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Photo TR: Bangkok & Chiang Mai Thailand

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Hello TRP friends! I am going to do this TR in a few parts because there are loads of pics and a lot of info to post.

For the past few weeks I have been in Thailand interpreting for various groups and giving lectures around Bangkok. While there, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit a few different parks in the country, and come back to post pics and let you all see!

Hopefully the pics and their descriptions will give you a good understanding about the country.... If all you care about is coasters, feel free to skip to the last part because the first two parks are coaster free!


my last meal in CM!


up next is Dream World! and coasters!


the Wai is the formal greeting of Thai people.


the pick up truck is the main form of transport in CM


one of many Engrish signs


they had anew baby panda, but you could only see it thru a video feed.


Sathit LOVED the fish! He had never been outside of his village, so this was a little overwhelming!



This was the second park...chiang mai zoo! They dont get a lot of Farang"foreigners" there.


This is the boy we sponsor.Sathit. He had never talked on the phone before! On the other end of the line is our son Parker...Sathit had no idea he could talk back with him!


I forgot the real name of this thing....we just call it the hairy fruit!


next, I went shopping with Tong. I was going to meet the boy that we sponsor thru Compassion International. His family lives in the middle of nowhere Thailand in a hut. So we bought these things as gifts for the family.


most of this food was fermented!



ok....this is me with one of the women from the longneck tribe. The women start the rings at age 5. The rings dont actually strech their necks, but crush their collarbones!


elephant soccer!



and elephants dancing!


they had camels also!



the lions are not near as playful as the tigers.



this is a fun way to take a nap!!!!! the tigers are LOUD when they purr!!!!



tiger kingdom is different because they let you do stuff like this!



this is my first "park" they dont have many places like this in the US at all!


my new hotel in CM


after a few days I flew up north to Chiang Mai...this is the new airport in Bangkok.


i dont think they have this in the US!


the hotel at night


most of the hotels are along the river like this.


you have to take a boat to get to the hotel from the sky train


this is my friend Tong, her real name is Porn! but we all call her Tong. She help me interpret al ong the way.



get your huge hand off my ass!


outside my hotel


I started off mild, and became more adventurous after a few days.


fresh pineapple in a bad rocks! they serve it to you with a bag of salt, sugar, and hot peppers!


street food!


This is the same ronald that is in my husbands profile pic



my hotel on the river...its awesome!


finally here after 30 hours of travel.


The first of many squatty potties.


You can add our own funny thoughts about the name of the city.


thank you!


Tokyo shuttle


JAL food


amy was my seatmate for 13 hours


here is the first a several food pics that will be included in the report.


my 747 to tokyo


this is me ready to go!

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Lions, Tigers, Hairy Fruit...oh my. I don't know why, but those tiger cub pictures sorta are scary. I don't know if I could get that close. Are they tamer since they are around people all the time. And being that close to animals, a park like that would never happen here.


As for the child you sponser, isn't it amazing that things we take for granted (talking on the phone to another person, going to a far away place when we want) amazing to see when others who can't normally get all excited?


Great pictures.

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Thanks everyone for your comments far! Having Sathit in our life has really helped keep our 9 year old son grounded...we have had many discusions about what life is like for him..so we do not get the begging for toys and crap when we ge to the store anymore!


I forgot the pics of the bigger tigers!


Yes the babies are raised around people and are on the mellow side, especially after they eat! Now these next cats are only 15 months old, and are a little scary!


With my friend Tong being a tour guide in her other life...she got me in for less than $20 for everything!


Hope you have enjoyed it so far!




We have a lot of people down south of where we live trying to keep these cats in their backyard! If you see someone with a tiger in their backyard, they probably live near us!




The guys that worked with the togers kept trying to get me to lay down with the big ones....no way!!!!


They had the tigers jump into the pool and splash me!!! I was just a few feet away!!!!



yes that is me inside the cage with them!

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Thanks for reminding me of how much I miss Thailand!!! Chiang Mai was my favorite place in that wonderful country. As I saw your picture of the "hairy fruit" I tried to remember it's name, but it seems to have left my mind. Anyway, I can't wait for the rest of your photos! Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! My girlfriend and I keep debating on what parks to go to for what coasters, but I think when she sees the tiger cubs, Tiger Kingdom is where she will want to go! There is no way in hell I would ever get near an adult though! Even though you didn't lay down with them, you are far braver than I am!

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thanks everyone for the nice words! its a nice feeling that everyone is liking the pics so far!


If you have any questions, let me know!


I have no idea!


up next is Siam Nirimit and Dream World!


Spirit houses are a way of life in Thailand. This is in front of a huge mall. The theory is that the spirits have a place to live so they wont come and haunt the mall or house! People come by and leave drinks and food and money for the spirits!


Glad I didnt have to make a stop in here!


another place I worked at while in BKK


If you love spicy...this is the dish for you!


Jack is our tailor...if you ever make it to Bangkok, look him up! He is awesome! My husband has several suits from him and wears them when he interprets for the president.


dessert....never again!!!!!


I have no idea what this was that I ate!


this monitor lizard is alike the black cat in the US. Thai people are very superstitious, and have tons of do's and dont's.


This is one of the classes that I gave my lecture to.


I love this sign!!!!!!! Just in case you dont know how to use the western style toliet....here is a sign to show you how!


this is a statue of the guy that started it all.



Time for more culture. This is the Joe Louis puppet theatre. It takes hundreds of hours to make the puppets, and 3 people to work the puppet at the same time. The show has English subtitles so you can follow along.


Since my name is April, I just had to take this pic!


I rode in the back of this thing. When you are ready to get off, you stand up and push a doorbell on the roof!


Siam Paragon is an awesome mall. Very upscale. If you are in need of a new Ferrari, this is the place to go in Bangkok!


another aquatty potty...and yes, that is what you use the bucket for! and the toilet paper goes in the trash!


Elephants are all around Thailand.


This is me, with the group i was there to interpret for. Each of us is signing our sign names.


breakfast balls!!!!!!!


We ate at a Mcds on a previous trip....the french fries taste the same...but everything else is odd!


this is mago and sticky rice...a really popular dessert in Thailand!!! Yummy!


the pets section is kinda scary...you can buy about any pet imaginable there!




this is how they sell popsicles! Its a great treat for 10 baht!


today was saturday, so i went to the weekend market. It is the largest outdoor market in the world! You can buy just about whatever you want there.. Our last trip here, this guy tried to get my husband to buy a venemous snake and take it home in an empty coke bottle down the front of his pants.


This tattoo guy is awesome! He is blind and sells belt buckles.


the view from my room


ok, I made it back to Bangkok..here is my hotel in the Silom area.

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I m so happy that everyone is enjoying the pics so far!


next is Siam Niramit. here is the website...please chcek it out! http://www.siamniramit.com/


if you make it to Bangkok, it is the must see show in town! its worth every baht.


The elephant walks thru the audience, fire goes down the aisle, a river forms on stage, the audience is part of the show, and the ending is spectacular! You cant bring your camera inside, so chcek out the video on the website to see the inside better.


more street food! most of the food is ok to eat from these vendors as long as you watch them actually cook the meat and dont wash their knife off in some nasty water!


ok, there is a reason for this picture. On our first trip to Thialand, I wanted to give money to everyone on the street! We quickly learned that the people begging were actually kidnapped by Cambodians and had legs or arms cut off to make them look worse on the street. Sometimes they also will give the person a baby to hold, and if you watch for awhile you can see them switch the babies out! If you do want to help, there are plenty of places that could really use the money!

on the other hand, there is this other guy we usually see without legs, and he rides around on a skateboard doing tricks with his hands and arms! He is awesome!



The green guy, is one of the protective warrior monkeys. Thai people will get a tattoo of him, or Hanuman and believe that the tattoo will protect them from bad things.


some of the dancers were outside before the show started!


you can feed the elephant sugarcane for $1


outside the show are a few of the characters. the show basically tells the story of Bangkok from a mythical perspective., with 150 actors and 500 costumes!

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Last time I was in Thailand was like 5 or 6 years ago and I actually remember visiting Tiger Kingdom. Especially when I was so afraid to pet the tiger and missed out on a unique oppertunitiy!


That's kinda sad about the beggers in Thailand. Kinda reminds me of that movie Slumdog Millionaire.


The Snow Town attraction in Dream World is definately one you don't want to miss as it's basically the only time you'll ever see snow in Thailand. It's basically like a giant refridgerator room with man made snow inside and a sledding hill. It's also a good way to cool off if you've been outside in he heat toolong. Hanging Coaster (now known as Sky Coaster) at got some new trains (as well as a new paint job and name) after I left so I didn't get to try them out but they look pretty cool.


Old trains: http://rcdb.com/ig1435.htm?picture=6


New trains: http://rcdb.com/ig1435.htm?picture=24

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