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CARS! The Car Super Thread

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^ In our case (California especially, since most diesel vehicles have not been allowed to be sold) it's mostly an air quality thing. But now that the so-called "clean diesels" are on their way, even California will begin selling them again.


The only thing, though, is who wants to pay $5.50 a gallon for fuel?



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^ Diesel is in the $4.50-$4.60 range here with regular gas just under $4, so the difference is about 12-15% more.. is it worth it? For a regular car? Probably not, for a truck, definitely!


and trust me, I know how hard it can be to find a manual, but some cars are just meant to have a manual transmission

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I currently drive a 96 Honda Civic with 213,000 miles. I've used it for 3 years and it has been a great first car. I'm working 2 jobs this summer, about 55-70 hours a week, so I think I may finally afford an upgrade very soon.


Right now I'm looking at a 2000-2003 Nissan Sentra or Toyota Carolla. I want a car that will last me about 5 years for $8,000 or less. I will be going to school in the mountains come this fall and of course, will try to make several coaster trips in those five years.


Is getting a small, economy car a good idea for long, mountainous trips?

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Is getting a small, economy car a good idea for long, mountainous trips?


Power is not really a concern at all with cars anymore. Unless your thinking of a Smart car or something, any compact car will have more than enough power to go up some good sized grades.


I live in Sacramento and used to take weekly trips to Tahoe in my 89 Honda Accord and never had any problem, you just have to get on the gas a little before you get to any big hills.

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I personally would get the Toyota Yaris they have great fuel consumption are within your budget and are really reliable cars. They also don't depreciate (well in the UK and Germany) as much as normal cars. The insurance is normally cheap too.


Not trying to sound like a Yaris salesman but I really love the car ^_^

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I learnt to drive in the Yaris and I also love the display. I can control my speed much better because of it lol!!


The only problem with a Yaris is that it's too good lol, when I switched into my Mum's old Suziki Jeep with wheels to big for axels I couldn't turn the corners! Yay for power steering!


On that note my sister learnt in an old Morris Minor and can now pretty much drive anything lol.

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^Well, This one is Diesel, if you do the math, with the comparison of that same car in gas and diesel, you save money with the diesel because it is more fuel efficient than the gasoline, and also diesel burns cleaner than gasoline engines.


^And if you're looking for a car I might recommend a few of the top cars from my list: (those of which i personally like)


Volkswagen GTI

Audi A3

Mazda 3 (5 Door)

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These are some cars I like.


The Dodge Neon is the one my Brother has, minus the red paint and rear wing... his is blue and he said he might give it to me, so that's cool.


Dodge Neon.


Mazda 3 4-door. I like this car.


'96 Jeep Grand Cherokee, my dad has one.


Mazda INGS RX-7 somewhere on the side of a street.


Lotus Elise 135, i will own one day. unless I find something better...


Smart Roadster, looks cool but dosen't have much kick.

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