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Matt has a bLast weekend of 09!

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Nice PTR's! Your phone takes pretty cool pics. Is it me, or is El Toro fading really badly? I didn't get to go last year at all, and last I saw it was still that woodie brown. In the pics from the first day, it looks grey!


Medusa did need that paint job oh so badly. I always liked the coaster though. Definitely one of my faves. The new paint job is in my two fave colors too, so it is only an improvement to me, no matter what they call it now.. I think that is just hilarious that the GP thinks it is a brand new ride. I just hope the line isn't too bad when I go. It used to always be a walk on, pretty much anyhow.


Now, I am not a big fan of old woodies. In your opinion (anyones really), where is the best place to sit on the woodies in HersheyPark? Last year, I did not ride b/c I tend to be chicken. I rode Great Bear, and really didn't make it too much further into the park before deciding to turn around. It is way too huge! I am splitting it into two days this year, and should be working from the back to the gate. Any advice?

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Trip 8: Dorney Park May 30, 2009


Today I had a rare Saturday off from work & I took advantage of it. The weather was perfect & I headed off to Dorney Park to hopefully ride my 100th roller coaster ride of 2009. I arrived at the park around 2 PM, got my season pass, & began with walk ons on Talon, Hydra, Voodoo, Thunderhawk, & Steel Force. Enjoy the pics & watch the video at the end!


Laser's former sight. I didn't ride anything else after Steel Force because the water park closed & the coaster lines were starting to get crowded. So after 17 runs today I headed home & now have 108 runs this year. Next week I'll be in Orlando from June 2nd-6th & will ride Manta!


Steel Force was ridden 9x in a row today & it was also my 100th roller coaster ride of the year!


I rode Steel Force again & again.


Time for Steel Force!


Thunderhawk only had 1 train running so I only rode it once & waited 15 minutes which was the longest wait of the day.


Possessed was ridden 1x today.


Time to ride Voodoo uh I mean Possessed!


Hydra was ridden 5x today.


Talon was surprisingly a walk on late in the afternoon! I only rode it 1x today.

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I'm also surprised it was so empty, it is usually that weekdays are dead at Dorney and weekends are jammed, both the waterpark and ride side.


It was empty today as well, no lines for anything even in the waterpark.

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Trip 9 Day 1: Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios Florida June 2, 2009


Today was the first day of my senior class trip to Orlando! The trip was from June 2nd-6th. The first day was fun but long. We had to arrive at our school at 3 AM for a 7 AM flight. We arrived at Universal around 10:15 & our trip began! For a few hours I met up with a friend from the East Coast trip & the one behind the 'Bryan & Adam Show' thread Adam! (jedimaster1227). I started my trip on the Hulk & the fun began from there! Enjoy the pics & video at the end.


Our last ride of the day was E.T. I found the ride very confusing.


I thought the Simpsons was enjoyable.


Jaws was fun.


The Mummy was the coaster I rode the most this trip. I rode it 4x today.


As soon as we got off Twister it rained.


First ride at Universal was Jimmy Neutron.


The lift & the first element.


A few Hollywood pics.


Universal Studios Florida!


Lunch time on the way to Universal.


The Potter box.


I prefer Fire.


Rides numbers 2 & 3 starting with Ice & then Fire, Dueling Dragons!


The TPR crew!


The Jersey crew.


My favorite water ride.


Time for my favorite themed amusement park area Jurassic Park!


A view from Jurassic Park.


The Hulk began my day!


Time for Islands of Adventure!


After a long morning we boarded the buses for Universal Orlando!

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Here is the day conclusion & video!


Day Conclusion:

Islands of Adventure:

Incredible Hulk=1x

Jurassic Park River Adventure=1x

Dueling Dragons (Ice)=1x

Dueling Dragons (Fire)=1x


Universal Studios Florida:

Jimmy Neutron=1x


Revenge of the Mummy=4x


The Simpsons=1x



Total coaster runs=7


2009 Roller Coaster Runs=115


Video Report:


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Matt, more great reports! I am at work now, and cannot wait to watch the videos when I get home. Also, thank you for the seat status on those coasters. Hopefully I remember it when I get there.


Only three more weeks until I am in Orlando! I totally can't wait! My SR class went to Disney for our trip! I do not hear of that very often anymore. I have actually been hearing of some really cheesy SR trips lately. It is good to know that some schools do not try to cheat you out of the hard work you guys did. (Plus, don't we have to pay for it anyhow? lol)

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Trip 9 Day 2: Disney's Animal Kingdom & Epcot June 3, 2009


Today was fun because not only did I get new credits but I got new park credits as well! I visited Animal Kingdom & Epcot for the first time. Primeval Whirl (Left) was my first new credit of the year (I don't count Bizarro as a new credit). Expedition Everest was fun but I only rode it once. At Epcot Test Track was my favorite ride followed by Mission Space. Epcot became my new favorite Disney park. Enjoy the pics & video!


The Land was interesting but I didn't get on Soarin' today.


The Universe of Energy was entertaining.


Random map pic.


Random fountain pic.


Ok this ride was interesting. I am a big fan of South Park & I laughed the entire time because of the Imagination Land trio episodes.


I liked Mission Space but I thought it was short.


Test Track was great!


They should have these signs at every park.


Welcome to the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow!


Next stop Epcot!


My last ride at Animal Kingdom was Dinosaur. I thought it was a really fun dark ride.


Back to Dino Rama to get my #221 credit.


It was an exceptable ride. I rode it one time.


Expedition Everest! Credit #220!


Time for a Disney Vekoma!


Primeval Whirl (Left) was my first new credit of 2009! Credit #219!


Dino Rama!


Time for new credits!


The Tree of Life.


I really enjoyed the theme of Animal Kingdom.


I love the sign!


Time to start the day at Animal Kingdom!

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Here is the day conclusion & video of Day 2!


Day Conclusion :

Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Primeval Whirl (Left)=1

Expedition Everest=1

Primeval Whirl (Right)=1



Disney's Epcot

Test Track=1

Mission Space=1

Journey Into Imagination=1

Spaceship Earth=1

Universe of Energy=1

The Land=1


Total Coaster Runs=3



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Day 3: Disney's Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, & Epcot June 4, 2009


Today I visited the Magic Kingdom for the first time in 10 years! I got the Goofy credit I, rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, & Haunted Mansion. After that I headed over to Hollywood Studios & at night I had extra magic hours at Epcot! Enjoy the pics & video!


After Hollywood Studios I headed over to Epcot & went on Mission Space, Test Track, & Soarin'. Tomorrow is Sea World which means Manta!


100 minute wait for Toy Story Mania I don't think so.


Dinner at Pizza Planet.


Star Tours was ok.


Tower of Terror time! This was ridden 4x today.


My favorite Vekoma got rougher since the last time I rode it a few years back.


The magic hat.


Disney's Hollywoos Studios!


The last ride at Magic Kingdom was Haunted Mansion. Off to Hollywood Studios!


Time to get wet on Splash Mountain!


Another pic of Thunder.


While on Thunder Mountain my friend said he 'Banged' me. That came out so wrong but that was how he said it lol.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!


Just a Vekoma junior coaster.


Credit #222 was The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre!


Time to be a credit whore at Toon Town!


This show was a lot of fun.


Ok enough of the castle lets ride some rides. Off to Tomorrow Land.


Me & the castle!


The castle!


The Cinderella Castle in the distance!


Main Street.


For the first time since 1999 I visited the Magic Kingdom!

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Day Conclusion & video:

Magic Kingdom:

The Barnstormey at Goofy's Wineacre=1x

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad=1x

Splash Mountain=1x

Haunted Mansion=1x


Hollywood Studios:

Rockin Roller Coaster=2x

Tower of Terror=4x

Star Tours=1x



Mission Space=1x

Test Track=1x



Video report:


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Trip 9 Days 4 & 5: Sea World Orlando & Islands of Adventure/Universal June 5 & 6, 2009


My senior trip is coming to an end. Friday was a relaxing day. I spent most of the day at Blizzard Beach & then I only had 45 minutes at Sea World. My 1x on Manta was great! The theming was unbelievable & the ride was enjoyable. The pretzel loop was intense but well designed. I also enjoyed the splash effect. If I wasn't forced to attend a dance party I would have ridden Manta more as well as the other coasters at Sea World. I still need the kiddie credit Manta is my favorite ride in Orlando! Enjoy the pics:


Awesome trains!


Pretzel loop.


The lift.




Some fish.


I love this sign.


There it is Manta!


My favorite theme park entrance!


We have arrived!


I sat in row 3.


Water splash! I forgot to mention. Credit #223!

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Saturday I only had a few hours at Universal. I met up with Adam again. Due to weather I couldn't ride much so we only rode the Cat in the Hat at IOA. After that Adam had to leave to I rode the Mummy 6x & Jaws 1x. Thanks a lot for reading my next trip will be soon. Enjoy the Manta clip.



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Trip 10: Clementon Amusement Park June 10, 2009


Around 1 PM I headed over to my home town amusement park Clementon Park! When I arrived I saw HellCat run a test run. When I got to the coaster it was closed. I left disappointed. My friend who works there gave me a call around 3:30 & he said HellCat is open With that I got in my car & drove 1.5 miles away to ride. I rode HellCat 3x, the log flume, Sea Dragon, & Flying Pharaoh. No video today just some pics. Enjoy!


We got the last ride of the day on the Flying Pharaoh since the park closed at 5! Thanks for reading!


2x on the Sea Dragon.


Yeah I actually rode the log flume.


3x on HellCat means 132 coaster runs in 2009!


2 hours later the ride opens! I sat in the middle, then got the crap kicked out of me in the back seat, & my final run was in the front.


That really can't be good.


That can't be good.


HellCat! My home town coaster!

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How is Clementon doing? Is it still nice like last year. I want to get out there soon but with work and school there isn't much time. I'm happy to see Hellcat is still it's aggresive self. I love that ride.

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No way! I've been waiting to hear some Clementon rumors since Laguna Kahuna announcement last year. I wonder what it could be? A drop tower would be a smart investment. Jack Rabbit's old spot has a lot of land they just have to work around the train. Then again they should put in a steel to pair with Hellcat and we would be set.


Pandemonium/Steel Hawg/ or TDK?!?

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