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You don't have to run THAT quickly. The sharks have been sent by USPS and Jeff Johnson is delivering them.


In that case, you have a few weeks to get there.


Do what he says people! Or carniverous bees, tag teamed with sharks, and chain saw armed monkeys will get you!

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I have just learnt that the chat works on the iPhone. So If you are out and about and have an iPhone you have no excuse not to go into the chat.


Thanks for this info. Next time I'll be able to do this and not have a limb bitten off.

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Yes. Well, he'd kicked out holes in the casket so he could run and terrorize the campus yelling "SMILE YOU SONOFA..." all the while. A shark was chasing after him/us, but it ended up looking pretty fake. That's right. Old... and stupid.


(And yes, for the record, I know Roy Scheider's dead. )

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Well, I seemed to have escaped Dead Roy and a shark attack. But I missed the chat! I did hop in just a bit ago...and I did discuss the Intimidator, so please call off the sharks!! (Unless you send them trained and ready for me to use as guard sharks at my new house. That would be awesome!!)

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