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Really wanted to run the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. My training run for this week was 13 miles, so it would have worked out perfect. The coast was way too high though, and running all those hills two weeks ago during the Men's Health Urbanathlon but a lot of stress on my body.


Some of you may remember my rant a while ago about the lack of 'goodies' from the Disneyland 1/2 marathon. Compared to other years, they didn't include nearly as many samples and extra crap. Well, below is a picture of the goodies I got from the Men's Health Urbanathlon! There were only 1400 participants, and the cost was about $55 lower than the normal cost. It really was amazing how much crap we got! I won't have to buy cologne, white T-shirts, or Cliff Bars for at least a year!


Next Race: Disney World Dopey Challenge! Can't believe there are only six weeks left!


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^ I know, It's like I just saw the money physically removed from my bank account.


I'm conflicted though because I had such an awesome time at the Awesome 80's Run last year the day before the 1/2. But more bling is hard to turn down. Wonder if the times would work out enough to do both. I doubt it.


However, with the 10k being at 6:15am and the Awesome 80's being at 8:30 in Pasadena, it's possible.

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Looking forward to this! I'm interested to see what the medal will look like for the double race. Is it September yet?


Do you guys know of any theme park related runs on the west coast? I always find out about them after the fact. I would love to do a SeaWorld or Universal race.

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Did a little searching on the races. Thought I'd share some links to the races I found in case someone else is interested.


Knott's 5k/10k - March 10, 2013 - http://www.CoasterRun.com


Universal Hollywood 5k/10k - (This one still talks about the past race for now) http://wesparkrunwalk.org


Sacramento Zoo Zoom (This was the first event I ever participated in) - April 14, 2013 - http://www.sacramentozoozoom.com/

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Here's the pricing for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Looks like the Dumbo Double Dare will cost $40 more (if you register by Feb. 19) than doing the 1/2 and 5k separate. Not too bad. Can't wait!


Entry Fees and Deadlines


Disneyland® Half Marathon

$175 by February 19, 2013

$190 between February 20 and April 16, 2013

$205 on or after April 17, 2013


Disneyland® 10K

$95 by February 19, 2013

$110 between February 20 and April 16, 2013

$125 on or after April 17, 2013


Dumbo Double Dare

$280 by February 19, 2013

$300 between February 20 and April 16, 2013

$320 on or after April 17, 2013


Disneyland® Family Fun Run 5K

$65 per participant


runDisney Kids Races

$20 per child

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Forgot about this thread!


Getting excited for the Disney Marathon!!!!!!! Long range forecast is looking decent - lows around 60, highs in the low 70s. A bit on the warm side, but my Floridian blood prefers that to 30s and 40s!


Those DL prices are crazy. I suppose that means next year's Disney Marathon prices will be jacked up, even more. I should just go ahead and register, as soon as it opens, though, because I keep saying I won't, and then end up paying way more, when I change my mind, after the all the price increases.

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^^ I did it last year, it was a fun race. I did hear it's going to actually go through the park this year, so that should make it better.


Since it's the week after the LA Marathon I probably won't do it this year. It was rough for me last year.


If I was for sure going for Coast to Coast this year then I'd do the DL 1/2, but it's looking like next year will be my year for Coast to Coast/Goofy Challenge.


I've actually decided I'm going to give my Disney $$ this year to other races, there are TONS out here and they give out bling too (although admittedly not as fancy as Disney's for the most part).


I have my first 1/2 of the year this Saturday night in Downtown LA (scary) but the bling is pretty sweet.


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^ Yeah, that is pretty awesome.


Yeah, The Knott's race goes through both Knott's and Soak City so it seems like a pretty good set up. I'm looking forward as it will be my first race of the year. Doing 2 1/2 Marathons this year, but not till the end of the year (Doing DL Half and Food and Wine at WDW).

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Can't believe it's only 9 days until I start the Dopey challenge! I'm on my taper, and I hate it. I know everyone says it's the way to go, and I'm definitely doing it, but it feels wrong to run so little miles before the race. I'm being good this time around and not pushing my training. I used to push every week to go faster and faster, and for the past two Goofy challenges I had to run them injured. So far there have been no injuries, and I honestly think I'll be able to improve my time because I haven't been pushing myself as hard as in the past. I've also been reading up on the trend of taking walking breaks throughout the race. I've heard that a lot of the elites are even doing it as well. I tried it out this time around and I really think it's been great. I've been walking for about 30 seconds at each water stop, and then run just a bit faster to make up for the stops. I took my old GPS data from previous races and put them all on a paper so I know when to start walking. My times are a lot better than when I ran without stopping, and I have a lot less pain and no injuries so far. Glad it's working for me!


I do have a WDW race day transportation question though. I'm wondering how bad the traffic is getting to Epcot for the 5k, 1/2, and full. I've always stayed on property in the past so I just took the bus. This year I'm staying off-property, in the Dr. Phillips area and was wondering what everyone recommends. Should I leave at 2:30, park at Epcot and sleep for a few hours, or just leave around 4 and get there right before start? Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Also, has anyone done the Pasta in the Park? I'm debating on that, but leaning towards no since one of the benfits is special Illuminations viewing. The show isn't until 9, and we have to be at the starting line exactly 8 hours later. If I stayed for the show, I'd end up getting about 4-5 hours of sleep. I'm also debating about the Runner's Retreat. I did it in the past and it wasn't absolutely worth it, but was better than standing out in the cold like cattle. Except a few years ago when it was about 26 degrees outside, then it would have been absolutely worth it! I do like the carpeted areas to lay down on, and the food after was nice.


Also, I finally got around to printing my waiver and I'm Corral D for the 1/2 and the full. It's been about 3 years since I've done a full marathon so I was conservative on my finishing times. I should be in C next year, and possibly even B! I need to do a non-disney 1/2 sometime this year so I can try and break 2 hours for the half.


I also just noticed the race starts at 5:30 am! I thought it usually started at 6! That sucks! Really excited for the race though!

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Good luck next weekend everyone! Unfortunately I have an autoimmune disease known as Ankylosing Spondylitis (similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis), and my doctor says it would not be wise for me to do more than a Half. To be honest he doesn't want me to me doing Halfs, but admits it likely won't do any permanent damage like a full could potentially do. So, I'm stuck with the Halfs, but just have made it a goal to continually improve my ability to run those.

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Joey - in 2011, when I did the Goofy, I left my hotel for the 1/2 at 3:50AM. Traffic was backed up on World Drive, all the way back to 192. It took close to an hour, to get into the Epcot parking lot. I headed straight for the starting line, and got caught up in a sea of humanity, slowly making the way to the corrals. I made it to my corral at 5:25. (The race always starts at 5:30, by the way. You may be thinking of your corral start time. I think E starts close to 6AM.)


The next day, I left at 3:30AM, for the full marathon, and had no problems, whatsoever.


Last year, I can't remember what time Renee picked me up at the hotel, to drive to the marathon relay. I think it was around 4:40AM? No problems at all. Drove straight in.


The full marathon usually has about half the number of participants as the half, so I think that's why we didn't encounter problems. Not sure what it's going to be like this year, since the marathon "sold out" so much earlier. No idea how many people they allowed to register, but I'm sure it's more than usual, because of the 20th anniversary.


I'm going to leave early, just to be on the safe side. I signed up with the Runner's World Challenge, because I stupidly waited until registration was closed, so the Pasta in the Park Party, Saturday night, as well as the Race Retreat, are included. I was concerned about the late hour of the party, but my training has gone to shit, the past month, so I already know my time is going to be crap. I might as well just enjoy it, and take full advantage of the race retreat, as well! I wouldn't have signed up for them, otherwise.

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Hey All! I am so excited about my first Goofy Challenge in a few days. I am in Corral B and hoping to get through the marathon in under 4 hours. Its too late now, but next year we should do a TPR meet up on Marathon weekend. I'm Bib 21935 if you happen to see me among the 15000 runners!


Any word on the 20mile mark entertainment? I heard it is something big and never done at the Marathon before!


Anyways - Good luck to all and safe running!



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