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How many annual passes do you have?

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Top Posters In This Topic

As of right now these are the ones that I have:


-Six Flags Platinum Pass



-Sea World

-Cedar Fair Platinum pass (haha I guess the reason why I have this pass is because I thought I was going to quit working at Knotts. Ya... that didn't happen )

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All I've ever had was Six Flags until 3 years ago when I started working at Six Flags White Water as a Lifeguard, and never had one since. Also I never had a Disney, Universal, and Busch AP's because I only go once a year (twice if I'm lucky). I've had my ten day Disney Pass since I think 2005 and I still have 2 days left on it.

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Erik - I'm in the same boat as you with season passes.


Six Flags


Busch Gardens Two Year - picking up in San Antonio in 4 weeks

Cedar Fair - Might buy in October, if buying a 2009 pass at that time gets me in for free in 2008.

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I currently have,

-WDW seasonal-4 years

-Universal Orlando preferred-8 years(Still have the OLD PASSES!)

-Busch Platinum Pass (BGT,BGW,SWO,SWT,SWSD,Sesame place, all the water parks including Aquatica.)-5 years


And I will be adding a six flags pass for the first time in years within a month.


I have the same exact passes you have,the only difference was that I was too cheap to upgrade my Busch Platinum pass which I pay $12 a month (2003 prices) to $16.24 to simply just add Aquatica.I felt I was getting a deal for all the other AB parks so until I go to Aquatica for a day and fall in love with it I won't be upgrading it.When you say you still have the old Universal passes do you mean the plastic card with your picture,cause I still have mine too,the attendants look at it funny when I go into the parks apparently there's not many of those left.

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Erik - I'm in the same boat as you with season passes.


But why do you have a Dollywood pass??


Oh well, make sure to drop me a note before you utilize it.


The entire four years I lived in Orlando, I held none. I worked at Universal, which also got me in to the Busch parks there (they two companies have an agreement to let each others' employees in for free). And when I wanted to go to Disney, I'd either trade comp passes or find a friend-of-a-friend to get me in.


It almost made up for not making much actual money.

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Just Six Flags, since I live in NoCal, am not crazy about California's Great America, and make it to KBF maybe once a year. (I'm thinking about going back to CP next year, in which case a Cedar Fair pass would make sense.) I usually do a water park pass to the local Waterworld, but dunno about this year.


However, since I'm hitting DLR on my birthday and won a week at Universal Orlando during the Super Bowl giveaway, that's almost like passes.



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Busch Pass (All Parks, Water and Parking) - Locked in at $9 a month and they will have to take it from my cold dead hands.


Cedar Fair Platinum - Haven't had any type of Cedar Fair pass in a couple years, but with Geauga, CP and Kings Island close, we made the plunge this year. Plus, we are planning on hitting those Middle-America woodies this year.


Six Flags - $40 upgrade at WCB and we have plans for Great Adventure and St Louis this summer. Paid.


10 Day WDW Park Hopper - Wondering if we will ever use all the water park days before we die.

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Universal Studios FL

Six Flags (so cheap to renew, I just keep getting it)

Cedar Fair (not cheap, but I usually get my money's worth)


Then my employee ID's




So I think I have most of the parks covered nationwide! Now if I could just get a month or two off (paid of course) to really use them!!

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