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Most Under-rated Dark Ride

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Mr Toad's Wild Ride - seriously, in what other Disney dark ride do you end up in HELL? (OK, apart from Small World...)


Looney Tunes River Run - wish they'd refurbed this instead of scrapping it, really unique ride with some cool effects.

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The Cat in the Hat Ride at IOA never seems to get any love but I always found it to be pretty decent little ride. It's fairly long, has some nice animatronics, and even some funky motion on the ride vehicles. It's obviously not going to be on the top of anyone's dark ride top 5 like Spiderman or the Haunted Mansion, but it's for what it is it's pretty solid (could use some touch up paint though).

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Here's a defunct ride that I think has never gotten quite the credit it deserved, outside of internet fan groups...Horizons!


This was probably the most ambitious dark ride ever created, and way ahead of its time with the "choose your ending" segment at the end. It really signifies a time when Epcot was more oriented towards entertaining adults, and not just children. Sure, I like Epcot as it is now, but part of me will always miss the old days of Horizons, World of Motion, The original Journey, and Spaceship Earth with good ol' Walter Cronkite.


Thank God Martin has his Ultimate Tributes to keep the memories alive.

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Even though its gone, Skull Mountain at SFA was pretty awesome yet underated.



I also think The Haunted House in OC, and Winnie the Pooh at Disney World. Pooh has gotten alot of hate because of what it replaced, but I'm a big fan!


I agree with Skull Mountain. When it first opened it was a awesome ride. Also I agree with the Haunted House in Ocean City, MD. If they would take better care of it I am sure it would get talked about more.

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