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  1. Also that with no transfer track, any work on the train had to be done in the station with the ride closed down. Maybe it will save time and money in the long term. It's also really nice to see them investing money in keeping the rides in the best possible working order, something the old kingdom definitely did not do.
  2. I drove by last night and it looks like SC has a really cool lighting package added to it. The corked roll has several different lights as well as a few other parts of the track
  3. So at first I really didn't care for a lot of the color choices KK has been making, but they're really starting to grow on me. All the new rides/ slides are painted a very BRIGHT shades of primary and secondary colors. It really gives KK almost a signature look. I feel like when I visit the park is painted just like the park map which is really cool. I think it is a good choice, especially given the drab, industrial area of town the park is in. It's also looking like this might actually be my first RMC since Lightning Rod doesn't look like its opening any time soon :/ I hope Storm Chaser doesn't have any unforeseen issues.
  4. I wish they were the same as the old coaster but this is cool too. Same colors as lightning run kind of.
  5. I went the Saturday after thanksgiving. Everything was an hour wait at least, even the cinnamon bread (worth it though!) Does Tennessee Tornado only run one train? It was the longest wait in the park.
  6. I'm going to get to go the week after next! What will the crowds be like on Monday and Tuesday (March 28-29)? Should I budget for one of the fast lane passes? I've only been once before and the park was PACKED.
  7. Something else is labeled new, but I can't tell what it is! Also are those camera labels on Thunder Run and Storm Chaser? I hope they have on ride cameras again!
  8. I like "DRIZZLE" and it could be a family water coaster of some kind! Haha
  9. I hope they add some more high capacity slides to the waterpark. Every time I go it's so packed
  10. I almost bought a Holiday World season pass since I live a little closer to it now, but its really hard to pass up 59$ for free drinks and a new RMC
  11. It looks like just the Lola side to me too, which I always thought was the better side. Lola had some good airtime hills. Stella had more and tighter curves which weren't comfortable in those old Gerstlauer trains. I can't wait!!! Okay I looked at it again and it looks like its mostly all Lola. Its been forever since I've been on either haha. I wonder if they're going to actually tear down all the rest of the ride? It would be cool to leave some of the other track and structure to make it look like a storm came though and that pieces of track are missing. Either way, this will be sweet!
  12. It looks like it starts of on Lola's side and then comes back on Stella, with some of the remaining track missing. Like the cut the ride in half and connected it in a turn, which is cool because Lola had the better first half(drop/airtime hill) and Stella had the better end (circle). Also I love the naming throwbacks with the new coasters. Greased lightnin -> Lighntning run; Starchaser (the park's first coaster) -> Storm Chaser. And keeping with the weather theme for the coasters. T3 meaning storms are terrifying haha.
  13. I completely disagree. Why would they remove major portions of the structure--particularly a lift hill--to replace just the tracks? The progress that had already made just screams I-box conversion to me. My guess would be they are shortening the layout quite a bit, making the ride single track with two/three trains and one/two lift hills, respectively. Maybe it could be getting a launch instead of a second lift hill! That would solve the height problem.
  14. Went this weekend and finally got to ride T3! It was a blast. It is definitely not smooth, but its rough in an aggressive-fun way instead of painful way. I rode it a few times in a row, something that you couldn't have paid me to do with T2. The new restraints are great; you can even put your hands up. The line was packed as the day went on, so ride it early if you go. It desperately needs another train. Hopefully that is in the works Also, all the new attractions were really fun. Enterprise still makes me sick, and the new taco place is GREAT! 3.99 for chips, queso and a drink. Nice to be able to get a snack and not break the bank. Cyclos seems like a huge hit. And the park was PACKED all weekend, more crowded than I have ever seen it. Some things that could be worked on: Ride ops. They weren't bad per-se, but so slowwww for everything. Every ride seems to have a complicated, overly done safety procedure. It's even worse in the water park. They literally make you SIT on the inner tube in the lazy river; no laying on your stomach, no feet in the water, no sitting up, ONE approved position. Thats pretty ridiculous. Also the clothing policy needs to be reworked. You have to change into clothes to ride the swing ride thats in the waterpark? Put clothes on to walk by T3? Go back to the locker to put clothes on to get wet on raging rapids river ride? I'm not sure the reasons behind it, but if it was possible, I would make it to where you could wear bathing suits everywhere across the bridge, except for restaurants and roller coasters. I think that would be a good compromise. Other than that the park was great. Good selection of rides, the food is very good, the twins are progressing nicely, the landscaping looks great, and people seem to be loving it.
  15. OOOH. Pink and teal tracks! I like that idea. The park is good at the semi-subtle throwbacks!
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