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  1. Like I said I knew it wouldn't be a popular opinion, but when you have a marquee attraction like Top Thrill Dragster (which isn't as unique anymore because of Kingda Ka) and people are traveling multiple hours across a number of states and paying a lot of money to come to Cedar Point for what might be just one day, it looks pretty bad to not open it with high winds as an excuse. This is especially the case considering that there's going to be A LOT of windy days based on the location of the park, and I never witnessed one rollback while I was at the park. On another note, here are the rides I made it on in order including wait times when I was at the park this past week: Grabbed Steel Vengeance (12-1) Maverick (1-2) and Millennium Force (12-1) access passes before riding any coasters Rougarou (less than 10 minutes) Iron Dragon (less than 10 minutes) Valravn (20-40 minutes) Steel Vengeance (50-70 minutes) (included a brief maintenance delay) Maverick (20-40 minutes) Cedar Creek Mine Ride (less than 10 minutes) Millennium Force (30-40 minutes) (got in line after my designated time frame but they didn't check) Magnum XL-200 (10-20 minutes) Gemini (10-20 minutes) Power Tower (20-40 minutes) Wicked Twister (10-20 minutes) GateKeeper (20-40 minutes) Raptor (20-40 minutes)
  2. This may be an unpopular opinion but I think that Top Thrill Dragster and WindSeeker should be relocated to other Cedar Fair properties or dismantled at some point if they can't function in high winds since Cedar Point will have a lot of windy days every season solely based on its location. Also, I didn't realize Valravn had small storage bins in the station.
  3. I was going to say that the website listed how that area wouldn't be open this season, although it's unfortunate they didn't complete it last year unless it'll now be considered a brand new attraction in 2021.
  4. It isn't complicated for me to understand. I know that all the giant coasters had them if you were carrying a bunch of extra stuff that I do not intend to bring. What I had asked was if the all coasters minus Steel Vengeance still had storage bins in the station for the loose articles that can fit in a pocket, which you said they don't but that isn't an issue because I have cargo shorts. I know a lot of people could probably care less, but do they still have the monitors on in queue lines playing music this season. Just something I took a liking to at Cedar Point since my home park doesn't have any since there's never usually long lines except on weekends.
  5. So all coasters except Steel Vengeance have storage bins for items that can be kept in a pocket.
  6. I was just referencing football season in general not this year specifically. Hoping for football but nothing is ever definitive these days.
  7. Out of curiosity did the park ever get the rest of Steelers Country open last year before the season concluded. I visited last year on July 30 so I got to ride Steel Curtain but the rest of the area wasn't finished other than the gift shop. I was wondering if they ever opened the End Zone Cafe & Tailgate Patio as well as The Steelers Experience because if they did I don't think there was a ton of marketing behind it since everyone was obviously promoting the coaster. Also, it's a huge miss if Steelers Country doesn't have the games on television when the Steelers are playing in September in October if the park is open, but I imagine that was the case last season even though I never made it in the fall.
  8. Well at this point 2020 seems all but lost for Darien Lake. Even with the number of cases down significantly, I feel like Cuomo would rather wait for a vaccine before allowing theme parks to open.
  9. Just wanted to refresh my memory. Which coasters require a locker to store personal belongings? I'm trying to bring stuff that can fit in buttoned up pockets so I'm not constantly paying for lockers but I am aware of the Steel Vengeance situation. Also, is Wicked Twister the only coaster not operating as of now?
  10. I'd imagine that construction for the new slide could get underway as early as tomorrow as long as the park is still committed to building it this year. As far as the reopening process is concerned, Darien Lake would likely be allowed to open whenever Genesee County enters phase 4 and they could realistically spend the weeks leading up to opening by training their employees while still practicing social distancing. However, in the event of a spike in cases then the risk of not opening back up becomes greater. From my understanding, Genesee County could reach phase 2 but if the number of hospitalizations went up in the Finger Lakes region then the county could be stuck in phase 2 or go back to phase 1 with the worst-case scenario involving everything that isn't essential closing back up. No matter what happens, I think Genesee County is at a much lower risk compared to the rest of the Finger Lakes region, but if Monroe County sees a spike in hospitalizations then the rest of the region is affected as far as heading in the wrong direction is concerned. Also, Erie County will be lagging behind as they aren't entering phase 1 on Friday, and when you think about it there are a lot of people from Erie who either work at the park or visit regularly. That isn't necessarily a huge problem, but it is something to keep in mind. Another question is whether or not all the rides would be allowed to open back up. It may not be as easy to practice social distancing on certain rides, and you'll have to make sure the seats on all the rides are properly cleaned. There may be limitations regarding how far apart you are from other people on rides.
  11. If I'm correct yesterday would've been the first day of operation for Six Flags Darien Lake, although the fact it was scheduled for a Friday this year was interesting. As far as I know the park has always opened for the season on a Saturday for so many years. Also if they had opened there might've been an early closing both yesterday and today with how bad the weather has been.
  12. I believe it went back up on Saturday. With Corn Popper getting fixed it’s tough to say where the the addition for next year will go. The only ride I think could go in Pirate’s location is a miniature frisbee ride like Chaos at Waldameer or Extreme Supernova at Great Escape. This is because the proper supports are already in place and with a few modifications that kind of ride would fit the layout right by the water. If not then I see the ride getting removed without anything going in it’s spot and the platforms staying put where they are like that giant pole where the divers used to jump from during the Splashmania ski show. It sounds like that’s exactly what this park would do. A giant discovery would necessitate a very large layout and the only way I see that gettin installed is by removing or somehow relocating Haymaker and Silver Bullet, but I don’t think those rides could be relocated either way. If a coaster is in the future plans, the best area for it would be the site of the Grand Prix Speedway and possibly the batting cages. Bathrooms in that area might also be good to install. Just some recommendations but we’ll see what happens.
  13. The line is cut off at a different time every night depending on how many people are still in line and the ride has to close by 9:30. What looks dumb is how the park map doesn’t list the ride necessitating an early close but most people will still be ticked off regardless. It can sometimes be hard to judge the proper time to close the line off so giving the employee standing at the entrance a hard time isn’t worth the trouble. If anything the only way this ride could avoid closing early would be if it was placed near the Ride of Steel entrance and away from the laser show.
  14. Had a nice visit to the park yesterday. I was satisfied with how short the lines were for all of the rides I wanted to check out. Alpine Bobsled and Sasquatch were both closed unfortunately. I never found out what was wrong with either rides, and looking at Alpine Bobsled I wondered if it's in consideration for removal. Only managed one ride on Comet in the blue train and was very impressed. I noticed that there were no circus shows throughout the day even though the sign listed several show times. Out of curiousity, how much busier is the park on a typical weekend in the summer? I guess that this park used to see a lot more consumer traffic over the years.
  15. I had a few more questions. 1) How much does Kennywood charge for parking? 2) Is the chair lift that transports people from the parking lot still running? 3) Are there any water attractions worth riding? 4) Does Kennywood offer skip the line passes for major attractions? 5) What food are they known for?
  16. Thanks. Also are there any water attractions in the theme park or Splashwater Kingdom worth trying out?
  17. A ride like Extreme Supernova at Great Escape could potentially work for the Pirate location considering how it is set up. That would be ideal if there's absolutely no way to fix Pirate. Also, a Chance Freestyle could be added to the Corn Popper location if they can't fix that ride either. Lastly, I'd just replace Sleighride with a Music Express considering how bad it looks now.
  18. I’m planning a trip to Kennywood on a weekday in late July or August after Steel Curtain opens up. As far as the rest of the park, what route should I take to try and ride as many thrill rides and coasters as possible in case I can’t be there for a full day, and how long should wait times be? Also, what is the cost for parking and is there any good food recommended?
  19. I’m planning a trip to The Great Escape for this upcoming Thursday. I wouldn’t be there the full day as I’m going to a concert in Saratoga Springs later that night. What route should I take around the park to try and ride as many thrill rides and coasters as possible, and how long should wait times be? Also is this park known for any good food?
  20. Tantrum is officially open a day early, and there are two trains running as of now.
  21. It was released and posted here a few months ago. I remember that but then they went back in and changed it.
  22. Darien Lake released an updated operations calendar to their website. It looks like they are going to be opening on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th instead of waiting until Friday, May 11th to open. This is going to be risky considering how there was bad weather on Opening Day last year, but I think Darien Lake is willing to take any necessary risks. Also, the park is scheduled to be open every weekend until the end of October. The last day the park will be open is Sunday, October 28th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I can only imagine that they're doing this to get even with Fantasy Island since they are also staying open on weekends in October as well. If I had to guess, Darien Lake will try to coordinate some sort of Halloween event and bring back the Halloween laser show for Saturday nights. A haunted house is also possible if they can hire enough staff to work on a temporary basis. Lastly, Darien Lake will be adding a new Soccer Darts game. It will be located in between the basketball game and the guessing game down low near the Mind Eraser entrance.
  23. Sure sounds like Fantasy Island is really trying to compete with Darien Lake. Keep in mind that it's closer to the border so they could steal a lot of the regular Canadian customers in the future if they are smart with their investments and Darien Lake is not. Silver Bullet is probably done for the rest of the year and it's very possible that Strike-U-Up will not open up at all the rest of the year. I'm not an attractions attendant, but I haven't seen many people playing it and they're not going to pay someone to work it when it doesn't make money. Let's just say that attraction was a big mistake! After seeing the new additions coming to Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland next year, I'm seriously considering buying a Platinum Pass.
  24. I can officially confirm that the Strike-U-Up will only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the remainder of the 2017 season. If you still want to try it out, those are the days to do it.
  25. Thunder Rapids is definitely one of the older rides at the park. I'm pretty sure it was installed in 1981 and that was the first season the park was classified as a theme park. I was working at Slap Shot last night and I can confirm that Viper opened back up towards the end of the day. Silver Bullet has had several problems this season but it had been running very well for the past month and a half. As far as Strike-U-Up is concerned, I was told by an attractions attendant that it will be gone at the end of the season. I've rarely seen people play that game so and the park is not making a whole lot of money off of it. Also, I don't think it can ever be open in the rain.
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