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Mini Park Contest - RCT1, RCT2, RCT3

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Well anyways I should explain the contest!

Basically you need to create a 75*75 park in either RCT1 - RCT3.

Now theres some rules/requirements I want to go over real quick

-You must have at least 2 coasters

-You must have at least 25 attractions (rides, coasters, shops, etc)

-There must be a noticeable use of terrain in the park.

-No ride is allowed to go over 150ft

-You may not use any pre-made coasters, however you can re-create the boomerang and the slc

-You must have a theme to the park other than generic.



Now I'm going to give the grading system(I'm going to be judging!)

5pts - If you follow a theme through out the park

15pts - Have more than 25 attractions

20pts - Have 2 coasters

10pts - Don't use pre-made rides

10pts - Use terrain/water features

20pts - Have something creative/original

10pts - Have a park at 75*75

10pts - Don't have a ride/coaster over 150


Now, time for some bonus points

10pts - Use no custom scenery

10pts - If you use a hack (Including the mountain tool)

-10pts extra if you have a merged ride or a ride that uses the toggle lift feature(This is here so you can get a fair score)

20pts - If you do not hack

20pts - Complete entry on time

10pts - If the whole entry is completely realistic

30pts - If every thing including bonus is complete


Total possible points - 200


Now, Due date is 12:00 AM June 12th Eastern

The late date will be June 17th 12:00 PM Eastern



Now, get working!!


-Matthew K.



(P.S: First 5 people to join get a cookie!)


(P.S.S: You will be also going up agianst the good folks over at TPR!)


This is a contest that I started an hour ago, and I wanted to bring it over here


Now if you have any questions please do ask.


Original Link: http://coaster-net.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9733&pid=206019&st=0entry206019

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Hmm might as well, I join! I will use RCT2. Oh one question, is it RCT1 to RCT3 or just RCT1 and RCT3?



It's on Wild 1! Just don't wuss out and use your finished parks.


Also, why the negativity towards hacks and CS? Hacks and CS make parks better when used right. Prove that last statement wrong any way you can. Also, just have no penalty for hacking/CS. Did good parks ever get shot down for being too good?

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^The rules state that you can hack & do a merge/vertical lift for 20pts, and its optional to do NCS. If you notice that these are bonus points, then you will see that there to make this more challenging.


Also, I have nothing against them.


Okay, I'll get to work on mine. My idea will work, and when it's done it will be submitted as the first Reverse Freefall Coaster design on NE... ah screw it I'm making it a mini. Whoops, I let a leak out...

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LOL, yeah, I won't be entering, then...



But still, I don't understand why you would do that. It's not my fault that I worked my butt off on a park for your last contest, and you failed to score it...you know? (It was your contest, right? If not, I apologize.)

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