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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

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Tantrum is officially open a day early, and there are two trains running as of now.


That's really weird, cause why would they have a giveaway to let people be the first riders on it, when that's in reality false and they open it today, without letting the winners know.


It's kinda false advertising tbh..

The giveaway winners should call the park and demand their $0.00 back.


Honestly, if you're being given free tickets to ride Tantrum, why does it matter if you're the first rider?

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^ Eh, you're right. It's just me being a lil' jealous that this happened. My apologies


I already have season passes so I'm happy that I won so I can get meal vouchers and popcorn vouchers, which is really handy. So I now have free admission, parking, daily meal, and daily popcorn (I'm pretty sure?). So I'm grateful.

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Tantrum is officially open a day early, and there are two trains running as of now.


I am going tomorrow! Can’t wait!!


Is the third train on site, or is there only going to be two?

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^ Be ready for HUGE crowds tomorrow, Post Malone will be performing tomorrow, and 30k+ people are going, completely sold out.


Don’t worry, I am planning to go early so avoid the concert crowds.

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Tantrum...what a ride!!!


I got to get first row on this bad boy, and man it was an experience! This was my first Gerstlauer Eurofighter and I highly reccomend these coasters! The drop was out of your seat, and the ride was so smooth! (Side note pictures are taken right at the bottom of the first drop) I cannot wait to ride this back to back at the grand opening next Friday.


Bought the photos, and this looks like it was made in PowerPoint...


Whenever I get pizza at Darien, I think of the time I got pizza and ending up eating it in a splashtown gift shop cause all of a sudden it starting down pouring and the wind picked up. xD


The ride is so photogenic!!


I LOVE the trains!



They really gave the old Thunder Rapids station an facelift.


The lapbar was pretty comfortable.

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Rolling Thunder is stuck upside down (no riders are on it oddly), so this is the second incident, the first being the joystick to control the ride snapped off.




Getting a night ride on Tantrum!!!


Train is on top, (while typing the caption I heard it running, so it’s back up now lol).

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The train on Rolling Thunder stuck at the top isn’t a malfunction. It is common to see this on Super Loops when mechanics need to work on the bottom of the loop’s track. They were probably just greasing the track or working on a mechanism and just put the train up there to easily access the part that needs repair.

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Also, how did the line move? Quickly?


Another question, how is boarding organized? Is it just a single line, and you go up into the train, or are there two gates you wait at for each row? Also, do they only let one ride group in at a time like how Motocoaster does it?

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^^ Ah, didn't know that, thanks for the info.


^ The line went pretty quick, they ran two trains. It's similar to blast off, they ask how many people you have, and if there's already 4-3 people at the front, you go to the back.

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Alright, so I decided to pay a visit to the park, although the Post Malone concert was today, only because of Tantrum. This was honestly the worst experience I have ever had at the park and I totally regret going. Every coaster in the park had a wait of at least an hour. RoS was probably 3 hours, all switchbacks were full and the line was exploding out onto the pathway. You could barely move and you needed to wait at least 45 minutes for food. It was so packed to the point where you could barely move at times. I was only able to get on three rides: Tantrum, Boomerang, and Silver Bullet. Then again, it was my fault for making the dumb mistake of going today.


Now onto Tantrum: AWESOME RIDE! It was worth the 1.5 hour wait, but it could have been a bit longer of a ride. I was also lucky enough to get the front row! The vertical lift was interesting and kind of weird, and the drop was amazing! Also, I noticed that the train numbers were 2 and 3, which leads me to believe that there is a third train on the way (Number 1) and it just is not ready or not delivered yet.


I am hoping to go back next weekend and really check Tantrum out more and actually enjoy the park because today was absolutely terrible!

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^ Knew that was gonna happen with Posty, I love his music, he's a big known rapper, just a little tip to research the concerts before you go, but since it was for a new ride it's understandable. I also got the front row both times I rode Tantrum, and sometime you HAVE to get a night time ride on it, it's so amazing!


Also this is why I'm excited for SF to take over Darien Lake, cause then we'll most likely get flash passes, then we can skip lines. When I went yesterday it was probably a 10-15 minute wait tops.


There is a third train, just in the building next to the block section right before the station, it's covered by a tarp.

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Also, I hope SF will bring two trains to coasters. One train on a day like today was unacceptable and that 3 hour RoS wait or the 2 hour Viper wait would be cut in have if Darien operated their coasters like LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PARK IN THE WORLD! Oh well, “There’s always next year”.

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An okay day today, lines were at least a 10-15 minute wait, which is reasonable, it’s a holiday weekend and it’s hot.


Spent an hour at the water park, pretty fun, but they need to remove the one section of blacktop near Big Kahuna, most people don’t wear shoes in the water park and it BURNS.




Ride of Steel 1x

Blast Off 1x

Predator 1x

Lazy River 1x

Rip Curl Racer 1x


Didn’t ride much today, since it’s my home park and I go there often, 15+ min (excluding RoS, it’s worth it) isn’t worth it for me. I took photos for RCDB (and here kind of ) and played a little Fascination. So overall, a good day.


Found Tantrum merch! Only they don’t really put it on display and you gotta find it in each store... bought the shirt for $20 (but actually $15 cause season pass holders get a discount).


The line today was all of the queue, but not down to the ramp. Didn’t go on it, but I get to ride it all day Friday so. (:


Food!!! :D





Sad they don’t bother to replace these or at least paint over it..


Hoot n’ Holler, paint coming off of this too.


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Also, I hope SF will bring two trains to coasters. One train on a day like today was unacceptable and that 3 hour RoS wait or the 2 hour Viper wait would be cut in have if Darien operated their coasters like LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PARK IN THE WORLD! Oh well, “There’s always next year”.


Sadly I think that requires new trains because the reason Darien Lake went to one train operation was to harvest parts from the old second train (what do expect from the company that bankrupt SF when they owned it). Not that I would mind, ROS lapbars are awful (very cramped) and Mind Eraser and Viper can both benefit from Vekoma vest restraints

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