance events, in my experience, is the pre-race staging area. You have to get there a couple of hours before the race, but they provide almost nothing to keep you occupied while you wait, other than a dj, and photos with Mickey and Minnie (separately.) I was glad that I wasn't checking a bag, because the lines looked hideous. There were over 11,000 people, but they had only one little food cart, and they didn't even have bananas! I waited over a half hour to buy a bag of peanuts.


I don't understand why Disney doesn't capitalize on these captive audiences. You would think they would at least have food and beverage carts set up all over the place, instead of just one poorly stocked cart. Not really a big deal, but it just bugs me. I know Disney can (and should) do better.


I guess I'm just spoiled by the 26.2 with Donna Breast Cancer Marathon, which provides the runners with free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bananas, oranges, bagels, muffins, and ActiveWater before the race, as well hot food available for purchase, and a variety of information and merchandise tents. It's like a mini-expo, while you're waiting for the race to start.


I still want to do the Goofy Challenge, though!

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Yeah, congrats on your PR.


This evening I'll be running a 10k on the dutch/belgian border. The track is partly in Holland, partly in Belgium. The finish is exactly on the border. Did it last year and the vibe was great with all the bands playing along the track.


Btw, since I'm still fascinated by the entry fees you have to pay in the Usa, thought I'd mention that I'm paying 6 euro to run tonight. No Disney characters along the track though Still can't believe the fees one has to pay to run in the Usa.

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Sounds like a fun race, Benny!


Yeah, the race fees in the US are ridiculous. There are a lot of 5K races that we have been interested in, but even those are usually at least $25. I just can't bring myself to spend that on a 5K that I'd finish in less than 30 minutes! There's a 5K right by our house, this weekend, with a $25 registration fee, but they are also having a free kids' fun run, so I think we're going to go and just enjoy the festivities and let the kids run for free.

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Yeah, the fees you have to pay to race are ridiculous. I would never pay such fees to run to be honest.


Finished my 10k in exactly 50 minutes. That's 5 minutes beyond my personal best, but since I'm concentrating on the longer distances, I'm suddenly not that fast anymore.

On the downside, somebody got an heartattack during the race and didn't make it. I'm ashamed I was cursing the ambuce causing me losing 30 seconds during the race.

And this is the second race in a row that I participate in and somebody dies


Next race I probably participate in is a team marathon in Brussels next Saturday. Teams of 6 persons have to run the marathon distance. I organised this at work and we have 4 teams participating and I'm first (and only) back up in case 1 of my colleagues gets injured by Saturday.

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Congrats on your PR at the Wine and Dine half! I thought it was a pretty fun race. We did the relay option, so I did the last 8 miles of the course. I also did the Halloween 5k in the morning, and by the time I finished, it was around 12:30am so I was super exhausted. It was way to crowded to enjoy anything at the after party, so we didn't stick around for that. But it would definitely be a race that I would consider doing again. I'll try and get a photo TR up from it soon!

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Question for you runners:


I have a confession to make, the longest I've been able to run without stopping to walk since I've been running is about 5 miles (even including the Disneyland 1/2). Today I did 7 1/2 miles and walked for about 30 seconds when I hit 6 1/2 miles. I didn't feel tired, didn't have to catch my breath or anything, but was switching albums on the Ipod and didn't want to run into a pole or something.


So here is the question:


When I stopped to walk it actually HURT to walk. My legs didn't want to walk, they wanted to RUN. I'm assuming this is a GOOD thing and I have finally hit that sweet-spot pace that doesn't get me too tired and that will allow me to not walk much, if at all during my 1/2 this weekend.


Am I correct in my assumption?

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Yes you are correct, at least until you hit the wall. Water stops are extremely hard for me because you do end up walking, and you legs start to cramp up and hurt pretty bad. Even if I end up going slower than a walk, I will still jog in place during the water stops to prevent cramping. That is why when you see people running around town, they jog in place waiting for the light to change. However, all this changes when you hit the wall. At that point, everything shuts down, and everything is painful.

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^ Yeah, I hit the wall at the DL 1/2 at about mile 11.


On the DL 1/2 I ran the first 5 miles, walked for about 2 minutes, ran to mile 7, walked for about 5 minutes, ran to mile 9, walked for about 8 minutes, ran to mile 11, walked until 12.5 and then ran to 13.1.


My goal on Sunday is to be able to run until at least mile 10 and hopefully not hit that wall until around mile 12 ... but we'll see.

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I think it is the sudden change, after that much distance, that makes the difference.


I'm a run-walk-run devotee. I have bad knees, which forced me to quit running, after high school. Galloway's method is the only reason I was able to start running, again, in my 40's! Currently, I use a 3 minute run to 30 second walk ratio. I think I'm going to bump it up to 3.5 to 30. (I was using 4 to 30, before summer hit.)


Regular, short walk breaks help preserve the legs for those later miles. I have run negative splits in two out of three of my half-marathons, so far (started out way too fast, in my first one - rookie mistake,) and maintain a very even pace, throughout.


I don't want to get injured, and I want to avoid arthritis in my knees, which my doctor has warned me is a strong risk, with distance runners, in addition to my personal risk!


Other than that first race, when I pushed myself too hard, I haven't had any problems with cramping or aches, even on my 22.4 miler, last week. *fingers crossed*


I know there's a lot of anti-Galloway, "pure" runner snobbery out there, but his method is solid - it works. You can run a faster race, overall, with regular, short walk breaks, and it protects your joints.

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