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Matt has a bLast weekend of 09!

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Weekdays in May and early to mid June are usually quiet (exception is days like Student Council Day which also happened to be the day Bizarro opened).


Then during the summer, weekdays can get busy but not jammed usually. I went on a Tuesday in July last year and in the middle of the day, waits for rides like Batman and Nitro were 20 minutes. August is usually worse, with lines a lot longer.


That is why I usually stop going to the park around this time of year and just go to Dorney where lines aren't bad on the ride side and start going back to Great Adventure in September.

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Trip 12: Dorney Park June 24, 2009


Today was a magical day of my roller coaster season. Yesterday at GADV was not a fun one but today was different. I finally got someone to go to Dorney with me & we left my house around 10:25 AM & arrived at Dorney around 12:40 PM. To our surprise the park was pretty much empty. My friend suggested that we marathon (ride a single coaster 10x) each of the 5 major coasters at Dorney. Being the coaster dork that I am I excepted the challenge & our day began on Talon. We rode Talon 10x in a row in about 25 minutes! After Talon we headed over to Hydra. After 5x in a row I started feeling a little sick so we took a break. Following the break we rode Possessed 1x & then I got some medicine for my stomach. Then we rode Thunderhawk 2x & made our way to Steel Force. After we rode Steel Force 5x in a row I felt good enough to finish Hydra's marathon. My friend & I decided to finish Possessed, Thunderhawk, & Steel Force in a loop. We rode Possessed 4x in a row to make it 5 & Thunderhawk 3x in a row to make it 5x. After Thunderhawk we rode finished off Steel Force & went back to Possessed. After 2 more times on Possessed maintenance had to do a check up so we headed over to get Thunderhawk out of the way. While on the 10th ride on Thunderhawk we saw that Possessed opened back up. We rushed over to the ball crushing Intamin & rode it 3x in a row to end the day. The 10th time on Possessed was my 200th roller coaster ride of the year & the 50th ride of the day! On the way home my TomTom got messed up in Philly & we were lost for about an hour. We found our way back to the Benfranklin Bridge & I arrived back at my house at 12:30 AM. It was a long day but by far the best day of my 2009 roller coaster season so far & it will only get better with TPR's West Coast Tour coming up in August. My next trip will hopefully be soon & I will try to make a credit run in North Jersey or if by some miracle the Flying Turns opens I'll go to Knoebels. I didn't take any pictures or video because I figure everyone will get bored of seeing the same stuff every week. Thanks for reading!


Day Conclusion:

Talon: Grip of Fear=10x

Hydra: The Revenge=10x



Steel Force=10x

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You have so much fun doing crazy stuff. I can't wait til I get a car so I can go to any park I want. and I want to get lost in Philly!

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Trip 13: Six Flags Great Adventure July 8, 2009


Today I was hoping to do a credit run in North Jersey but I decided not to go. I was beat from working all week & slept in. Around 4 PM my friend called me & asked if I wanted to hang out. I said yes but we couldn't find anything to do. I suggested GADV since I had a Bring A Friend for $14.99 pass & he said sure so around 4:20 PM we headed off. My friend who I brought has never been to GADV & is still nervous when it comes to coasters. I told him Kingda Ka was closed which is the main reason he said yes because he did not want to ride that. I was hoping that around 6 PM the park would start emptying out. I was wrong. When we first got in the park I took him on Skull Mountain for a warm up ride. The line was 15 minutes! After Skull Mountain he told me he was ready for Nitro. Nitro's line was full but knowing how fast the line moves we were on it in 20 minutes. My friend's face on the first drop was priceless! I literally thought he was going to crap his pants After Nitro we waited for El Toro's line. The ride was down for about 10 minutes then it quickly reopened. Surprisingly that was only a 30 minute wait even with the down time. My friend actually liked El Toro but he still freaked out on the first drop! The last ride of the day was Bizarro. That was also the longest wait time. It took about 50 minutes. The GP is finally realizing that Bizarro is Medusa with a paint job & ghetto Six Flags theming It is kind of an annoying theme to me after riding it 4x this year. I hate the audio. The fire is the only good part of the ride. After Bizarro we were both getting tired so we went to Wawa & got some dinner & then headed home. It was all worth the drive just to see my friend on Nitro Either next Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be going to Hershey! I'm not sure if I'll bring my video camera but I'll probably make a PTR. Thanks for reading.


Day Conclusion:

Skull Mountain=1x


El Toro=1x


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Same, I'll be going back sometime later this month or August (which I know is asking for trouble) to use my Funatics Bring a Friend Free ticket, otherwise I am sticking with Dorney until Labor Day is over.


I'd rather ride Bizarro over Hydra, Nitro over Steel Force, Dark Knight over Wild Mouse etc. but I'll take a 0 - 5 minute wait for Hydra over a 45+ minute wait for Bizarro or a 0 - 10 minute wait for Steel Force over a 30+ minute wait for Nitro anyday.


Dorney just never seems to get crowds on the ride side on weekdays.

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Trip 14: Hershey Park July 15, 2009


Today some friends from work planned a trip to Hershey since Clementon Park employees can get in free! Also I got in touch with my roommate for West Coast & I picked him up along the way. We decided to take two cars. My car was my neighbor Joe, roommate Josh, & me & in the other car was 3 friends from work. I found Josh's house just fine. After about an hour leaving his house I got screwed. A state trooper pulled me over & gave me a ticket for doing 80 on a 65 2 hours later we arrived at Hershey & that was the longest drive to Hershey I've ever had. It took 4 hours instead of 2. Well with the loom of angry parents waiting for me at home I still tried to have an enjoyable day. Yes I actually have photos today! Enjoy:


The last ride of the day was Wild Mouse. After that we headed to Chocolate World & home & I didn't get another speeding ticket lol.


Trailblazer was ok.


MYPHL17 was here shooting because they found out some awesome TPR people were in the park!


Even Great Bear was a walk on!


Comet was a 5 minute wait & my favorite ride in the park! 2x in a row!


Fahrenheit was the longest wait. It was down for about 20 minutes do to natural causes A.K.A. someone threw up!


Apart from the rattle Storm Runner was decent.


I rode the lightning side first then thunder. Lost both times.


Wildcat was running great today! Oh yeah there were no waits for almost everything!


Sooperdooperlooper was first. I really like the knee pads!

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Trip 15: Dorney Park July 22, 2009


A week after I got a speeding ticket in PA I headed back. This time to Dorney Park. It was two of my friends who went to Hershey last week with me & myself. I was determined to re-conquer the roads of PA. Driving to Dorney was no problem. We arrived at the park around 11:30 AM to a few shocking crowds since a few summer camps were visiting. On to the photos:


Thanks to my TomTom taking us to a road that was closed, we drove for an hour before stopping at this rest stop & look what we can still see!


Before Talon we did the log flume & Hydra one more time. Talon was the last ride of the day since we were all tired & had work all day tomorrow.


Dominator was surprisingly boring. Going down was anyway.


Thunderhawk is very enjoyable in the first car. They even added a second train! 5x in a row!


"Take the Tunnel!" Steel Force was ridden 4x in a row!


Possessed was next. I'm not a big fan of it annymore. Too much pain for a guy. However it was a walk on!


Hydra was first. It was a 20 minute wait. There was a 10 minute delay because the second train was being added.

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So wait. It took you an hour just to get to the rest area on 476?


Yes the stupid TomTom told us to take the entrance to 476 off of Indian Creek Road which is blocked off. We hit re-route & it took us in a big circle back to Indian Creek Road. Then we decided to go back to Dorney Park & follow the signs for PA turnpike.

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Trip 16: Knoebels July 31, 2009


Today I woke up to clouds & rain. I checked the weather in Elysburg & it looked like it was going to clear up so a few friends & I decided to take a chance & drive 3 hours to Knoebels. On the way there it down pored! When we arrived it was raining so we ate lunch. After we ate we got the coaster wrist bands & even though there was still a light rain we rode Phoenix & Twister. Eventually the weather cleared up & it turned out to be a nice day. Thanks for anyone who followed me on Twitter! Enjoy the pics & watch the video!


On the way home we stopped off a Cracker Barrel for dinner. My next stop is TPR's West Coast Tour!


We rode Phoenix again & again! 12x total! After Boulder Dash, Phoenix is definitely my #2. Sorry El Toro you are #3.


Flying Turns is still not open.


Another one.


A Kozmo Kurves pic.


These bumper cars rock!


Back to the coasters! Twister again 2x in a row.


After our snack break the sun decided to come out!


Time for my favorite Knoebels food. Pirogues!


After a few coaster rides it began to rain harder so we rode my favorite dark ride!


Twister time! Also 3x in a row!


It was all worth the drive just to ride this! 3x in a row!

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Trip 18: Hershey Park August 25, 2009


Well one of the saddest days of the year has arrived. This was my first trip back from West Coast so it felt weird not being in a large group. The last trip of the 2009 summer roller coaster season. With college & fall right around the corner the summer season is slowly coming to a close. Today two friends from work & I went to Hershey since we all had off work the next day as well. We arrived at the park around 12 pm & most of our time was spent riding the woodies. We saw Inglorious Bastards the night before so we were tired & didn't stay that long. Most of my pics are from the kissing tower. Our first 4 rides were on Lightning Racers. I had 3 runs on Lightning side & 1 on Thunder. After Lightning Racers we headed over to WildCat. It was ok. The Comet's line was about 15 minutes so we rode that 2x in a row Sooperdooperlooper was a walk on! Following Sooperdooperlooper we rode the kissing tower because my friend's girlfriend wanted to. Following the tower we rode Trailblazer. Since there was no line for Sooperdooperlooper we rode that again. Storm Runner rolled back so it was closed & we did not feel like riding Fahrenheit. Comet was our last ride of the day. It was our 12th ride of the day & my 480th roller coaster ride of the year! I have many more trips planned for 2009 even though local parks are closing. kings Island is a definite for September. Also Halloween Horror Nights is planned for the 1st weekend in October. Hershey Park will close the local park season on November 1st. Sometime before Thanksgiving I'm planning a trip to Dollywood for the weekend. My last trip of the year will be Christmas Town at BGE during the Holidays. There is still more to come in 2009 but enjoy the picks from Hershey:



Did not ride. This shot was timed perfectly!



Here are some pics from the kissing tower.


I rode Comet 3x today!


Yay for Lightning Racers!

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Trip 19: Six Flags Great Adventure September 25, 2009


Well it has been exactly a month since my last trip. Today is another sad day of my 2009 roller coaster season because it will be the last time I go to GADV until next summer! If you don't no yet I got accepted to the Disney College Program for Spring on 2010 as an attractions cast member & will be living in Florida from January-August! Yay for NO off-season Back to the TR. Today was season pass night & the crowds were light. Oh yeah, one of my good friends works at GADV & his ride is Superman. He said that Superman is CLOSED for possibly the rest season because the chain lift motor blew! Just letting everyone know. I arrived at the park at 4:45 & got on the first ride on El Toro of the day! I rode it 2x in a row in the back seat! Then I headed over to Kingda Ka which also was a walk on. I did everything I wanted to do & Skull Mountain was my 500th roller coaster ride of the year! Enjoy the pics:


Before I bought my 2010 season pass I rode Nitro again which was my last ride at GADV until next August! It was a sad but fun day for me but I'm ready for an awesome October! Next weekend I'll be at HHN!




So while in Bizarro's station the ride op really said,"Enjoy your ride on Medusa!" lol. Also some of the paint is already pealing off.


Skull Mountain was ridden 5x today & it was my 500th time on a roller coaster this year!


Ah Nitro I'll really miss this. Oh before Nitro I rode RMT.


Goodbye GASM!


Kingda Ka was freezing! 2x today.


El Toro ran great today! 6x total. I'll miss this while I'm in Florida.


GADV is ready for Fright Fest which I won't attend.


I got a great parking spot!

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