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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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If any of you ever wished for a night ride at Kentucky Kingdom, tomorrow through the 30th is your chance. Kentucky Kingdom will be open until 10pm throughout the entire time the State Fair is running. This is the latest the park will be open ever since the Six Flags era. I sure can't wait to see how this'll be.

man that's gonna be Sweet......

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I had a pass to both this year, but next year I'm just getting Kentucky Kingdom. It's 10 miles, verses 65 miles, from my house and now offers free soft drinks. $59.95 is a great deal verses $139.00 for practically the same thing now. Kentucky Kingdoms Water Park is about as good as Holiday Worlds now, plus they have more thrilling rides like Cyclos, Skycatcher and the 2016 addition Storm Chaser. I'll most likely still visit Holiday World during their Halloween event, but I won't be getting a Season Pass. $59.95 compared to $139.00 is a win, win situation.

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I'd be surprised if eventually free drinks are built into the general admission ticket prices as well. I know labor isn't that much, but if you figure on 3-4 drink stations being staffed all day during the season, it adds up to a decent sum of money. Using it to drive season pass sales now is probably the right play initially, but it wouldn't surprise me to see them take the Holiday World approach within 1-2 years.

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So I finally made it to KK a couple weeks ago during a week long trip to 5 different parks, and IMO it was definitely one of the highlights. Especially with staying right in downtown Louisville, which was a fantastic time. I've actually never been through Kentucky before, so everything about my time there was very enjoyable. I also loved the park quite a bit. I've been excited to go there ever since they reopened it and I was definitely not let down. Esp with LR, which easily slipped into my top 10. Wow. And as far as Deep Water Dive goes, holy crap. Not many rides have even come close to such a rush. However, with only having about 7 hours in the park, my priorities were to use my time to experience everything I could. But obviously, I snapped a few photos...


Heading in!


Love the colors.


Across the bridge...


Let's do this.


Really enjoyed Thunder Run. Pretty smooth and fast.


LR has such a powerful layout in a tiny footprint.


Super twisty airtime goodness.


Right inside the entrance.


Am I the only one that enjoyed this tower more than most Intamin ones?


Lightning Run completely blew away all expectations. World class.


Thank god for lapbars...


A classic.




Really enjoyed the sea lion show.


Just like SFStL, they have such a beautifully photogenic wheel.


Didn't get a chance to ride this, but looks pretty wild.


Love me some flyers!


Cute and cuddly little creatures.


Great views from the bridge.




More from Mr Ferris..


And more...


And more.


Pretty solid waterpark.

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^They might have been part of the queue rails before the coaster.


Kentucky Kingdom announced Soft Drinks will be free for season pass holder's in 2016!!!

Excellent! I'm assuming by this that the park is making enough money to be able to do things like this, or they're just taking chances in trying to make a good impression. I had zero complaints about $1 drinks, but I'd be even happier to now receive them free!

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Has any park ever tried this: normal priced drinks for everybody.

Nope, it's called "being a captive audience" and "no outside drinks allowed in the park".

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Has any park ever tried this: normal priced drinks for everybody.

Nope, it's called "being a captive audience" and "no outside drinks allowed in the park".

Or bring a water container and refill it with water for free throughout the day. But yeah, a day at the park probably would be fairly steeper in price for those only looking to visit once a year. Keep in mind, the current 2016 $59.95 price of the season pass pays itself off with just 2 visits. At $106, it takes about 3 visits.

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I grew up in Lexington and a highlight of my summer every year was taking a trip to KK with my family and our friends' family. I have really brilliant memories of Chang, Twisted Sisters, those awesome flying shoes and The QUAKE! The Vampire was my first upside down coaster, Thunder Run was my first "big kid" coaster and the Roller Skater was my first coaster ever.


I went to UofL from 2009 to 2013. So the park was closed the whole time I was in school. I lived within walking/biking distance THE ENTIRE TIME I went to college. So glad they are finally back open and very excited to visit next year when I go home at some point!

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Are all those little circles on the ground by the flyers the old footers for Road Runner Express?


Those were the posts for the queue rails. (A very large, unshaded queue, too.) You can see it at the bottom left of this picture I took back in 2003.


SFKK. ©2003 John Peck

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Went to the State Fair Friday night for some night rides at the Kingdom. During the Fair Kentucky Kingdom is staying open til 10 or later, depending on the crowd. Cyclos looks great at night, rode it 3x in a row and Lightning Run once. Kentucky Kingdom is offering everyone free drinks during the fair. You can get tickets at Kroger for $9.95 or $19.95 at the fair, a great deal either way as all the rides are open and they have 2 shows at the Sea Lion Splash show.


Cyclos all lite up

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