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Photo TR: Robb's Trip Around The World!

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So today was my last day in Hong Kong, but it was very sucsessful! It started out with taking a ride down to HK Disneyland to check out what's going on there, then back to Ocean Park to get some better photos since the weather was FANTASTIC, then a few more pics of Hong Kong and now I'm at the airport.


Ok so first the Disneyland photos.


There really isn't much to see at DL right now because the park doesn't open for another 6 weeks. But since the train to the park just started operation yesterday I figured I'd go check it out.


The trains on the Disneyland Resort line look EXACTLY like the Monorails from Tokyo Disney, complete with little displays of the characters.


The entrance of the park looks great and they have the fountain going, and that's about it. You can still see plenty of cranes inside and from the front you can get a good view of the train station, Space Mountain, and the hotel.


Anyway, onto the photos....


And yes, Elissa, your little guys were proudly on display in the train!


Back on the train I go. It was actually kind of cool to visit the park during this time as I ended up getting some shots of things that won't be there when the park actually opens!


Well it was time to say goodbye as there wasn't much to do here. You could only see First Aid Adventure once before it got kind of old. We should be traveling back here again soon to actually visit the park when it's OPEN!


Personally I thought Journey Into The Toilet ROCKED!!!!


The only two attractions open today were "Journey Into The Toilet" and "First Aid Adventure in 4-D"


This really could be one of the coolest settings of all the Disney parks! How often to do see a mountain behind a mountain??


I met up with Mike for a little bit. Everyone wave hello to Mike!!! (Yes, he can see you through your screen!)


Little Mickey's everywhere!!!


The front gates are still getting worked on. I guess technically are these "construction photos???"


Here's a closer shot of the train station and the naked Mickey.


The ticket booths! (We see you Space Mountain peeking out from behind the buildings!)


Here's the train station. Note that the Mickey floral hasn't been planted yet!


All the main Disney characters were represented...Mickey, Minnie, Gooft, Pluto, Donald, Daisy....but NOT Chip N Dale!


It's a fountain. It was so damn hot today I felt like jumping in it!


Of couse the most interesting thing is the location of where the park is set.


The entraince to the resort is very welcoming and the whole area looks great.


They even have these little beauties.


The trains look EXACTLY like the monorails from Tokyo Disneyland.


Once you get to the station, I *think* it's pretty obvious what train you need to take.


Getting to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is VERY easy. From the Central Station, follow the signs to the "Disneyland Line." You'll have to switch trains to get there, but it's all signposted what to do.

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Great pictures, Robb. What I have seen till now, makes me very curious to go to Disneyland Hong Kong! I think I will go there a few month after the opening!

It is to sad, to hear you are on your way back home, because I will miss your daily updates. However, I think Elissa will be very happy to have you back in a few hours. Anyway, thanks for showing us your daily updates.




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Were there a lot of people just "hanging out" in front of Disneyland like you were? There seemed to be a lot of people on the trains. Was it a dedicated Disney train, or does it make other stops? Just curious. I know I get nosy about things close to opening but it seemed like a lot of people were just "hanging out"

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After Disneyland I took the train back to Central Station and hopped in one of those Red and White taxis to head back to Ocean Park. Since the weather was GREAT today (Although VERY VERY hot) it was a beautiful day for taking photos.


I'm glad I went back to the park because I had a GREAT time in the animal section. I got to see a Giant Panda squeeze out a giant one, checked out the goldfish and the turtles, finally found out where Godzilla lived (thank goodness Matthew Broderick wasn't anywhere around), rocked out in the foam party, and got 10 classic console systems!!!


Then I proceeded to take the skyway over to the rides section of the park.


This was a mistake because I probably had what could be one of the WORST PARK DAYS ever on the rides side. I swear there is NO WAY these two parks can be operated by the same company! It's just simply amazing how much fun one is and how horrible the other is!


First off, I just want to mention how this park is the worst laid out place EVER! When you get off the sky ride, you can see the rides almost right in front of you, but on a lower level. In order to get down there you have to navigate your way through a series of long STEEP pathways, several escalators, down stairs, and nothing is sign posted clearly. I know I saw an easier way when I was leaving on my previous trip, but I couldn't find the path ANYWHERE!


And it's not even just the park, it's also the people that were on that side too! No problems at all at the animal side of the park, then you get over to the rides side and I must have gotten BASHED IN THE HEAD at least ten times by the psycho umbrella people!


Then I get over to The Dragon and the line must have been an hour long and they were only running ONE TRAIN. I just didn't get it. It was a walk on the other night with two trains!


And that's not the worst part. I get over to the Zamperla thing of hot death, but with the great view, and it's CLOSED!!!! Down for maintenance for the day! I'm sure as hell glad I rode it the other night! Let this be a lesson to all coaster enthusiasts:


If you travel long distances to get a credit, and you have the opportunity to ride, GO GET THE CREDIT!!!! I would have been SOOOO pissed had I decided NOT to go to Ocean Park that night, because I almost didn't want to go out in the pouring rain when I knew I could come here today. Damn I'm glad I was persistent!


So I ended up not riding ANYTHING. But I still got some GREAT photos, so I'm glad I came back. I had nothing else to do today and the photos I got on my last visit weren't very good because of the weather.


But I have to say, I was so frustrated with my day on the rides side of the park that I probably had the worst case of "OMG, get me the fuck out of this park" ever!!!!


Anyway, onto some photos.....


My taxi drivers name was "Fuk"


On the way out I found a vending machine with miniature versions of all the Nintendo consoles! Oddly enough, I put in one coin and 10 came out!!! Score!!! I guess the duplicates will be BBQ game prizes! =) With that, it was time to head out.


Check out my shoes!!!!


Back into the foam volcano I go!


Yes it does!!!! The foam volcano was back in action!!!! This thing rocks!


"Foam Party!" That's what it was called and that's what it was. It doesn't get much better than that....or does it?


Apparently there are targets to shoot out, both static and LIVE people also with guns! (They had backpacks full of water!) I really wanted to do this, but it had a LONG line.


"Wet and Wild Assault." Ok, check this out. All I know is that when you walk in there, they hand you a super soaker. You can hear LOTS of screaming, growling noises, and everyone walks out soaking wet!!!! AWESOME!!!


Godzilla is taking a break from Japan and ready to eat some totally unsuspecting Chinese people!


If you like the panda's so much, why not get a waffle made out of them?


This is the life...eat...take a dump...eat some more...stare at people. Why can't I be a panda?


I got to the Panda exhibit right at the guy was taking a dump! Awesome!


OMG!!!!! FLESH EATING PLANTS!!!!! Best exhibit EVER!!!! (too bad they didn't actually have the plants eating people, just signs and pictures.) But man, that sign is AWESOME!!!!


See how cute these little guys are?


Screw the goldfish, it's all about the turtles!!!


Back over on the animals side of the park (the good part) you are reminded not to spit on the goldfish!


Here I am NOT happy about having to wait 45 minutes to get back on the sky ride. Funny how there was no wait to come over here, and everyone here wants to LEAVE!!!


See these evil umbrella weilding bastards? Kill them....kill ALL of them!!!!


"Funky Orange Soda" Unofortunatley, there wasn't anything "funky" about it....it was just orange soda. =(


Oh, wait....it's an Arrow ride...


Yay better pictures of the Arrow ride!


I'm really glad I got the credit on Saturday!


Here is the Zamperla ride with the great view....CLOSED!!!


Is it just me or does this look like a really pissed off Tinkerbell?


The S&S Tower was going. It's got to be a hell of a view from up there.


Let's get the "rides" side stuff out of the way first.


The view today was MUCH better! Well, actually it was exactly the same as the other day, this time I could SEE it better...yeah, that's it.


Mmmmm...Zebra's.....I love zebras!


Hmm...something seems very familiar about all this....but I just can't seem to place it.


I'm not sure what the hell this thing was, but it had an owl as it's master. SCARY!!!


Back to Ocean Park! As you can see, blue skies today.

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Were there a lot of people just "hanging out" in front of Disneyland like you were? There seemed to be a lot of people on the trains. Was it a dedicated Disney train, or does it make other stops? Just curious. I know I get nosy about things close to opening but it seemed like a lot of people were just "hanging out"

Yes, they were all there just like me taking photos. The train line had JUST opened the day before, and I'm told that the people come out in hoards to see 'new stuff.' Apparently at the opening of the "3rd" Ikea, 30,000 people showed up on opening day!!!


The train line JUST goes to Disneyland. One stop from the Sunny Bay station direct to HKDL.


So I didn't feel too stupid going there to take photos, hundreds of other people were there too!



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To bad you didn´t ride something on the ride side! The view down to the bay is awesome.

However, it looks like you had so much fun on the animal side at the Foam Volcano, again! Damn, we need a foam volcano here in Germany!

Your taxi drivers name was "Fuk"??? LMAO



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Ok, here are a few more random Hong Kong photos I took today:


And finally, one of the buildings that Rock was jizzing all over. Enjoy! I'm at the airport now and tomorrow I will be HOME!!!!


Hey Rock, here are some more buildings for you!


The ports were amazing! Stacks and stacks of containers everywhere!


This is the only cruise ship I saw the whole trip!


If you live in Hong Kong, you probably live in one of these MASSIVE high rise aparement complexes. These buildings were EVERYWHERE!


Now THAT'S more like it!


I don't know what they are selling, but I'm not paying $8,000 for a bunch of fat chicks!


Best ad I saw!!! He kind of looks like he's making a "Robb face!"


The trains were just a "bit" busier today!


Here was a cemetary I passed while in the taxi. CREEPY!!!


And this one looks like you can go push it over.


I liked this one because it looks like a cheese grater.


Here's that one from yesterday, but it turns out it's a DOUBLE! Does that count as TWO building credits??


Ok, for all you "buiding enthusaists" get off to this!

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I wouldn't say jizzing... maybe a little foam around the mouth.


^I liked the cheese grater, too! That's awesome.


Glad you had a good time all over the place...


Why don't we have one of those foam mountains here? Some little brat would probably try to crawl inside it, or some old lady from Wyoming sue over volcano flahbacks, or something. It's still freaking awesome. I want one. They shoudl just have them randomly throughout water parks. That would rule.


Have fun on your long flight... how long is it? It's gotta be too long.

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AWESOME pics, Robb! Very cool for us building enthusiasts.


And Elissa, you weren't the only one who thought that building looked a little phallic... geez, I need to get out more.


Anyway, HKDL is looking very charming, and the setting is indeed beautiful. It should be a hit, despite being undersized. A few expansions should have it up to "par" within a few years... or a decade.

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Great pics! I really enjoyed seeing HKDL pre opening. The park looks beautiful, and the setting is definately one of a kind. I have seen pics of the castle with the mountains behind it. Too bad there are no mountains (natural ones anyway) at WDW.


Anyway, thanks again for the entertaining comments and awesome pics. I am soooooooo looking forward to this year's DVD!!

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