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Matt has a bLast weekend of 09!

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My 2009 Roller Coaster season reports!


Trip 1: GADV April 4, 2009 page 2

Trip 2: GADV April 10, 2009 page 3

Trip 3: Springtime at Hershey Park April 11, 2009 page 3

Trip 4: Morey's Piers May 9th & 10th, 2009 page 3

Trip 5: GADV May 18, 2009 page 4

Trip 6: GADV May 21, 2009 page 4

Trip 7: GADV May 28, 2009 page 5

Trip 8: Dorney Park May 30, 2009 page 6

Trip 9: Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios Florida June 2, 2009 pages 6 & 7

Trip 9: Disney's Animal Kingdom & Epcot June 3, 2009 page 7

Trip 9: Disney's Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, & Epcot June 4, 2009 page 7

Trip 9: Sea Worls Orlando June 5, 2009 & end of trip page 7

Trip 10: Clementon Amusement Park June 10, 2009 page 7

Trip 11: Six Flags Great Adventure June 23, 2009 page 10

Trip 12: Dorney Park June 24, 2009 page 11

Trip 13: Six Flags Great Adventure July 8, 2009 page 11

Trip 14: Hershey Park July 15, 2009 page 11

Trip 15: Dorney Park July 22, 2009 page 12

Trip 16: Knoebels July 31, 2009 page 12

West Coast 2009: www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=52207

Trip 18: Hershey Park August 25, 2009 page 13

Trip 19: Six Flags Great Adventure September 25, 2009 page 13

Trip 20: Universal Studios Florida, IOA, Sea World Orlando October 3-4, 2009 page14

Trip 21: Dorney Park October 10, 2009 page 14

Trip 22: Lake Compounce October 23, 2009 page 14

Trip 23: Part 1 Six Flags Great Adventure October 30, 2009 page 15

Trip 23: Part 2 Knoebels October 31, 2009 page 15

Trip 23 Part 3: Hershey Park November 1, 2009 page 16

2009 Roller Coaster Season Music video page 16!




I forgot to mention this is my 1000th post


Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/coasterheadmatt

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^Yes most of my videos are trip reports of my day at a park. I also do RAW videos sort of the style Robb does, & B-Rolls. I rarely combine two parks or more in one video unless I'm making a season review B-Roll or go to two or more parks in one day. Here are some examples of the videos I make.


Video TR:



Park B-Roll:



Trip/Review B-Roll:



RAW Video:


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Matt, something to keep in mind. When you have multiple videos on one page it makes the page take a long time to load. I have a feeling people will end up clicking on your thread less if they think it might be annoying to view.


An idea may be to not try to put too much into one post. The thought of "less is more" certainly can be true for posting trip reports and videos. Post one report, let people have time to view it, let it sink in, etc, then post another one.


This is why you don't see like 10 things on the front page of TPR at one time. It you post too much, it probably won't all get looked at, but if you post a few things in moderation, it will get more views.


Big Mike's thread is a good example. He's still posting stuff that's been saved up since October. But it timelyness doesn't matter as much as it being really good content!


Just some things to keep in mind for future installments.



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Wow, that sounds like a very fun schedule!!


Good luck with it!


Hopefully we will meet up along the way since we both live in the great state of NJ, except on opposite ends. Lol



Peace, Big Mike

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I just found out my season might not open until April 4th at GADV since my work is opening up March 22 & that means I might not be able to go to BGE opening day. If this is the case then BGE will be moved to spring break. It looks like Nitro might be the first coaster I ride in 2009 instead of Griffon.


MOD EDIT by larrygator: Matt - If you are in a situation where you will be making consecutive posts, please use the edit function instead of creating the second post. thanks

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You guys living near awesome wooden roller coasters are so lucky(until memorial day, when we finally get one.) I find it extremely sad that I consider Ghostrider to be my number one wooden coaster(despite current condition of the ride) and colossus is my number two. It sucks. At least I have California Screamin and a Disney AP to warm my spirits.

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Trip 1: Six Flags Great Adventure April 4, 2009


After 21 weeks & 1 day of the cold, long, & boring off-season the wait is over Today is opening day at GADV & I couldn't wait to get back on a coaster. Besides half of the park's coasters being closed for most of the day, the day ending pretty good. I met Big Mike along with a few other TPRers & I also met up with & spent the day with my friends Matt, Matt, & Chris who I met on the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II trip last year. Enjoy the pics!


I'm so happy my season can finally begin!


Open the park already!


I hope Nitro can be my first coaster of 2009.


Most unfortinately Nitro valleyed because of the high winds we had & was closed all day


For the first time ever Batman: The Ride was my first coaster ride in 2009!


Matt got his 100th credit on Skull Mountain, which we rode 10x today because of the awesome airtime you get in the back seat First marathon of the year!


Dark Knight was down so lets head over to S:UF. Wait that is down as well? GASM is working we can ride one of my favorite Arrows!


Guess who we met on the way to the broken El Toro...Big Mike

Big Mike did you get the pics I emailed to you?


The airtime less & slow to dispatch Rolling Thunder.


For a pic taken with my phone not bad.


Yay El Toro decided to open today


Time to pay for an over priced lunch.


OMG only $3.18 total Yes the button apparently for the chicken & fries was broke (like everything else today) so all I had to pay for was my drink!


This pic was taken with my HD camera after a nice relaxing ride on Runaway Mine Train.


What is that I see in the distance?




I think the new paint job is awesome.


I can't wait to ride this soon.


Dark Knight finally opened. Nothing special.


GASM again.


We waited only 20 minutes for S:UF. Another pic taken with my phone!


Me & Matt rode Skull Mountain 6x in a row with out getting off. One time we were the only two on the ride!


We ended our day on El Toro for the 3x. I ended up getting 21 Runs total today which is more than I expected. I can't wait for my next trip which will probably be back at GADV on Friday so I can hopefully ride Nitro & Kingda Ka. Thanks for reading!


Day Conclusion:

Batman: The Ride=2x

Skull Mountain=10x

Great American Scream Machine=2x

Rolling Thunder (Right)=1x

El Toro=3x

Runaway Mine Train=1x

Dark Knight=1x

Superman: Ultimate Flight=1x


2009 Roller Coaster Runs=21

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Awesome video! Seems like you still had fun even with two major rides down. Six Flags Great Adventure is definitely on my "Parks to go to someday" list along with Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Europa Park (because Blue Fire looks amazing).

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Nice TR, I can't believe you got free food! That's so unlike Six Flags, it's like a not-evil twin.


The Dark Knight definitely has to be my least favorite coaster now. I skipped it last year because I refuse to wait 1+ hours for a lame credit, so seeing as everything else was closed when the park opened, I headed over there... and it broke. So later in the day I finally got on it and it ate my hat. I was busy making fun of the lameness of the ride when we hit the first dip and I felt my hat for the last time.


I (briefly) met you in El Toro's station right before the park closed, I was wearing the black TPR hoodie.

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My god, that one guy that was with you in the video was annoying...

Otherwise a great video and trip report.

If only the theme of things being closed would have ended that day, but thats a different thread.


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Good work Matt, glad your back on tracks.


Does Skull Mountain get airtime throughout the ride or just the first drop,

I only remember the first drop being good but I wasn't in the back?


What was El Toro running like?

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Thanks for the comments guys. Yes Satchboogie3 I remember meeting you in line for El Toro along with Cycloneman. How was your drive back to New Hampshire? Brent, Skull Mountain only has a good pop of airtime on the first drop. El Toro was running good except you didn't eject out of your seat when the ride crosses over Rolling Thunder for some reason.

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Brent, Skull Mountain only has a good pop of airtime on the first drop. El Toro was running good except you didn't eject out of your seat when the ride crosses over Rolling Thunder for some reason.


I thought there might have been some other airtime to be had somewhere on Skull Mountain. It's funny how some first drops are really good when there is no reason for them to be special, Gemini at CP is another example.


That crossover is usually the most intense, that is strange. That's like at SFNE last year on Super, there was no airtime off the hill that dives into the spaghetti bowl section, every other time I've been there there has been.

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Hey guys! My next trip is TBA but I'm aiming for GADV again on Friday. I don't think I'll make a video because it will be boring if I keep making GADV videos again & again. The next GADV video I'll make won't be until Bizarro opens. I will take a PTR though. Also I might have something stirring up next week during my spring break. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet it all depends on my work schedule but it will be awesome

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Trip 2: Six Flags Great Adventure April 10, 2009


So today I had work from 10 AM-3 PM. I had not planned on going anywhere today but I gave my friend Matt a call since he was at the park & asked him what was open. Given the fact that Nitro, Kingda Ka, & El Toro were open also that the park was dead, I decided to rush home from work, change, & head back to GADV. I arrived at the park around 5 PM & had 3 full hours to ride as many coasters as I can. It turned out to be a great day with only riding 4 different coasters & 21 runs On to the pics. No video today, if you still want to watch my last video it is on youtube. Almost forgot, all of the pics today were taken from my phone!


As soon as I got to the park I headed right for Kingda Ka. It was a walk on so I rode it twice


El Toro was next. 2x in a row without getting off


Its ALIVE! Nitro rises again after it valleyed last week. 5x in a row


I still don't no what it is about Skull Mountain but I rode it 7x in a row!


Even the skyride was working today! After I took the skyride I rode El Toro 2 more times in a row then I concluded my day on KK 3x in a row! I checked my KK count & since 2005 I've ridden Kingda Ka 70x It was definitely worth coming here today even for a short period of time. In 3 hours I got the same amount of runs as I got last week in a full day!


Day Conclusion:

Kingda Ka=5x

El Toro=4x


Skull Mountain=7x


2009 Roller Coaster Runs=42

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